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Facebook Is Cracking Down On Spammy Posts That Beg For Likes, Comments, And Shares

Facebook is full of spammy posts, but that should change soon. The social network announced plans to demote posts with 'engagement bait,' begging for shares, likes, and comments.

Internet December 19, 2017

Facebook Favoring User Engagement Over App Installs: New Metrics To Gauge Success

Facebook has been driving billions of app installs, but is that enough? It's not, and that's why the company wants to focus more on user engagement rather than app installs - quality over quantity, if you may.

Internet April 18, 2017

Twitter Users Will Now Be Able To Post Polls On Their Profiles

Twitter has announced it will roll out a two-choice polling service within the next few days. How will it affect the way Twitter users not only interact with the social media platform, but with each other?

Internet October 21, 2015

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