Google Pixel Problems: Some Pixel And Pixel XL Owners Complain Of Major Camera Issues


Several Google Pixel and Pixel XL owners have been reporting an issue with the smartphone's camera. The issue doesn't seem to be the halo or sun flaring issue that Google has already addressed in the past. According to screenshots posted by affected users, the new issue is a lot more problematic than the previous two.

Google Pixel Camera Issue

On Oct. 27, a member of the Pixel User Community on Google's product forums started a thread involving a persisting issue with his Pixel XL's camera.

According to Mike Fox, owner of the said Pixel XL, the device's camera often freezes with pink or purple vertical lines. Additionally, large onscreen blocks also randomly appear. Fox was able to take screenshots depicting the problem, though he was only able to snap a few since the Pixel XL froze after Fox had taken the screenshots.

Fox took a number of measures in an attempt to straighten the issue, including force-stopping the camera app, clearing the cache and data and even deleting and reinstalling the camera app altogether, but to no avail; the problem still persisted. Even turning on the device's safe mode was a bust. Once the issue occurs, the user has no other recourse but to perform a soft reset by holding down the volume down and the power keys.

Since Fox started the thread, many users have also echoed his woes, providing their own set of screenshots depicting the same issue as Fox's. Inferring from a number of testimonials in the thread, it seems that the issue springs up whenever the smartphone is located in an area with poor signal reception, and it stops when users turn Airplane mode on.

No Available Fix Yet

Unfortunately, Google still hasn't provided an official fix apart from turning Airplane mode on.

Mobile Syrup has already contacted Google for an official word regarding a possible fix for the widespread issue. Google will most likely iron out the snag through a software update, that is if the issue stems from a software-related hiccup. Otherwise, Google would have to recall all Google Pixel units if it turns out to be a hardware problem. Hopefully, a software patch cleans it up, since people don't really want another recall situation in 2016, especially considering that Pixel sales in 2017 is slated to be a huge cash-grab for the company.

Are you also experiencing the same issues on your Pixel or Pixel XL camera? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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