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US Teen Birth Rates Drop To All-Time Low: CDC

A CDC and NCHS report shows further decline in births from teenage mothers in 2016. The new data continues the long-term trend of declining teenage pregnancy.

Life & Style July 2, 2017

Teenage pregnancy takes a dip, says CDC. Taxpayers save $$$$

Pregnancies among teenage girls in the United States are down, and one report looks at what that change could mean for the American teenager.

Life August 20, 2014

Did a MTV show reduce the rate of teen pregnancy?

MTV’s teen pregnancy and parenting reality shows have been linked to the decline in teen birth rates. Researchers believe that the decline is caused by easy access to contraceptives, but “16 and Pregnant” is believed to be a contributing factor.

Movies/TV Shows August 15, 2014

U.S. teen pregnancy, abortion rates lowest in 30 years. Here are the numbers

According to a new report from Guttmacher Institute, the rates of teen pregnancy, teen abortion and teen birth have all declined across states in the U.S. A sharp decline was also seen among ethnic and racial groups.

Life May 11, 2014

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