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Save Syria's History: These Majestic Sights Are In Danger Of Total Destruction Due To War

The tragedy of war has overtaken Syria. In this decade alone, four cultural sites -- once majestic -- continue to face the threat of destruction in this historical country.

Ancient December 18, 2016

Aleppo Under Siege: Syrians Cry Out For Help With Heartbreaking Posts On Twitter

Aleppo civilians use Twitter to say their goodbyes after government forces approach the war-torn city. One girl in particular, Bana Alabed, has caught the attention of the world with her devastating tweets.

Internet December 14, 2016

Drought That Triggered Syrian Civil War Is Worst In 900 Years: Study

The drought that began in 1998 in the eastern Mediterranean Levant region is the worst one since 1100. This may have led to the devastating Syrian civil war.

Earth/Environment March 3, 2016

Climate Change A Cause Of Syrian Civil War: Prince Charles

Prince Charles said climate change may be one of the factors that caused the Syrian Civil war. He explained in an interview how environment, terrorism and wars are all interlinked.

Earth/Environment November 24, 2015

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