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Expert Predicts Space War Looms And Will Start With Space Satellites Attack

A space war expert envisioned a conflict happening in space in the immediate future. He said it had become a possibility because of the advanced technology available to men at present.

Space April 16, 2018

Not Santa's Sleigh: Mysterious Object Spotted In Night Sky Was Russian Rocket

The mysterious fireball seen streaking across the night sky from California to Southern Utah was just debris from a Russian rocket reentering Earth's atmosphere. People seeking more information are advised to address their questions to the Russian Federal Space Agency.

Space December 26, 2015

After Angara rocket delay, what's next for the Russian space program?

Angara, the first new Russian rocket since the Cold War, was delayed from its maiden flight. But how important is it to Moscow for the rocket design to work?

Space June 28, 2014

Russian Angara rocket grounded due to tech glitches

Russia postpones launch of first new rocket design since the Soviet era. Technical glitch aborts launch just before blast-off, rescheduled for next day.

Space June 27, 2014

Air Force, ULA can buy Russian-made rockets, court lifts injunction

The ban temporarily prohibiting the purchase of Russian rocket engines was lifted Thursday after three U.S. officials testified that the dealings do not infringe the current sanctions imposed against the Russian government.

Space May 11, 2014

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