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Saving The Great Barrier Reef: Keeping The World's Largest Reef System Alive

The Great Barrier Reef, home to a diverse marine ecosystem, could be destroyed by environmental threats including global warming. While the Australian government has implemented changes to minimize damage, saving the Reef requires global action.

Earth/Environment August 22, 2018

Penguin Disaster In Antarctica: Two Chicks Survive From Colony Of 40,000

A catastrophic event in an Antarctica colony has left thousands of Adélie penguins dead with only two survivors. The disaster was caused by unusual environmental conditions.

Animals October 15, 2017

Almost 400 New Species Found In Amazon Rainforest But Deforestation Threatens Discovery Of More

Latest WWF report shows the highest rate of species discovery yet in the Amazon rainforest. Though 381 new species were recently discovered, more are threatened due to deforestation and other large-scale projects in the rainforest.

Earth/Environment September 1, 2017

Klingon-looking Newt, Dragon-like Lizard, And More: 163 New Species Discovered In Greater Mekong Region In 2015

Conservation group WWF has announced the discovery of nearly 163 new species in the Greater Mekong region. These include include a rainbow-headed snake and a dragon-like lizard.

Animals December 21, 2016

Apple Goes Green With 'Apps For Earth' Promo To Support World Wildlife Fund: Here's The Deal

Apple launched 'Apps For Earth' in an effort to raise money to support World Wildlife Fund. For the next 10 days, Apple will donate all revenues from participating apps to the WWF.

Apps/Software April 15, 2016

Tigers Declared 'Functionally Extinct' In Cambodia: Here's What The Government Plans To Do

Tigers have been declared "Functionally Extinct" in Cambodia and the Government plans to revive the tiger population in the country.

April 7, 2016

Rare Sumatran Rhino Najaq Dies Only A Few Days After Rediscovery In Indonesia

A rare Sumatran rhino spotted in Kalimantan died of leg infection. International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) warned that these rhino species are at risk of extinction, with only about 100 of them in the wild.

Earth/Environment April 7, 2016

Rare Sumatran Rhino Spotted In Indonesia For First Time In 40 Years

The Dicerorhinus sumatrensis or Sumatran rhino was declared extinct in 2015 but a recent live sighting gives a ray of hope of conserving the iconic symbol of Asian rainforest. The female rhino was found in the dense forest of Kutai Barat.

Earth/Environment March 25, 2016

Polar Bear Patrols Reduce Harmful Interactions Between Humans And Polar Bears

Polar bears face the detrimental effects of climate change. Due to the scarcity of food, they spend more time on land, posing threats to humans.

Earth/Environment February 23, 2016

Kik Introduces Branded GIFs, Initially Partners With WWF And 'Zoolander No. 2'

Kik launched branded GIFs for its chat app. Kik does not require companies to open an official account on the platform for using branded GIFs.

Apps/Software February 4, 2016

Monkey That Sneezes When It Rains, Walking Fish Among 211 New Species Found In Himalayas

More than 200 new species have been discovered in Eastern Himalayas from 2009 to 2014. Among the notable find were a walking fish and a monkey that sneezes when it rains.

Animals October 8, 2015

Marine Population Drops To Half, Leaders Find Opportunity: WWF

According to a report released by the WWF, the marine population has already been halved, no thanks to human activity, since 1970, but all is not lost.

Earth/Environment September 17, 2015

Sumatran Rhinos Declared Extinct In Malaysia: What Humans Are Doing To Save The Species

Animal conservationists have announced that the Sumatran rhino, which was once endemic to different parts of Southeast Asia, has now become extinct in Malaysia, following a significant decline in the animal's population in the wild.

Earth/Environment August 21, 2015

LEGO Invests Millions Of Dollars Into Sustainable Materials

Everyone loves Lego...except for the environment. Creating the tiny plastic blocks is relatively terrible for the environment, though that may change - Lego has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into finding a solution.

Movies/TV Shows June 30, 2015

Dementor Wasp Turns Cockroaches Into Zombies LIke A Creature From Harry Potter

The Greater Mekong region is alive with a diverse collection of animals, including 139 newly discovered species. What strange species did the WWF catalog?

Animals May 27, 2015

Apple Jumps Over Profit Wall By Going Greener In China

The iPhone maker is working on a multi-year project with the WWF to increase the number of 'responsibly managed' forests in China.

Business May 11, 2015

Oceans Valued At $24 Trillion, Says WWF, But Sea Change Is Needed To Save Them

The global ocean would be one of the largest economies in the world if it were a nation, a new WWF report concludes. What can be done to protect these waters for future generations?

Earth/Environment April 23, 2015

Earth Hour 2015: The World Goes Dark And It's For A Good Cause

Earth Hour 2015 saw lights go off worldwide in an act designed to raise awareness of global climate change. But is the practice really effective?

Earth/Environment March 29, 2015

Turn It Off, Baby! Earth Hour 2015 Seeks Another Hour Of Darkness To Promote Sustainability

A lot could happen in an hour. During Earth Hour 2015, an hour of darkness leads to a massive drop in electricity use, allowing anyone to do their bit for the environment.

Earth/Environment March 26, 2015

Greatest Moments of 'Macho Man' Randy Savage in the World of Wrestling

Withthe induction of one of the wresting world's most charismatic figures, here's are some of Macho Man's most memorable moments.

Movies/TV Shows January 15, 2015

Zebras now hold record of longest migration of African land mammals

Scientists tracking a population of Plains zebra using GPS technology have determined that the animals traveled approximately 311 miles while migrating. The zebras now hold the record of the longest terrestrial migration ever documented.

Animals May 29, 2014

Will monarch butterflies cease to exist? No, but migration is at risk

The number of the migratory monarch butterflies are dwindling, threatening the annual winter migration that serves as symbol of unity between Mexico, Canada and the U.S.

Animals January 30, 2014

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