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The Sun Will Be Dimmer By 2050

Physicist predicted that the sun will emit less radiation by the mid-century because of an event known as Grand Minimum. What happens when the sun emits less UV radiation than normal?

Space February 8, 2018

NASA Captures Sunspot That’s Larger Than Earth: What Are Sunspots And How Do They Form?

What is a sunspot and where does it come from? Learn from this report how sunspots form and the role of magnetic fields of the sun in this fascinating process long studied by scientists.

Space July 14, 2017

NASA Discovers Sunspot That Has A Core Larger Than The Earth

NASA has discovered a massive sunspot that is larger than the Earth itself. While not dangerous, sunspots can cause solar flares which could damage satellites.

Space July 13, 2017

Strong Solar Flare From Sun's Heart-Shaped Sunspot Temporarily Disrupts Radio Communications

While providing stunning images to astronomers, solar flares could also disturb the atmospheric layer where GPS and communications signals travel. This could lead to radio blackouts during the solar event, which affect high and low frequency radio communications.

Space April 21, 2016

How Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Solar Flare Threats

Machine learning techniques could yield advance warning of possible dangerous solar storms, researchers say. Such storms can damage satellites and power grids on the Earth.

Space January 15, 2015

What a Star's Spin Can Tell Us About Its Age

The spin rate of stars could help astronomers find intelligent life on other planets, a new study reveals. How does this work?

Space January 5, 2015

Largest sunspot in 24 years continues to baffle scientists

It’s equal parts amazing and confusing. AR 12192 is remarkable for its size but it’s not behaving like a typical sunspot, according to NASA.

Space November 4, 2014

Largest sunspot spotted in last 24 years wows astronomers: Solar storms may KO communications

The largest sunspot recorded in 24 years is now happening on the surface of the Sun, and could potentially wipe out modern communications.

Space October 25, 2014

Massive sunspot eyes Earth and shoots solar flares: Brace for mega solar storms

The biggest sunspot in the previous 24 years is shooting solar flares at Earth. The sunspot has already created four X-class flares, the most intense classification, since Oct. 19.

Space October 25, 2014

BBSO telescope helps scientists understand mysterious sunspots

Sunspots have been seen by humans for 300 years. Now, we may finally understand what keeps these structures stable.

Space June 5, 2014

Sun belches X-class solar flare, most powerful of 2014

The most powerful solar flare seen this year has erupted from the surface of the Sun. But, is it headed to Earth and should we worry?

Space February 26, 2014

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