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Start-Up Creates Smart Lighter To Help People Stop Smoking

A Lebanese start-up created a smart lighter that promises to help smokers reduce cigarette consumption and eventually quit smoking. The device called Slighter creates a personalized plan based on the user's smoking habits.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 19, 2019

LOOK: Smart Bike Helmet Signals When Cyclist Is Braking Or Turning

For cyclists, signaling could be a terrifying task since fast hand motions are required. But the smart bike helmet Lumos Helmet makes bike riding easy thanks to its built-in indicators.

Wearable Tech March 4, 2017

Keeping a (color-coded) tab on spoiled food

A new freshness tag may soon keep track of the condition of your food. Here's how the new device works

FUTURE TECH March 19, 2014

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