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Sun Could Still Unleash Dangerous Superflares: What Would Happen To Earth Then?

Superflares are often linked to younger, more volatile stars, but new research showed that it can also occur in mature stars like the sun. If this happens, it could have grave consequences for Earth.

Space June 13, 2019

A Solar Storm Of Similar Magnitude To 1859 Carrington Event Could Cause Trillions Worth Of Damage

A Harvard professor warned that another solar storm similar to the Carrington event in 1859 is imminent. He said that when it happens, it will cause damages worth up to $3 trillion in infrastructure damage.

Space June 3, 2019

Sun Spitting Out Giant 'Lava Lamp-like' Blobs 500 Times Bigger Than The Earth

By studying decades-old data, NASA discovered unusual but consistent patterns in the Sun. The center of the solar system emits lava like-lamp blobs that can be as much as 500 times larger than Earth.

Space April 15, 2019

Proxima Centauri Unleashes Major Solar Flare That May Have Destroyed Chances Of Life On Nearest Exoplanet

Yes, modern technology hasn’t advanced to a point where we’re able to build space colonies. But the best candidate for our next Earth, Proxima B, may have just been fried by Proxima Centauri’s solar flare.

Space April 12, 2018

Solar Storm Headed Towards Earth Expected To Reach Planet Today, Feb. 16

The sun reportedly unleashed a solar flare on Sunday, Feb. 11, causing a solar storm. The Earth is expected to be affected by the storm today, Feb. 16.

Space February 16, 2018

The Sun Is Erupting Solar Flares Like Crazy: NASA Recorded Several X-Class Flares Over The Past Week

NASA has just recorded an X8.2 class solar flare on Sept. 10, just one of the many solar flares that occurred over the past week. Is a solar flare a cause of concern, though?

Space September 13, 2017

NASA Captures Sunspot That’s Larger Than Earth: What Are Sunspots And How Do They Form?

What is a sunspot and where does it come from? Learn from this report how sunspots form and the role of magnetic fields of the sun in this fascinating process long studied by scientists.

Space July 14, 2017

NASA Discovers Sunspot That Has A Core Larger Than The Earth

NASA has discovered a massive sunspot that is larger than the Earth itself. While not dangerous, sunspots can cause solar flares which could damage satellites.

Space July 13, 2017

Strong Solar Flare From Sun's Heart-Shaped Sunspot Temporarily Disrupts Radio Communications

While providing stunning images to astronomers, solar flares could also disturb the atmospheric layer where GPS and communications signals travel. This could lead to radio blackouts during the solar event, which affect high and low frequency radio communications.

Space April 21, 2016

Solar Flare Observations Provide Astronomers With Data As New Eruption Unfolds

Solar flares are powerful eruptions from the sun which can affect Earth. Now, astronomers are studying high-resolution images of these events to learn how they occur.

Space April 20, 2016

Sun May Have Produced Small Superflare In AD 775, Evidence From Tree Rings Suggests

Our sun may have already produced small superflares that hit Earth thousands of years ago, a study suggests. This notion is supported by evidence from tree rings, researchers said.

Energy March 28, 2016

Superflare From Sun Could Wipe Out LIfe On Earth

Superflares have been spotted taking place on other stars, events which could be devastating to Earth if they took place in our own solar system. Is it possible our own sun may one day send such a powerful blow toward our own planet?

Space March 26, 2016

NASA's Computer Model Of The Sun's Magnetic Fields Could Prevent Disaster

NASA has built a moving computer model of the sun's magnetic fields, aiming to help educate people on how magnetic fields work and show how those fields could result in a disaster.

Space February 7, 2016

Massive Solar Storm To Hit Earth Before New Year's Eve: What Happens When Solar Flare Hits Earth?

In the wake of a solar storm that blasted on Dec. 28, a coronal mass ejection may hit the Earth on or before New Year's Eve. The CME may cause the beautiful aurora borealis to appear in some parts of the night sky.

Space December 31, 2015

Scientists Uncover The Sun's Secret Weapon In Preventing Solar Eruptions

The development could spell better planning for terrestrial technology, and safer missions for space travelers.

Space December 30, 2015

US Government Hatches Plan For Catastrophic Solar Flares, Other Space Weather Events

The White House developed plans and strategies to mitigate the impact of space-weather events. EMP from solar flares can potentially wipe out power grids and threaten a technology-driven civilization.

Space November 2, 2015

Astronomers Spot A Black Hole Eating A Star Alive

The star is being torn apart, but some of its debris is getting away in the form of gas. That gas could tell us a lot about what happens in mysterious black holes.

Space October 22, 2015

How This Solar Flare May Have Disrupted Your GPS Signals

Intense bursts of radiation on the sun are so powerful that they can actually cause what are known as radio blackouts on Earth. These can affect GPS and other long-distance communication signals.

Space June 28, 2015

Sun Spits Monster X-Class Solar Flare, Triggers Radio Blackout

On Wednesday, the sun produced a solar flare so strong that it caused radio blackouts in many parts of the globe. The sun storm was classified as an X2.2-class flare.

Space March 13, 2015

NASA SDO Telescope Captures Its 100 Millionth Image

Sun-watching space telescope has been snapping images of the sun and an amazing clip for 5 years. Data helps scientists understand solar flares and space weather that can threaten Earth.

Space January 21, 2015

How Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Solar Flare Threats

Machine learning techniques could yield advance warning of possible dangerous solar storms, researchers say. Such storms can damage satellites and power grids on the Earth.

Space January 15, 2015

Sun Throws M-Level Solar Flare: NASA Releases Images of Sun's First Tantrum in 2015

NASA captures the images of 2015's first solar flare classified at M-level. The latest solar flare is not intense enough to disrupt communication signals and satellites.

Space January 14, 2015

Sun Fires Massive Solar Flare. Holiday Light Show, Greetings for Earth? [Video]

What a spectacular view! The sun puts on a display just in time for the holidays, sending out one of the most powerful solar flares this year.

Space December 24, 2014

Solar tantrum: Sun produces X-class solar flare. Is Earth safe?

Sun produces intense X-class solar flares. The Earth's surface is safe but these flares can disrupt satellite and communication signals, suggests NASA.

Space October 29, 2014

Massive sunspot eyes Earth and shoots solar flares: Brace for mega solar storms

The biggest sunspot in the previous 24 years is shooting solar flares at Earth. The sunspot has already created four X-class flares, the most intense classification, since Oct. 19.

Space October 25, 2014

Solar flares from 80,000-mile wide sunspot threatens Earth

AR 12192, an enormous sunspot that can be seen by a properly shielded naked eye, has already spawned powerful solar flares including two x-class flares, the most powerful of solar flares.

Space October 24, 2014

Largest sunspot in past 20 years turns towards Earth

A very large sunspot is currently facing the Earth, the largest in 20 years. Scientists are still not sure whether the sunspot will cause a CME.

Space October 23, 2014

Sun bitten by Halloween bug? NASA spies spooky jack-o'-lantern image of sun

The Sun appears like a Jack-O-Lantern in a new NASA image, just in time for Halloween.

Space October 11, 2014

NASA releases video of solar flare in progress

NASA recently released a stunning video captured by the SDO of a solar flare as it happened. The agency is also watching a filament of solar material currently emanating from the sun.

Geek October 6, 2014

NASA Swift spots red dwarf star belch superflare: 10,000 times more powerful than largest solar flare ever recorded

A stellar flare over 10,000 times more powerful than the biggest solar flare on record was spotted by NASA's Swift satellite, coming from a binary star system 60 light-years away.

Space October 2, 2014

Solar storms bombard Earth and cause some headaches

Major solar storms can cause some problems in that they could disrupt electrical and communication systems as well as lead to re-routing of air traffic but experts from NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center said they do not expect anything unmanageable.

Space September 14, 2014

One. Two. Sun hurls two solar flares: Earth put on geomagnetic storm alert

Two solar eruptions are sending charged material racing toward the Earth. What does that mean for people on the planet and satellites in space?

Space September 12, 2014

Solar flares send two CME’s to Earth: Sunny with a chance of geomagnetic storms?

NASA's Solar and Terrestrial Relations Observatory captured two CMEs today, on September 11.

Space September 11, 2014

Sun caught shooting X-class solar flare at Earth (but don't panic)

The sun fired an X-class flare, the most intense of solar flares, on Earth. However, NASA said that the phenomenon does not pose danger to anyone on the planet or to the astronauts at the International Space Station.

Space September 11, 2014

Solar eruption is an open show thanks to NASA

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory has recorded a video of an incredible solar flare.

Space September 4, 2014

Scientists solve mystery why sun's atmosphere is hotter than its surface

The outer atmosphere of the Sun, or corona, is much hotter than the surface, a mystery that has long puzzled astronomers. Now, we may know why this happens.

Space August 5, 2014

Solar storm in July 2012 nearly sent us back to the 19th century

A solar flare seen in 2012 may have been the most powerful eruption from the sun in 150 years. If it struck the Earth, electronics could have been devastated.

Space July 25, 2014

Very creepy solar storm set to hit Earth on Friday the 13th

A coronal mass ejection from the sun is heading to the Earth and will arrive on Friday the 13th. The eruption occurred during the production of a trio of solar flares.

Space June 13, 2014

Sun belches third X-class flare in 2 days. Tummy ache?

The sun produced its third solar flare in 2 days, causing minor interference in radio communications, but producing no coronal mass ejections (CME). Tuesday's CMEs are expected to hit on Friday, but no damage expected.

Space June 12, 2014

Sun belches two 'significant' X-class solar flares on Tuesday: Harmless to humans, NASA says

A pair of solar flares have erupted from the sun, and could affect Earth soon.

Space June 11, 2014

NASA's IRIS films rare gigantic solar flare [Video]

The Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS), NASA's latest solar observatory, has captured its very first coronal mass ejection (CME). It seems the first time's' the charm for the IRIS as the first ever CME it has recorded may be one for the record books.

Space June 3, 2014

NASA IRIS spies monster coronal mass eruption: Solar flare was a doozy

A coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun erupted at over a million miles an hour, and was the first recorded by NASA's newest solar observatory.

Space June 2, 2014

Discovery of square hole in sun baffles NASA [VIDEO]

A coronal hole in the sun is large, square and the star of its own film, thanks to NASA.

Space May 12, 2014

NASA telescopes record intense X-class solar flare: Best-observed flare of all time [VIDEO]

A solar flare which happened at the end of March is the most-watched event of its kind in history. Here's the story behind the celestial event.

Space May 11, 2014

NASA spots plasma dance on Sun's surface [Video]

NASA says latest solar flare was the best-observed event ever. Four spacecrafts and a ground telescope witnessed.

Space May 8, 2014

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