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2019 iPhone Models Will Still Have Lightning Ports Instead Of USB-C: Report

2019 iPhone models are said to sport Lightning ports instead of USB-C. What's more, they're rumored to be bundled with the same-old 5W USB-A charger, meaning users still won't be able to use fast-charging from the get-go.

Apple February 11, 2019

Apple Quietly Drops USB-C To Lightning Cable Price: What Does This Mean For This Year's iPhones?

Apple quietly reduced the price of its USB-C to Lightning Cable from $25 to $19. The price change might look insignificant, but it may have something to do with what Apple is planning for this year's new iPhones.

Apple May 22, 2018

Google Pixel - MacBook File Transfer Issues Likely Stem From Old Android File Transfer Program

Google Pixel and Pixel XL owners have been having issues with file transfers from Apple MacBooks via the stock USB-C to USB-A cable. As it turns out, the old Android File Transfer program might be to blame, as it hasn't been updated since 2012.

Google January 14, 2017

Nintendo Switch Latest News And Update: New Leak Reveals Game Console Will Charge Via USB-C

The Nintendo Switch might support USB-C charging, at least according to a recent retailer leak, which has now been pulled. If USB-C does come standard with the upcoming hybrid console, Nintendo might be done with proprietary charging cables.

Video Games December 7, 2016

OnePlus 3T Dash Charge vs. Google Pixel XL USB-C Power Delivery: Which Smartphone Charges Faster? [Video]

The OnePlus 3T is pitted against the Google Pixel XL in a bid to find out which smartphone charges faster with their respective Dash Charge and USB-C Power Delivery fast charging technologies.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 17, 2016

Apple Offers Deep Discounts On USB Type-C Accessories After MacBook Pro Changes Draw Heavy Criticism

Amid heavy criticism over the MacBook Pro's inconvenient port situation, Apple has slashed the price of a number of USB-C and Thunderbolt cables and adapters. You can save up to $20, but only for a limited time.

Apple November 4, 2016

Intel Believes The USB-C Will Be Superior To The Headphone Jack: Here's Why

Intel, for the third time, has come out in defense of USB-C, arguing that it will be superior to standard headphone jack once a few key adjustments are made.

Gadgets August 18, 2016

Intel Seeks To Replace Headphone Jacks With USB-C

Intel revealed that it will replace the analog connector, the 3.5mm headphone jack, with USB-C. The decision was finalized at the developer’s conference this month where the company cited many advantages of such a transition.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 28, 2016

New Software Will Warn You If A Dangerous USB Type-C Cable Threatens To Damage Your Device

New software will protect against faulty USB-C cables. The software, Type-C Authentication specification, was created to help devices and cables communicate with one another to determine whether a cable complies with the standards set by USB governing bodies.

Apps/Software April 13, 2016

Google Engineer Fries Chromebook Pixel 2 After Testing This Third-Party USB-C Cable

Benson Leung, a Google engineer known for testing USB cables to make sure they are safe, discovered how damaging Surjtech's 3M USB A-to-C cable is after he fried his Chromebook.

Computers February 3, 2016

Nomad Just Launched The First USB Type-C Car Charger

Nomad's sleek USB Type-C car charger includes a backup battery as well.

Gadgets September 2, 2015

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Reportedly To Get 4K Display, USB Type-C And Skylake Processor

The rumor mill is busy churning out speculations on the features of the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which may launch as soon as October.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 12, 2015

Can't Wait For Your New OnePlus Phone? OnePlus 2 Will Arrive On US Shores Three Weeks Late

OnePlus is delaying the OnePlus 2's shipment to North America. Shipping will begin on Aug. 11 in Europe, but North America will have to wait another two to three weeks.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 12, 2015

ThinkPad P50 vs. ThinkPad P70: What's The Lenovo Workstation For You?

Lenovo’s new pair of workstations are the very first mobile workstations powered by Intel’s enterprise-level Xeon processors.

Computers August 11, 2015

Intel's High-End Xeon Processors To Power Laptops Soon

Intel’s upcoming line of Xeon processors, formerly limited to servers and desktop workstations, will be available for laptops and netbooks in the near future.

Computers August 10, 2015

Build Your Own Customized USB-C Hub With 'Cusby' Blocks

USB-C is great, but early adapters are starting to realize that ports are typically pretty limited. That's where Cusby comes in: why bother buying an expensive USB-C hub when you can customize your own?

Gadgets July 21, 2015

MicFlip Is A Reversible USB Cable For Those Waiting For USB-C

While USB-C is sure to take at least a few years before it seriously starts to be used by the tech world, those not wanting to deal with nonreversible USB cables can instead turn to MicFlip.

Gadgets July 9, 2015

Apple 12-Inch MacBook Compatible With Affordable Third-Party USB Type-C Cables: What To Know

If you’re not a fan of paying an extra $80 for three ports on your already expensive new MacBook, consider one of these alternatives.

Geek April 18, 2015

Apple's New MacBook Review Roundup: This Overpriced Netbook Is Way Ahead Of Its Time

Apple is set to release the new MacBook to the public, which boasts a completely new design compared to previous MacBook models. Are these changes helpful today?

Geek April 13, 2015

6 Things You Need To Know About USB Type-C

Since the reveal of Apple's new 12-inch MacBook on March 9 there has been a lot of talk about something called USB Type-C. But what is it and what does it do?

Computers March 16, 2015

MacBook Battery Packs May Finally Be Possible Thanks To USB Type-C

Apple will finally let companies develop battery packs and chargers for its products, due to the new MacBook's USB Type-C port. USB Type-C, or simply USB-C, consolidates a notebook's separate power, data, and video ports into a single all-in-one wonder port.

Computers March 16, 2015

Apple May Have Invented USB-C After All (If John Gruber Is To Be Believed)

Markdown creator John Gruber is backing off his assertion that Apple invented USB-C. Apple still led development of the standard, he claims.

Computers March 15, 2015

The New MacBook Does Away With MagSafe — But Is It Worth It?

With the new MacBook, Apple is essentially saying goodbye to the MagSafe power adapter that allowed users to not have to worry about what would happen to their computer if someone tripped over the cable. But is doing away with that technology worth it?

Computers March 13, 2015

Android Smartphones Might Soon Sport USB-C Connector [Video]

Google revealed that it will be bringing USB-C technology into smartphones in the near future, right after the company updated its Chromebook Pixel to include two USB-C ports.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 12, 2015

MacBook (2015) vs. MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro: What's The Best MacBook To Buy?

Can't decide which of Apple's latest MacBooks to lay your hard-earned money on? This guide will help you choose which of the 2015 MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air is best for you.

Computers March 12, 2015

Want The New Apple MacBook? Here Are The USB-C Adapters You Will Need

If you like the ultra-thin MacBook but need a lot of ports, this is where Apple’s new accessories can save the day.

Computers March 11, 2015

New Apple MacBook Comes With Just One USB-C Port: Here's The Good And Bad Of It

The new MacBook comes with a single USB-C port. While the new technology comes with many advantages, there is also a disadvantage that is associated with the adoption of the new kind of USB.

Computers March 10, 2015

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