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Study Shows Wikipedia Could Serve As Early Warning Device For Species Extinction

Internet traffic could reflect the presence of certain species in the wild. Researchers found that trends in Wikipedia views could be used to determine which species could be on the verge of extinction.

Animals March 6, 2019

Google Donates Millions, Machine Learning Tools To Wikipedia

To help expand free access to knowledge, Google is donating $2 million to the Wikimedia Foundation. Machine learning and other tools will also be provided to make more diverse Wikipedia content.

Internet January 23, 2019

Nonprofit Company Plans To Print All 25 Million English Wikipedia Pages And Send Them To The Moon

A nonprofit company revealed its plan to print out all of the pages in the English archive of Wikipedia on metal sheets and send them to the moon. The sheets will be thinner than human hair.

Space May 16, 2018

Wikipedia Adds Pop-Up Page Previews So You Can Avoid Plunging Deep Into A Rabbit Hole

Avoid going into the rabbit hole with page previews on Wikipedia. The new feature shows a brief description of a hyperlinked topic, negating the need to open a new article and get distracted by unrelated information.

Internet April 23, 2018

YouTube Adding Wikipedia Links Alongside Conspiracy Theory Videos To Fight Misinformation

YouTube will be adding fact-based links in conspiracy theory videos to dispel false information presented to users. This is YouTube's latest move in a fight against misinformation.

Internet March 14, 2018

Wikipedia Adds Black Mode Feature Catered To iPhone X In Latest iOS Update

An update to the Wikipedia app on iOS has arrived and the new software is catered to Apple’s iPhone X OLED Screens.

Apps/Software December 24, 2017

Wikipedia Blocked In Turkey: Government Claims Website Is Running A 'Smear Campaign' Against The Country

The government of Turkey has blocked access to all language versions of Wikipedia after alleging that the online encyclopedia is running a 'smear campaign' against the country. Turkey is now the second country to ban Wikipedia, after China.

Internet April 30, 2017

Wikipedia Cofounder Jimmy Wales Launching Wikitribune, A Crowdfounded Online Newspaper To Fight Fake News

Wikipedia cofounder Jimmy Wales has come up with another ambitious project, this time dedicated to quality news stories. The new Wikitribune online publication is seeking funds to support evidence-based journalism and fight fake news.

Internet April 26, 2017

Wikimedia Research has Created a Tool to Eliminate Language Gaps on Wikipedia

Wikimedia Research and Stanford researchers designed a system geared toward finding, ranking and recommending missing articles to be created across various languages.

Internet April 28, 2016

Facebook And Wikipedia Turning Into File Sharing Paradise In Angola: Here's What's Happening

Users of Wikipedia Zero and Facebook Free Basics programs in Angola have misappropriated the free access granted to them and turned the platforms into a paradise for sharing pirated content in a clandestine manner.

Internet March 29, 2016

Wikipedia For iOS Gets 3D Touch Support, Personalized Reading Options And More

Wikipedia released an updated app for iOS, and owners of the newest flagships get the best of it. Not only does the app feature personalized reading options, but 3D Touch and Spotlight Search support are part of the menu.

Apps/Software March 11, 2016

This 'Simple' Lifehack Explains Everything On Wikipedia As If You Were A Five-Year-Old

A lifehack is about to make your Wikipedia experience a lot more simple.

Internet Culture February 17, 2016

The 'George W. Bush' Wikipedia Page Is The Most Edited Of All Time

In celebration of its 15th birthday, the Wikimedia Foundation has analyzed all 15 million of its English entries, finding that the most-edited entry ever was that of George W. Bush.

Internet January 14, 2016

Fan Sneaks Backstage With Help From Wikipedia Entry

A fan of the electronic music duo Peking Duk found an ingenious way to sneak backstage — by adding his name to its Wikipedia entry as a family member of one of the bandmates.

Internet December 4, 2015

Wikipedia Is Now Using Artificial Intelligence To Prevent Human Errors And Increase The Number Of Editors

Wikipedia recently started using artificial intelligence software to detect vandalism on the site so it can relax its rules on new contributors and increase the number of editors.

Apps/Software December 1, 2015

Museums Starting To Embrace Wikipedia: Musem of Modern Art Now Hosts Monthly Edit-A-Thons

‘Edit-a-thons’ are now becoming the norm in the Museum of Modern Art. Every month, the museum hosts meetups with a growing number of contributors in a move to keep existing entries in Wikipedia updated and more relevant.

Internet October 12, 2015

Wikipedia Bans Hundreds Of Editors For Secretly Promoting Brands

Hundreds of editor accounts have been banned by Wikipedia after it found that the editors had been secretly promoting brands and charging these brands money to do so.

Legal September 2, 2015

Wikipedia Blocks 381 Accounts For 'Black Hat' Editing

The community of volunteer editors of Wikipedia has banned many user accounts in an effort to make Wikipedia a dependable and unbiased online resource. Here's what happened.

Internet September 2, 2015

Russia Bans And Unbans Wikipedia For Content About Charas Hashish

Russia cancels its ban on Russian Wikipedia after confirming that the controversial article, which is the focus of its earlier intent to ban the site, had been edited and found to be in compliance with the court decision.

Internet August 25, 2015

Russia Bans Wikipedia Over A Page That Instructs How To Make Hash, Later Lifts Ban

Russia censors the Internet again, this time banning Wikipedia over a page that allegedly instructed users on how to make homemade hashish. The ban was later lifted on Tuesday.

Internet August 25, 2015

New Study Warns Public About Wikipedia Inaccuracies On Science Topics: Here's Why

Science topics considered to be politically controversial are at risk of information sabotage on Wikipedia, which could lead to errors. Young researchers are advised to ignore the online encyclopedia as a source.

August 17, 2015

Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Brings People's Operator To U.S.: What Is It About

A compelling charity support venture has made its way to the U.S. Meet The People's Operator mobile phone service and its TPO social network.

Business July 22, 2015

$500,000: What You Need To Spend For A Printed Version Of Wikipedia Volumes Aaaaa to ZZZap

Missing your old encyclopedia set? You can get a printed version of Wikipedia for $500,000.

Internet Culture June 18, 2015

Wikimedia Turns On HTTPS Encryption By Default For All Of Its Websites, Including Wikipedia

The Wikimedia Foundation has turned on HTTPS encryption for all of its websites by default, ensuring that users can safely browse the web without fear of others spying on their activities. The decision may affect those with slower Internet connections, though, because HTTPS encryption takes up more bandwidth.

Internet June 12, 2015

Want To Print The Whole Internet? Prepare 136 Billion Sheets Of Paper

Two students from the UK estimated that less than one percent of the entire Amazon rainforest would have to be turned into paper if they were to print all the visible and non-explicit content of the Internet on them.

Internet Culture April 26, 2015

Wikimedia Foundation Sues NSA Over Mass Internet Surveillance

The Wikimedia Foundation is taking legal action against the National Security Agency, suggesting that the agency violates the First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution.

Legal March 11, 2015

MWC 2015: Facebook And Wikipedia Say Mobile Carriers Key To A Global Internet, Not Google's Fringe 'Experiments'

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took a swipe at Google, calling its projects to bring the Internet to the developing world fringe 'experiments.' Both Zuckerberg and Wikipedia CEO Jimmy Wales told MWC 2015 audiences that it is mobile carriers that will do most of the heavy lifting.

Internet March 3, 2015

‘Wikipedia: #Edit2014’ Video Showcases Most Popular Among 100 Million Edits

Wikipedia launched a video that highlights some of the year’s most memorable events. The site put together carefully selected photos, videos and texts that were uploaded by its contributors and organized them in a video presentation that is uniquely encyclopedic.

Internet December 19, 2014

Here's Why Firefox Dumped Google and Made Yahoo! Its Default Search Engine

Mozilla abandons Google and turns to Bing-powered Yahoo! as the default search engine for Firefox. What makes Yahoo! a better choice than Google?

Internet November 22, 2014

Wikipedia May Help Predict Outbreak and Spread of Diseases, Scientists Claim

Disease outbreaks and epidemics may be predicted by studying visits to Wikipedia pages, but how reliable is the technique?

Life November 16, 2014

Scientists Use Wikipedia to Predict Disease Outbreaks

Researchers say they can predict the outbreak of an infectious disease by watching people search Wikipedia for information and symptoms. The technique could yield a global disease-forecasting system, they suggest.

Life November 15, 2014

Wikipedia searches are predicting flu trends

Researchers can now predict trends during the flu season thanks to algorithms that link CDC data with Wikipedia flu-related searches.

Internet Culture November 5, 2014

The House of Representatives has been banned from using Wikipedia again

Over 9,000 staffers of the United States House of Representatives have been banned from editing Wikipedia after multiple edits were made from their building's IP address.

Internet Culture August 22, 2014

Monkey selfie makes Wikimedia go bananas

A monkey selfie has sparked a debate about copyright in relation to images taken by animals. British photographer David Slater may take his case to the courts.

Business Tech August 9, 2014

Can a monkey own a photograph copyright? Yes, at least according to Wikimedia

A nature photographer can't copyright images that were snapped by a monkey or any other nonhuman animal, says Wikimedia. But David Slater, a nature photographer, believes otherwise and says he facilitated the captured images and wants royalties for their use.

Arts & Culture August 7, 2014

Wikipedia link on Google crosshair in accordance with 'right to be forgotten' rule

The “Right to be Forgotten” will restrict individuals to access a link to a Wikipedia article when searching for terms in Google. The founder of the online encyclopedia cries foul.

Business Tech August 5, 2014

Russia edits Wikipedia entry, blames MH17 crash on Ukrainian military

Family and friends of victims from the MH17 crash are not the only ones enraged by the tragedy. The Russian government showed their reaction by editing an incorrect Wikipedia entry.

Society July 22, 2014

Right to be forgotten: Wikipedia founder thinks European court ruling amounts to censorship of knowledge

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales continues to lash out at Europe's top court over the "right to be forgotten ruling." He said it is a form of blatant censorship.

Business Tech June 12, 2014

Wikipedia Voice Intro Project (WikiVIP) launched to preserve voice recordings of celebrities

The newly launched Wikipedia Voice Intro Project or WikiVIP will store voices of well-known personalities for posterity.

Internet January 27, 2014

Google PageRank-inspired research ranks who's who in mankind's history

While history's best may be based on subjectivity, experts try to inject a sense of objectivity using an algorithm similar to how a search engine works.

Society January 3, 2014

Wikimedia wants Wiki-PR to immediately stop editing site, but why?

Wikimedia Foundation wants Wiki-PR to cease editing its site.

Business Tech November 24, 2013

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