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NASA Finds Stellar Nursery Shaped Like A Butterfly

NASA published 'Space Butterfly,' a photo of a nebula from images captured by the Spitzer Space Telescope during its primary mission. According to NASA, hundreds of new stars are born in the nebula.

Space March 29, 2019

Scientists Figure Out How Supermassive Black Holes Get So Massive

A team of scientists observed a new way of feeding that might explain how supermassive black holes grow to become so big. In a new paper, they revealed that black holes feed on large amounts of gas around them.

Space January 15, 2019

Death Of Star Helps Scientists Analyze Black Hole Event Horizon

Researchers used an X-ray signal from a star being ripped apart to study a supermassive black hole. Researchers claim that this is the first time that tidal disruption flare to estimate the speed in which a black hole spins.

Space January 10, 2019

Scientists Probe Last Moments Of Dying Star In Astonishing Detail

A team of international researchers used data from Kepler and ground-based telescopes to observe the first stages of a dying star. Astronomers hope that SN 2018oh can be used to redefine the rate of the expansion of the universe.

Space December 1, 2018

Binary Star System 8,000 Light-Years Away Is About To Go Supernova

The binary star system 8,000 light-years away from Earth is the first candidate within the Milky Way Galaxy to produce a gamma-ray burst. Astronomers claimed that the orbiting Wolf-Rayet stars at its core could further fuel the explosion.

Space November 20, 2018

Hubble Spots 'Smiling Face' While Looking For New Stars

NASA released a photo of dozens of distant galaxy clusters taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. Gravitational lensing has caused some of the light from the galaxies to look like a smiling face.

Space November 5, 2018

Hubble Telescope Able To See Most Distant Star Due To Rare Cosmic Alignment

The Hubble Space Telescope was able to capture the most distant star with the help from a rare cosmic alignment. Scientists have named the newly discovered star Icarus.

Space April 2, 2018

Black Hole Eating Star For A Decade; More Studies On Eddington Limit Urged

Astronomers have reported an unusual spectacle of a star being eaten by a black hole for more than a decade in defiance of the laws of physics. Their study has called for new research on the Eddington limit of black holes’ luminosity.

Space February 14, 2017

Alien Megastructure Star: Mysterious Signal May Be Due To Tabby's Star Eating A Planet

Astronomers propose a new theory to explain the mysterious dimming of the Tabby's star. The dips in brightness may be due to the star devouring a planet about 10,000 years ago.

Space January 13, 2017

ALMA Telescopes Observe Formation Of New Solar System

Thanks to the ALMA Observatory in Chile, researchers were able to observe the initial stages in the formation of a new solar system. How do protostellar systems form?

Space December 15, 2016

Planet In The Making? Rings Around Young Distant Star Hint At Planetary Formation In Progress

Rice University astronomers have suggested the formation of a planet in a distant star, HD 163296, after spotting dust and gas around its dark rings. Two rings around the star have no dust left while the inner ring has more carbon monoxide than the other two.

Space December 14, 2016

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory Captures Rare Double Eclipse Of Sun By Moon And Earth

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory witnessed the Earth completely eclipse the sun just as the moon started to cross the face of the star. The observatory was able to capture the event known as ring of fire eclipse.

Space September 5, 2016

Gravitational Wave Twin Black Holes May Have Been Born From One Star

Researchers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics believe that the two black holes that were detected by LIGO during the gravitational wave event last year originated from a single massive star. Just before it reached the end of its life, it also released the burst of gamma rays that the Fermi Space Telescope detected.

Space February 24, 2016

Massive Black Hole Swallows A Star And Vomits Bright Jet Of Leftover Stellar Material: Why You Should Care

An international team of researchers witnessed the destruction of an entire star after it was sucked into a supermassive black hole. The celestial event occurred at a galaxy located around 300 million light-years away from the Solar System.

Space November 30, 2015

UK Scientists Find A New Way To Weigh Lonely Stars

Scientists devise a new way to measure the mass of stars.

Space October 5, 2015

Mariah Carey Will Finally Get A Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

Mariah Carey has definitely earned her spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as one of the most renowned in the music industry, getting her very own star in August.

July 28, 2015

NASA Spots Pulsar Blowing A Hole Through Stellar Disk

A rapidly moving clump of what seems like a ball of plasma was spotted through the Chandra Observatory of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. According to the astronomers, the accelerating pulsar presented itself as a force blowing a hole through a stellar disk.

Space July 25, 2015

NASA Nicknames Star Nasty 1: Here's What Makes It So... Nasty

Using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have discovered new information on a star nicknamed Nasty 1. The behavior of the Wolf-Rayet star has not been seen in the Milky Way before.

Space May 23, 2015

Galaxies Die By Strangulation: What Exactly Happens

Galaxies die when they can no longer form new stars. Now, scientists revealed that a process known as strangulation stumps star formation in galaxies.

Space May 15, 2015

Oldest Known Nova First Recorded In 1670 Reclassified As Stellar Collision

Scientists reclassify the oldest known nova of 1670 as a stellar explosion. Astronomers suggest that the explosion was so powerful that it was also visible to the naked eye during the initial outburst.

Space March 24, 2015

Hubble Obtains New Images Of Debris Disk Around Beta Pictoris Being Plowed By Young Exoplanet

Hubble Space Telescope takes images of the debris disk that surrounds Beta Pictoris being plowed by a a young planet. Beta Pictoris is a relatively new star, which is about 20 million years old.

Space February 21, 2015

Cassiopeia A Supernova Resembles Swiss Cheese: Here's Why

A three dimensional model of the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A reveals big bubbles and big cavities in its interior. It also suggest that stars may have exploded differently compared with what scientists believe.

Space February 1, 2015

Astronomers Measure Space-time Warp Before Binary Pulsar Vanishes

Researchers have measured the space-time warp produced by the intense gravity exerted by two massive stars that are very close to each other before the binary system's pulsar disappeared.

Space January 10, 2015

Ground-Based Telescopes Observe Super-Earth in Transit: Here's What the Astronomers Discovered

Scientists were able to observe and measure the diameter of 55 Cnc e, an exoplanet orbiting a sun-like star located 40 light years away, from the Earth using the Nordic Optical Telescope. The super-earth is the smallest planet detected from the ground.

Space December 3, 2014

ALMA radio telescope captures birth of new alien solar system in stunning image

Astronomers have documented the birth of a new planetary system. In a stunning new image, the scientists offer us a glimpse into the way new planets form around a young star called HL Tau.

Space November 8, 2014

Big bully: Milky Way steals precious star-forming gases from neighboring dwarf galaxies

The Milky Way strips its neighboring dwarf spheroidal galaxies in the Laniakea Galactic Supercluster with hydrogen gas and this stunted their ability to form new stars.

Space October 20, 2014

Exoplanet WASP-43b atmosphere has water vapor but hellish weather makes it impossible to host alien life

Water vapor exists in the atmosphere of Exoplanet WASP-43b but the planet is marked by extreme weather conditions. Its day side is hot enough it can melt iron and temperature in its night side can drop to comparatively cool.

Space October 12, 2014

Astronomers get peek inside the heart of an exploding star

For the first time, an international team of astronomers use multiple telescopes to see right into the heart of a star during its nova phase, when it explodes and emits gamma rays.

Geek October 10, 2014

Black hole appetite is more voracious than previously thought: P13 consumes gas from nearby star 10 times faster

P13, black hole with 15 times less mass than the sun consumes gas from its nearby star equivalent to the mass of the moon every three weeks.

Space October 10, 2014

NASA Swift spots red dwarf star belch superflare: 10,000 times more powerful than largest solar flare ever recorded

A stellar flare over 10,000 times more powerful than the biggest solar flare on record was spotted by NASA's Swift satellite, coming from a binary star system 60 light-years away.

Space October 2, 2014

Discovery of hypervelocity star in solar system neighborhood may shed light on dark matter

A rare hypervelocity star has been discovered, and it is the second-brightest ever seen. Here is the story of how these strange objects are formed, and how this one was discovered.

Space May 11, 2014

Sun's long-lost twin finally found...110 light years away: We are not alone?

A stellar "sibling" to our own sun has been identified 110 light years away from Earth, in the constellation of Hercules.

Space May 10, 2014

Huge asteroid 163 Erigone to blot out bright star Regulus in Leo constellation: How to watch

A once-in-a-lifetime event will take place on Thursday - a huge asteroid, named 163 Erigone will blot out a bright star in Leo constellation. Here's what you need to do to see it happen, and contribute to science!

Space March 15, 2014

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