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Large-Scale US Wind Power Production Could Contribute To Warming Climate: Study

A new study by Harvard researchers suggests wind power's direct contribution to climate change. In the long run, however, wind power still fares much better than coal or gas.

Energy October 5, 2018

Wind Turbines Stretched Across Oceans Would Generate Enough Power For The Whole Civilization: Study

If humans could somehow find a way to install wind turbines on open oceans, they would be able to provide the world’s entire power needs, according to a new study. There are, however, various hurdles from going in that direction.

Energy October 11, 2017

Denmark Green Energy Group To Close Coal Power Plants By 2023: Future Belongs To Renewables

Denmark’s Dong Energy will phase out the use of coal in all its power plants in Europe by 2023 and will begin building Hornsea Project Two, the world's biggest offshore wind farm.

Energy February 7, 2017

Scientists Create Biomimetic Tree That Generates Electricity When Wind Blows Through Its Leaves

Scientists at the Iowa State University have developed a tree-like device where artificial leaves sway in the wind to generate power. According to Michael McCloskey, who designed it, the effort is aimed at generating power for smaller requirements coupled with aesthetics.

Energy February 1, 2017

Solar And Wind Energy In Single Device To Power 'Internet Of Things'

For the first time, researchers combined solar cell and nanogenerator technologies to convert solar and wind power into electricity and power the 'Internet of Things' when installed on real rooftops in huge numbers.

Energy May 28, 2016

Portugal Runs Entirely On Renewable Energy For 107 Hours: Other Countries On Clean Energy

Portugal has set a new clean energy milestone as the whole country ran entirely on renewable sources for four straight days. Other countries all over the world have also achieved this feat.

Energy May 23, 2016

Leafless Artificial Trees Swaying In The Breeze Can Harness Wind Energy And Generate Electricity

Many nations across the world use wind energy to generate electricity. A team of engineers are looking at leafless artificial trees to generate renewable power when they are shaken by the wind.

Energy February 3, 2016

New Wind Speed Prediction Method Could Lead To Cheaper Wind Farms

Harnessing wind energy requires planning. A new method for predicting wind speed developed by MIT researchers can help with that, hastening evaluation to save precious resources.

Energy July 17, 2015

What Will Tesla Unveil? What's Elon Musk's 'Missing Piece'?

Tesla is expected to debut a next-generation battery that can house solar and wind energy, and do much more than just power one of its sporty electric cars.

FUTURE TECH April 30, 2015

Microsoft strikes 20-year deal to buy wind power for its Texas datacenter

To meet the ever growing energy demands, software giant Microsoft has signed a 20-year power purchase agreement for wind energy in Texas.

Photo Gallery November 6, 2013

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