You Can Finally Buy A Standalone Nintendo Switch Dock Starting May 19, But Should You?


Nintendo will finally put standalone Switch docks up for sale on May 19, finally enabling Switch owners with multiple TV setups to put up docking stations in different parts of their households.

Standalone Nintendo Switch Dock Will Soon Be Up For Sale

The company announced it during a Nintendo Direct presentation on Wednesday, April 12. The dock was previously only available as a replacement part via Nintendo's online store. The dock will retail for $59.99, but it won't be bundled with an AC adapter. The said accessory can be bought separately for $29.99.

Nintendo Switch Dock Issues

It's not clear whether users will be interested in buying a second dock, at least not without Nintendo getting dock issues out of the way first. The price might also be a point of contention for others, especially considering it's not exactly a complex machine, just a hunk of plastic with simple modules, as a number of teardown videos have revealed. Simply put, it doesn't do much of anything, as others have opined.

Not only that, the dock is not without its share of reported issues, particularly with scratching. A number of users have previously reported that the dock scratches the screen of their Switch units, since the inside of the dock doesn't come with any protective covering of some sort to ease the sliding motion of the console. As such, several players have turned to DIY methods to fix this woe, with others making custom covers for their docks.

In addition to the scratching, other owners have also reported Switch units warping after remaining in its dock for a long period, which is worrisome.

That said, it's still hard to determine whether these are simply few and isolated cases. There's no telling if both issues plague a large part of the Switch user base. So should you buy one with all these in mind? Of course, that'll be up to whether multiple docking stations will really help ease your gaming experience. If not, then it's hard to imagine what another dock will do.

The Switch is partly made for off-TV play, given that handheld mode is one of its main selling points. It's easy to see where additional docks can shine, however. Imagine if establishments, especially arcades, purchased a standalone Switch dock, or two. Anyone with a Switch can just come in, chill, and play on that establishment's TV. That setup is apropos, and not only will it help promote Switch play stations, but it might also make establishments more attractive to Switch users.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the newest console from Nintendo after the embattled Wii U. It was released on March 3, retailing for $299. It was launched alongside Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a game that had most critics handing out glowing accolades.

Would you buy a standalone dock for your Nintendo Switch? What do you think about the Dock's issues? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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