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NASA Acting Administrator Robert Lightfoot To Retire, White House Appointee Not Yet Confirmed

NASA's longest-serving acting administrator, Robert Lightfoot, announced his retirement. Who will lead NASA now as Trump's nominee Rep. Jim Bridenstine's appointment was stalled by Senate?

Space March 13, 2018

Burr-Feinstein Encryption Bill Will Require Encryption Backdoors: Goodbye Security And Online Privacy?

A new bill being pushed in the U.S. Senate could soon compel tech companies, such as Apple, to provide technical assistance to the government during matters of national security. The legislation deals heavily with the handling of encrypted data.

Society April 14, 2016

Did This Florida Senate Candidate Really Sacrifice An Animal And Call For A Second US Civil War?

Augustus Sol Invictus, Florida Senate candidate, responds to allegations of animal sacrifice and clarifies his stance on a second U.S. Civil War. Despite the controversy, the man claims his campaign will continue.

Internet Culture October 7, 2015

Senator Reid wants to push for open Internet in U.S.

Sen. Harry Reid has made tech news headlines. The U.S. Senate Majority Leader is pushing for an open Internet in the United States.

Society July 31, 2014

Senate intelligence panel approves cybersecurity bill encouraging data sharing

Is this the beginning of the end for cybercrime? Cybersecurity bill approved by the Senate Intelligence Committee raises concern from privacy groups, vows it means no harm.

Business July 11, 2014

Net neutrality forum explores impact of impending FCC actions

A forum in Vermont on net neutrality included testimony from a former FCC commissioner. The Senate Judiciary Committee aimed to drum up public debate before the FCC moves ahead with proposed rules on July 15.

Internet July 1, 2014

Senators slam Dr. Oz for peddling false weight-loss dreams

Dr. Oz is in a world of trouble after he was accused of making false weight loss claims on his talk show to millions of Americans who tune in on a regular basis for professional recommendations.

Life June 20, 2014

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