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NASA Puts Out Open Call To Private Companies On Supplying Lunar Station

NASA's Lunar Gateway is part of the United States' goal to maintain a presence on the Moon. The space station will serve as an outpost for astronauts who will explore the lunar surface and other destinations across the solar system.

Space June 15, 2019

Researchers Come Up With Way To Build Space Stations Inside Asteroids

Researchers proposed that a space station inside an asteroid could enable humans to mine resources from the countless space rocks within the solar system. In recent years, there have been interests from governments and companies to drill in space.

Space February 11, 2019

NASA Planning To Build Outpost On Moon In Next Half Decade

NASA has started constructing a lunar outpost that will enable research to be conducted around and on the Moon. The project is expected to be fully operational and host its first human crew in mid-2022.

Space September 12, 2018

NASA Will Start Construction On Lunar Space Station In 2019

NASA revealed that it is ready to go back into space. The agency will be starting construction on a vehicle that would serve as a bridge between Mars and the moon.

Space April 20, 2018

The Tiangong-1 Space Station Just Missed Point Nemo, The Spacecraft Graveyard In The Pacific Ocean

The Tiangong-1 has finally fallen to Earth on Easter Sunday, without causing any damage to populated areas. The Chinese space station just missed Point Nemo, which is also known as the 'spacecraft graveyard.'

Space April 2, 2018

Tiangong-1 Space Station Finally Falls To Earth, But Not Really Because It Mostly Burned Up

The Tiangong-1 space station burned up as it entered Earth again after launching in 2011. China is reportedly preparing for a more permanent space station in the next decade.

Space April 2, 2018

The Falling Chinese Space Station Will Crash To Earth On Easter Sunday: Here's Where Debris May Land

Tiangong-1, the falling Chinese space station, will crash back to Earth on Easter Sunday. Here's where the debris is predicted to land and what you should do if you see some of the space station's pieces.

Space March 30, 2018

China's First Space Station Will Soon Crash To Earth, But Nobody Knows When And Where

Tiangong-1, China's first space station, is expected to crash to the Earth about mid-March, with the exact date and location unknown. Should people be worried that they may be hit by space debris falling from the sky?

Space January 3, 2018

Japan To Join US In Building Space Station That Will Orbit The Moon

Japan will be collaborating with the United States to build a new space station in the lunar orbit. The spaceport will serve as a deep space gateway.

Space December 14, 2017

India Can Build A Space Station, But Government Is Yet To Decide: ISRO Chief

It's only a matter of time before India decides on when to build its own space station, according to ISRO chief A.S. Kiran Kumar. The pronouncement was made hot on the heels of the country's record-breaking 104-satellite launch aboard a single rocket.

Space February 21, 2017

China’s Tiangong-2 May Be The Only Space Station Left When The ISS Retires In 2024

The International Space Station is set to retire on 2024. And when it does, it looks like China will be the lone country left with a space station, now that it just launched the Tiangong-2 space lab.

Space October 10, 2016

China Launches Tiangong-2 Space Lab To Prepare For 2020 Space Station

The Tiangong-2 has finally been launched by China as the country prepares to send into orbit its own space station by the year 2020. The Tiangong-2 should be able to house astronauts for up to 30 days at a time.

Space September 15, 2016

NASA Plans To Build Mars Space Station By 2028

NASA and its partners from the private industry are planning to build a space station in Mars' orbit by 2028. Mission planners intend to use the orbital facility as a base camp for future manned explorations of the red planet.

Space August 17, 2016

China Launches New Rocket, Prototype Crew Capsule For Planned Second Space Station

China is right on track for development of the world's second space station. The country recently launched the Long March 7 rocket, which carried a prototype crew capsule, from its new Wenchang Satellite Launch Center on June 25.

Space June 28, 2016

China Prepares To Launch Second Space Lab Tiangong-2 Into Orbit In 2016

China is preparing to launch their second space lab Tiangong-2 into space in 2016 followed by a cargo ship in mid-2017. By 2022, China aims to have a permanent, manned space station in service.

Space February 29, 2016

Forget The Nigerian Prince, LOL At This Nigerian Astronaut Email Scam

Con artists have come up with a new ploy to scam people of their hard-earned money. This time they are posing as a scientist seeking financial aid to have a relative who is stranded in space be brought safely home to Earth.

Space February 16, 2016

NASA Hopes Motion Tracking Tech Will Help It Build Better Space Stations

NASA is working with Draper to develop motion tracking devices for the astronauts on the International Space Station. The data collected by the devices could help determine improvements for space habitat design.

FUTURE TECH December 12, 2015

Three New Astronauts Arrive At ISS Aboard Soyuz Craft - Meet The New Crew

Three new space travelers have arrived at the International Space Station. Meet the newest crew orbiting around our home planet.

Space July 23, 2015

Astronaut's 'Star Trek' Selfie From Space Gives Us Hope

Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti is a 'Star Trek' fan. She's also a fan of coffee, apparently.

Geek April 20, 2015

Laser-guided cargo spacecraft docks at the International Space Station

A spacecraft successfully landed July 16 bringing new supplies to the six astronauts at the International Space Station.

Space July 17, 2014

Google, NASA Tango to bring 3D mapping technology to ISS robots

Google and NASA hope that Project Tango and 3D mapping technology can help map the space station. Robots inside spheres will be able to assist astronauts and perform maintenance.

Space April 20, 2014

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