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State Of Emergency Declared In Zimbabwe Due To Cholera Outbreak

Zimbabwe declared a state of emergency after a recent cholera outbreak had killed 20 people in the capital city of Harare. An additional 2,000 people have been infected by the bacterial disease.

Public Health September 13, 2018

Men In Zimbabwe Complain That Imported Chinese Condoms Are 'Too Small'

The health minister of Zimbabwe is challenging condom makers to make better condoms than those that are being imported from China. Men are complaining about the imported condoms.

Public Health March 1, 2018

Zimbabwe’s Rare ‘Cave Squeaker’ Frog Spotted For The First Time Since 1962

Zimbabwe’s rare frog 'cave squeaker' got its name from its preference for Chimanimani Mountain’s caves. It was last seen in 1962 and its rediscovery brings hope for amphibian conservation around the world.

Animals February 6, 2017

Cecil Effect Leads To Overpopulation Of Lions In Zimbabwe Park

The killing of Cecil the Lion caused many hunters to stay away from Zimbabwe. This lead to a surplus of lions that, if not controlled, could lead to the culling of about 200 lions.

February 24, 2016

Internet Roars In Anger With Death Of Cecil The Lion: What Happened?

Cecil the lion, who reigned over a National Park in Zimbabwe, found his untimely death at the hands of a Minnesotan dentist who reportedly paid $50,000 to illegally hunt and kill him.

Feature July 29, 2015

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