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More Than 1 Million Facebook Users Log In Via Tor Every Month

Facebook's consideration to include anonymous logins on their site has led to different Tor support for its different platforms. Through these added anonymity features, the social media company has seen a new record of more than a million anonymous logins.

Internet April 25, 2016

Tor And CloudFlare Hurl Accusations About Malicious Requests, Flawed Methodology At Each Other

Tor and website security service CloudFlare are at loggerheads over issues pertaining to accessibility. CloudFlare claims that 94 percent of requests from Tor's network are malicious, whereas the latter claims that the former's methodology is flawed.

Internet April 4, 2016

Tor Crowdfunding Campaign Raises $205,874

The Tor Project's first ever crowdfunding campaign raised a total of $205,874 from 5,265 donors over a period of six weeks. The anonymity network is looking to diversify its funding sources, with most of its revenue coming from government grants.

Internet January 22, 2016

Facebook Announces Tor Support For Its Android App

Facebook has announced that its Android app will now support being accessed through Tor, allowing users to browse their social media network much more privately.

Apps/Software January 19, 2016

France's Prime Minister Says The Country Will Not Block Tor Or Public Wi-Fi

Despite the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, French prime minister Maurice Valls has denied that the country will cease providing public Wi-Fi or Tor, despite the hypothetical threats both services could pose.

Society December 11, 2015

Tor Accuses Carnegie Mellon Of Conniving (And Getting $1 Million In Return) With FBI To Crack Anonymity Network

The Tor Project claims that the Computer Emergency Response Team of Carnegie Mellon was behind the attack that compromised the information of users on the encryption service. The Tor Project claims that the researchers were paid $1 million by the FBI.

Apps/Software November 13, 2015

New Tor Messenger Lets Users Remain Anonymous

Right after the IETF's official recognition of Tor's anonymized .onion domain, the network has announced the release of its new beta version off-the-record messenger service.

Apps/Software October 30, 2015

Hornet Browser Promises More Privacy At Faster Speeds Than Tor

For those Internet users wishing to surf the web anonymously, the Tor browser is a must-have. Now a new browser, Hornet, promises even more privacy and faster speeds than Tor.

Apps/Software July 28, 2015

Drug-Purchasing Robot 'Random Darknet Shopper' Has Been Vindicated

'Random Darknet Shopper' has been returned to its art collective creator, !Mediengruppe Bitnik. The shopping bot had been confiscated by Swiss authorities for its illegal purchases in dark web marketplaces.

Geek April 22, 2015

Tor Users Required To Register Phone Number To Sign-Up For Twitter

Twitter has introduced new security measures that will require Tor users to register their phone number to sign-up on the microblogging site.

Internet March 3, 2015

Alleged Silk Road Creator Ross Ulbricht Trial Set to Start

Internet activists will be closely watching the trial of Ross Ulbricht, the alleged kingpin of an online underground illicit drug market that reportedly generated more than a billion in sales.

Internet January 13, 2015

Tor Attack Pits Anonymous Against Lizard Squad: PSN and Xbox Live Back Online

Lizard Squad compromises the anonymity of the Tor network and irks the Anonymous collective again. 'Do something,' Lizard Squad tells Anonymous when it complains.

Internet January 1, 2015

Anonymous to Lizard Squad: Keep Your Hands off Tor

Hacktivist group Anonymous has remained in the background as Lizard Squad lambasted Sony’s PlayStation Network and Microsoft’s Xbox Live. Anonymous will not, however, stay there for long as Lizard Squad attempts to target Tor.

Internet December 27, 2014

Global police crackdown leads to raids, arrests and shutdown of over 400 dark market websites

The global crackdown by both U.S. and European authorities on illegal websites operating through the Tor network has led to the seizure of more than 400 such websites.

Internet November 8, 2014

400 dark net sites raided in drug take-down operation

Over 400 dark net websites used to anonymously match buyers and sellers of illegal items, including drugs and weapons, have been shut down by authorities across 16 countries. There have been 17 arrests in connection with the raids.

Legal November 7, 2014

Now post anonymously on Facebook using Tor link

Facebook has announced a website specifically for users of Tor, putting the company ahead of many other online companies when it comes to online security.

Apps/Software November 3, 2014

Facebook launches Tor-exclusive version: Now post anonymously

Facebook makes history by launching a .onion URL dedicated exclusively to Tor users who want to keep their identity anonymous. The move comes as an irony since the social networking site has long required users to register their real identities.

Internet November 1, 2014

We love Tor users. No, we don't. Yes, we do: Comcast

Comcast's relationship with its customers has turned sour as of late, and it's only likely to get worse. The company is being accused of threatening subscribers with termination of service for using anonymous Internet browsing software Tor.

Internet September 19, 2014

Tor Project chief claims NSA, GCHQ moles help safeguard network with bug tips

Andrew Lewman, the man behind the Tor network, said that informants inside American and British intelligence agencies may have given them tips about vulnerabilities. He made the claim in spite not having any way of tracing the information they've received.

Internet August 26, 2014

Private browser network Tor has unexpected friends in unexpected places

The Tor Project is designed to improve privacy on the Internet, making it harder for government organizations to spy on citizens. So why are some employees of government agencies helping Tor squash bugs and leaks?

Apps/Software August 25, 2014

NSA, GCHQ spies help Tor Project seal system from fellow spies

Tor reveals that it is getting tips from agents intended to undermine others who are attempting to penetrate the network. These agents are said to come from NSA and GCHQ.

Internet August 24, 2014

Tor target of hack, anonymity seal broken

Internet privacy company Tor has revealed it was hacked, which could have left users identities open. This has led to concerns over surveillance and anonymity online.

Internet August 4, 2014

Tor suffers traffic confirmation attacks. Say goodbye to anonymity on the Web

Network under attack! There have been attempts in the past but looks like someone finally got through Tor. Is this the end of online anonymity?

Internet August 2, 2014

Russia wants to crack Tor, offers $100000 to identify users

Russia is offering $100000 in a bid to identify users of Tor, an anonymous browsing network. The move sparks online freedom issues amid the country’s heightened crackdown on the Internet.

Internet July 28, 2014

Tor talk at Black Hat security conference abruptly cancelled at request of CMU lawyers

Talk detailing how to break the Tor network attracts security and privacy groups, gets taken out of the Black Hat security conference lineup.

Internet July 24, 2014

NSA might tag you as extremist when you use Tor, other privacy online services

Shocking new leaks containing the source code of the NSA’s electronic surveillance system shows the agency has tagged as “extremists” users who have used or read about certain online privacy services.

Internet July 8, 2014

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