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Prowling Mountain Lion Near California High School Tranquilized By Wildlife Authorities

A prowling mountain lion was chased and tranquilized by authorities in Granada Hill. After causing campus lock down on a California high school, the fierce cat was sent back into the wild.

Society April 18, 2016

This Is Why Australia Needs To Kill 2 Million Cats By 2020

In the last 200 years, Australia lost 29 unique mammal species. Feral cats are threatening around 124 endangered wildlife natives. Officials said Australia's move to cull two million feral cats is justifiable and necessary.

Earth/Environment October 16, 2015

House Cats are Just 'Semi-domesticated': Study

Your cat may not have caught that red dot but it's still very much a hunter. The proof is in its DNA, according to a study.

Life November 12, 2014

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