Bungie Extends ‘Destiny 2’ Open Beta, Game Director Calls It An 'Extremely Small Slice’


Because the Destiny 2 open beta proved extremely successful, the developers, Bungie, has now extended the beta period.

Schedule to close on July 23, Sunday evening, the open beta will now last until July 25.

On Twitter, Bungie said the open beta's extension is for "additional service testing," which could be doublespeak for "the beta was so awesome, we're extending its intended schedule."

Destiny 2 Open Beta Extended

The open beta began July 21, offering players just a hint of the campaign and the game's multiplayer features. The games open with the Homecoming mission, previewing the game's cinematic flair. There's also a countdown mode available on the Endless Vale map.

The open beta also comes peppered with a cooperative strike called The Inverted Spire, and a competitive multiplayer mode called The Crucible. Gamers have mostly raved about the beta, saying Destiny 2 cleverly incorporates teamwork into the campaign, among other things.

Destiny 2 Open Beta Is Just An 'Extremely Small Slice'

Despite the amount of content the game's beta packs, the game director says that it's actually just an "extremely small slice" of the whole thing.

"We're actually keeping a whole bunch of the game secret. We're not really showing any of our awesome worlds," game director Luke Smith says during an episode of the Namek vs. Saiyan podcast.

For now, Smith says Bungie is focusing on a specific map where players can try out the PvP mode. He says keeping the beta small was intentional. Bungie intends to surprise and delight players when the game eventually comes out.

Though it's a different permutation of the genre, at its heart, Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter. Smith says Destiny 2 was designed with the idea of satisfying old players and welcoming new ones in mind.

"We want anyone who enjoys a first-person shooter to be able to jump into Destiny," he said.

Destiny 2 Release Date

An open beta for PC players is planned for August, GameSpot reports.

The full version of Destiny 2 comes out Sept. 6 on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It launches a little later for PC folks on Oct. 24. The game includes hefty changes from its predecessor, such as an evolving social space, and a new Raid that Bungie says is "[u]nlike anything we've done." The developers also confirmed that the sequel will feature a lot more story than the first game.

Thoughts about the Destiny 2 open beta? Have you given a try yet? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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