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Mars’ Monster Dust Storms May Have Blown Away The Red Planet’s Last Traces Of Water

Where did all the water in Mars go? Scientists say that monstrous dust storms that enveloped the entire planet may be partly to blame for the Red Planet's absence of water.

Space May 6, 2019

Oceans On Mars Could Have Formed As Early As 4 Billion Years Ago, According To New Research

Scientists discovered that the oceans on Mars may be significantly older than previously thought. New estimates indicate that oceans on Mars formed 4 billion years ago.

Space March 19, 2018

Flowing Water On Mars Could Actually Be Sand: NASA

NASA has recently said that the dark streaks on Mars could actually be only sand. Researchers had initially thought that the streaks, known as recurring slope lineae, indicated flowing water.

Space November 21, 2017

Methane Gas Produced Warm Climate That Kept Liquid Water Flowing On Ancient Mars

Methane could be behind the warm climate in ancient Mars that allowed liquid water to flow for millennia. What is the primary source of this heat-trapping greenhouse gas on the Red Planet?

Space October 3, 2017

Water, Water, Anywhere? 3 Signs Of Water Ice On Other Planets And Asteroids

With the discovery of water ice on other planetary objects, scientists are abuzz over the probability of the presence of -- and the prospect of supporting -- life beyond the boundaries of planet Earth.

Space January 15, 2017

Curiosity Rover Finds Purple Rocks On Red Planet

NASA researchers have spotted purple-colored rocks on Mars using cameras on the Curiosity Rover. They believe these rocks can help reveal the kind of environment that once existed on the red planet.

Space December 30, 2016

Water Could Be On Mars, But Don't Expect Much Of It

Astronomers have been seeking to find water on Mars for years, but nothing much has come up to prove the planet is home to this valuable resource. The latest findings suggest we may never come across large amounts of it.

Space August 30, 2016

Mega Tsunamis Roiled Mars Oceans Billions Of Years Ago

Scientists have discovered evidence of two massive tsunamis that were formed on Mars billions of years ago. This suggests that the planet used to have oceans, which could have supported alien life in the past.

Space May 20, 2016

The Good, The Bad And The Mysterious: Boiling Water May Have Formed Streaks On Martian Surface

Scientists have found that boiling water on Mars may have caused the formation of Martian streaks called recurring slope lineae (RSL). The process is unlike anything seen on Earth.

Space May 3, 2016

NASA's Mars Opportunity Rover Celebrates Its 12th Year On Red Planet

In its 12th year of active service, NASA's Mars Opportunity rover continues to provide researchers with valuable data on the Red Planet. Its current mission involves the exploration of Marathon Valley, which scientists believe contains concentrations of clay minerals that were formed under wet, non-acidic conditions.

Space January 27, 2016

NASA Curiosity Rover Finds High Concentration Of Silica On Mars

High amounts of silica were discovered in the rocks the Curiosity rover has examined in the past seven months. NASA researchers believe the new findings point to the possibility that Mars could have experienced water activity in the past.

Space December 21, 2015

The Biggest Science Stories Of 2015: Water On Mars, Proof Of Parallel Universe And 'End Of Times' Clouds In Costa Rica

2015 is marked by milestone discoveries in science. From evidence of liquid water on Mars to alien megastructures surrounding a distant star, Tech Times looks back at the biggest science stories of the year.

December 19, 2015

How Pebbles On Mars Were Carried By Long-Gone Rivers For Tens Of Miles

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics have discovered that the shape and mass of certain objects can help reveal their natural history. They used this method to uncover new secrets about the presence of water on ancient Mars.

Space October 14, 2015

NASA MRO Discovers Evidence Of Liquid Water On Mars: Odds Of Finding Alien Life-Form Increase

NASA has discovered that there is indeed flowing water on Mars, increasing the chances that there could also be life. But just how likely is the existence of Martians?

Space October 3, 2015

This Week In Space: Supermoons and Water On Mars And Google Doodles, Oh My!

From the Supermoon to water on Mars to what a hurricane looks like from the International Space Station, here's everything you need to know about what happened in space this week.

Space October 2, 2015

NASA Major Mars Live Streaming Not Working? Blame Akamai For It

There's a glitch in the Mars livestream. NASA blames content delivery network services provider Akamai for it.

FUTURE TECH September 30, 2015

'The Martian' Director Ridley Scott Knew About Mars Water Discovery 'Months Ago'

Director Ridley Scott says he knew there was water on Mars months ago when speaking with NASA for research for his movie 'The Martian.'

Movies/TV Shows September 29, 2015

NASA Finds Evidence Of Flowing Water On Mars

Scientists have called a press conference to announce the discovery of flowing water on Mars, which could mean a major breakthrough for future research -- and possible future colonization.

Space September 28, 2015

Possibility of Water in Mars' History Grows with Volcanic-Heating Theory

The martian surface may have once been flowing with liquid water, under an atmosphere contaminated by volcanoes on Mars.

Space November 18, 2014

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