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Citizen Scientist Finds Ancient Mega Shark Teeth At Australia Beach

A citizen scientist's find in an Australia beach is not just rare but significant as well. While other shark teeth fossil finds are of just one shark tooth, this one pulled over 40 teeth from a boulder.

Ancient August 10, 2018

Ancient Shark Tooth Stolen From Secret Location In Australia

A fossilized tooth belonging to the Megalodon shark was stolen from a secret location in a World Heritage site in Australia. What would a thief do with an ancient shark tooth?

Ancient March 14, 2018

Shark Teeth May Pave Way For Humans To Regenerate Their Teeth

Sharks possess a particular mechanism that allows them to regenerate their teeth rapidly, a new study revealed. The finding may pave the way for human teeth to regenerate quickly as well.

February 15, 2016

One for Science: Researchers Create Power Saw Out of Shark Teeth

Few things in life are scarier than being shaken to death inside a shark’s mouth. One of those few things is a power saw with a blade made of shark's teeth.

January 20, 2015

Megalodon sharks were terror of the oceans till 2.6 million years ago: Here's why

Megalodons were the largest sharks to ever swim the oceans of the Earth. Here are the reasons the giant fish was such a fearsome hunter.

Animals October 26, 2014

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