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IBM And Salesforce Form Partnership On A.I.

On Monday, International Business Machines corp. (IBM) and Salesforce agreed to integrate their artificial intelligence platforms - the Watson AI platform and the Einstein AI platform - to provide better offerings to customers.

Business Tech March 8, 2017

IBM Watson Will Soon Be Teacher Advisor: First Lesson, Third-Grade Math

IBM Watson will soon be used to help third grade teachers prepare lessons for their students. Initially, the system will be helpful to math teachers but more subjects are expected to be added in the near term.

Computers September 29, 2016

IBM And Cisco Partner Up To Develop Watson-Powered Apps: Slack And Microsoft In The Crosshairs?

IBM and Cisco are combining their enterprise-related applications to produce highly efficient programs for the work sector. These app collaborations are expected to improve workflows found in an office setting to boost productivity.

Business Tech July 2, 2016

Hilton Hotels Teams Up With IBM For New Robot Concierge Connie

A new concierge can answer all the answers of guests at Hilton Hotels. Developed by IBM, Connie, is an interactive-learning robot that can answer a wide array of questions.

FUTURE TECH March 10, 2016

IBM Officially Acquires The Weather Company, Boosting Watson In Internet Of Things Space

Although the agreement for the acquisition was initially reported in October, the purchase became official Friday.

Business January 29, 2016

IBM Bets Big on Internet Of Things With New Watson IoT Global Headquarters

We're not saying your fridge is going to cure cancer, but there's value in all that data.

FUTURE TECH December 15, 2015

IBM's Watson And The Boston Children's Hospital Are Teaming Up To Cure Rare Diseases

IBM has announced a partnership with the Boston Children's Hospital that will see the Watson 'cognitive computer' being put to work on rare diseases found in children.

Computers November 10, 2015

IBM Nears Acquisition Of Weather Co. Digital Assets In Deal That Could Go Over $2B

IBM is reportedly nearing a deal to acquire the digital and data assets of Weather Co. for as high as over $2 billion. The acquisition will not include the Weather Channel.

Business October 28, 2015

IBM's Watson AI System Continues To Grow: New Capabilities Cover Social Media, Productivity And More

IBM continues to add new capabilities to the Watson artificial intelligence system, which started with one initial API that it used to win against human competitors in the popular TV quiz show Jeopardy.

Computers September 25, 2015

IBM Acquires Merge Healthcare To Upgrade Watson Medical Capabilities

American technology company IBM announced that it will purchase medical image company Merge Healthcare Inc. for $1 billion and combine it with its own health analytics division supported by the IBM Watson supercomputer.

Life August 8, 2015

BC City's App Uses IBM's Watson To Answer Residents' Questions

Surrey, BC residents can now turn to Watson for answers to their city services questions.

Apps/Software July 22, 2015

IBM And Bon Appétit Chef Watson App Dishes Out Surprising Recipes

IBM and Bon Appétit team up to release a web app aimed at unleashing creativity in the kitchen. All Chef Watson needs is one ingredient to start suggesting unique flavor pairings.

June 26, 2015

IBM Establishes Watson Health Cloud With Apple, J&J, And Medtronic

IBM partners with Apple, Johnson & Johnson and Medtronics to boost Watson Health Cloud capabilities, taking advantage of personalized information to improve how health care is delivered to patients.

Life April 14, 2015

Konnichiwa! IBM Watson Will Learn Japanese In Partnership With SoftBank

Watson starts to learn Japanese and will begin to understand the intricacies of the language, thanks to IBM's partnership with SoftBank. IBM and SoftBank are working together to drive Watson deeper into Japan's enterprise, strengthening each others' presence in the country while doing so.

FUTURE TECH February 11, 2015

IBM's Watson Wants To Help You Manage Your Health Through A Mobile App

IBM's smart computer, Watson, teams up with biotechnology company Pathway Genomics: the two pair up for a mobile app that will help you monitor your health using your genetic information.

Internet Culture November 13, 2014

Twitter taps IBM for data analytics, now we know what Watson's up to

IBM's Jeopardy-winning supercomputer is reading tweets now. Watson's insights could help businesses gauge the health of their products and services, while helping them adjust to new trends.

Deals October 29, 2014

We're open: IBM Watson takes root in New York

IBM Watson opens its global headquarters in New York City, starts gaining a strong foothold in the industry as businesses, developers and schools build projects on Watson’s back.

Computers October 8, 2014

Watson grows up from 'Jeopardy' star to analytics powerhouse

IBM's Watson is empowering industries around the world with cognitive computing and delivering analytics services to all. The 'Jeopardy' star is changing the way the world works, says IBM.

Internet October 8, 2014

Data hungry? IBM Watson Analytics is happy to help

IBM unveils Watson Analytics, its own cloud-computing analytics tool that will simplify big data for business users.

Business September 17, 2014

IBM Watson Analytics could make the spreadsheet obsolete

IBM offers Watson's analytical services to businesses large and small. The supercomputer will use natural language dialogue to help users collect, crunch and carry out actions on data analyzed by Watson Analytics.

Apps/Software September 16, 2014

IBM Watson Discovery Advisor will now help speed up scientific researches

A supercomputer that once appeared on Jeopardy! is now assisting scientists in researching - and inspiring - new discoveries. Say hello to IBM Watson Discovery Advisor.

Animals August 31, 2014

IBM Watson to analyze big data to accelerate scientific research, discoveries

IBM announced the release of the Watson Discovery Advisor, a tool that can be used by researchers to take advantage of the capabilities of the Watson supercomputer. The Baylor College of Medicine and Johnson & Johnson have already used the tool to great effect.

Computers August 28, 2014

IBM’s computer may help cure cancer

IBM developed a new system for its Watson supercomputer that is helping researchers target proteins that cause cancer. The computer found six new proteins in only a month to help fight cancer.

Internet Culture August 28, 2014

IBM's Watson to help conduct months of medical research in just hours

Watson supercomputer to help researchers wade through massive amounts of data looking for connections to advance science. What used to take months could be accomplished in hours.

FUTURE TECH August 28, 2014

IBM Watson plays doctor: Analyzes brain cancer genome, looks for possible treatments

An IBM Watson prototype will assist doctors to analyze brain cancer genome.

Life March 23, 2014

IBM Watson whips up meals for SXSW crowd

Watson, IBM's supercomputer, is whipping up meals for the SXSW crowd. Say hello to Cognitive Kitchen.

Society March 9, 2014

IBM wants software developers to create apps around Watson: How will it stack up to Siri and Google Now?

After what seemed like forever, IBM is finally pushing Watson commercially. The company has invited developers to create apps using Watson.

Apps/Software February 27, 2014

IBM lets Watson AI hang out with all developers

IBM said it will make available Watson AI technology available to third party software developers.

FUTURE TECH November 18, 2013

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