Android O Rumors: Possible Name, Features, Release Date, And Everything We Know So Far

It's only down to two months until Google officially unveils the next major version of Android following Nougat, which will unsurprisingly hold the moniker "O," following the company's wacky confectionery-themed version releases.

While the name is one aspect that's fun to speculate about — many are pointing to popular cookie Oreo, which mirrors the similarly branded Android version KitKat — the features of Android O is where the real story is.

New Android O Rumored Features

Although the OS itself won't likely be released until fall, it doesn't mean rumors have not started pouring in. They have, and a new one has arrived, even. Here's everything you need to know:

New Notifications System - According to 9to5Google, citing an unnamed source, the next version of Android will feature a revamped notifications system, although what that implies exactly is still ripe for guesswork. While Android Nougat's notification system isn't flawless, it's already pretty good, so the notion of an even better one is perfectly welcome.

Picture-in-Picture Mode - The report also claims that Android O will feature a picture-in-picture TV mode, similar to that of the Android TV. Other smartphones have been able to do such a mode for a long time now, and it's good to see Google finally stepping up to the plate. That is, of course, if the report is accurate.

App Badges - Like how it's done on iOS, Android O will reportedly feature app badges for any active notifications, which sounds simple enough.

Smart Text Selection - There's a vaguely put "smart text selection floating toolbar," which will somehow work in tandem with Google assistant, the report adds.

Other Features - There's also mention of improvements to the MediaRecorder API, restricted background app activity, adaptive icons, and a wellspring of rumors focused on enterprise.

Other Rumored Android O Features

Other previously rumored features of Android O are Copy Less, which is supposed to be a smarter way of copying chunks of text by determining the context of conversations and contents of an app; Finger gestures, which will lets users draw characters that trigger specific actions, such as drawing a "C" on the screen to access contacts; and the ability to click on links inside text messages that will bring up the appropriate app, such as clicking on an address to trigger Google Maps.

What Will Android O Be Called?

As previously mentioned, the next version of Android could be called Oreo, but of course, nothing is set in stone. Hiroshi Lockheimer, Google's Senior VP of Android, did tease that Android O will indeed be nicknamed Oreo via a tweet. Of course, that doesn't stand as a confirmation, seeing as Lockheimer could have just been jesting. But Oreo is the safest bet as of now. Honestly, what else could it be named after? Oatmeal Cookie? Ovaltine?

Android O Release Date

Google is expected to unveil Android O's name alongside its features by May 17 during its I/O developer conference. Per usual, that will be followed by a number of beta versions or developer previews before finally entering a wide stable release by fall. Expect due coverage as Android O nears the forefront.

Thought of any good names for Android O? What about features? What would you like to see on the next version of Android? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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