Audubon Christmas Bird Count 2016 Now Underway: How It Helps Protect Bird Species And Habitats

The century-old census known as the Christmas Bird Count has started on Dec. 14 and will go on until Jan 5. The voluntary census has been remarkable for the database it creates in terms of the health indicators and counts for various species as well as how climate change is affecting birds.

Animals December 15, 2016

Researchers Investigate Seahorse Evolution Using Genome Sequencing

Using genome sequencing, scientists have identified various genetic factors that give seahorses their unique body structure. These include genes that allow males to carry and give birth to their offspring in their brood pouch.

Animals December 15, 2016

Why Do Men Lack The Penis Bone? The Baculum Plays A Role In Sexual Competition In The Animal Kingdom: Study

The penis bone or the baculum is quite common among mammals, but it is not present in humans, which has puzzled researchers for a long time. According to a new study, monogamy may be the reason.

Animals December 15, 2016

Santa's Reindeer Now Smaller And Weaker Because Of Climate Change

The weight of reindeer has dropped by 12 percent because of climate change. How do warmer temperatures influence the growth and size of the animals popularly portrayed pulling Santa Claus' sleigh?

Animals December 13, 2016

Mutant Fish Evolved To Withstand Lethal Levels Of Toxic Waste In Polluted Waters

The atlantic killifish has evolved to be 8,000 times more resilient to toxic waste than other species of fish. High levels of genetic variation allow the fish to adapt to industrial pollutants that would normally kill them.

Animals December 10, 2016

Cow Gene Study Sheds Light On Why Most Clones Fail

Researchers have analyzed why cow cloning has largely failed, carrying out RNA sequencing to reveal that abnormal expression of multiple genes is root cause of higher death rate in bovine embryos.

Animals December 12, 2016

Rare Marine Worm Larvae Live For Months As Basically Swimming Heads

A new study on ocean worms shows that some animals don't have adult-like bodies in their early phases of development. Researchers found that a rare species of marine worm lives for months as a mere algae-gobbling head during its larval stage.

Animals December 10, 2016

Monkeys Can Talk: Lack Of Speech Due To Brain Wiring

Monkeys have vocal tract that make these primates anatomically equipped to talk. The key to acquiring speech though lies somewhere in the brain.

Animals December 10, 2016

Scientists Discover 99-Million-Year-Old Feathered Dinosaur Tail Trapped In Amber

A newly discovered fossil offers scientists with strong evidence to prove that some dinosaurs did have feathers on their bodies. The 99-million-year-old specimen was preserved in a layer of resin.

Animals December 9, 2016

Giraffes Placed On Extinction Watch List As Population Plunges

The long-necked giraffe is often seen in safaris, zoos and the media that the animal's plummeting number has gone largely unnoticed. The giraffe is now rated as vulnerable to extinction.

Animals December 7, 2016

This Parrot Wore Goggles, Flew Through A Laser Sheet For Research

A parrot trained to wear safety goggles and fly through a laser sheet has helped scientists discover new insights into flight physics. The findings can help improve the design of flying robots and drones, researchers said.

Animals December 6, 2016

Chimpanzees Also Refer To Butts To Recognize Each Other

A new study has revealed that chimpanzees are good at recognizing each other from buttocks unlike humans who identify faces. From the inversion test taken on a touchscreen, it was found that chimpanzees are faster in identifying buttocks with the same inversion effect as humans

Animals December 6, 2016

Japan Amusement Park Freezes 5,000 Dead Fish In Ice Skating Rink To Attract Visitors

Space World in Japan issued an apology after receiving negative reactions for its ice skating rink concept. The rink had 5,000 dead fishes that were frozen into the ice.

Animals November 29, 2016

Aquatic Environmental DNA Atlas: Largest Aquatic Species Map Of Western US To Be Released Next Summer

In the United States, the Aquatic Environmental DNA Atlas is underway, designed to map biodiversity in aquatic species found in the streams and rivers of the country's western region.

Animals November 29, 2016

Dogs Have Better Memory Than You Realize

Memory retention in dogs is better than previously believed, reports a recent study. Dogs were able to recall and perform an action they saw after short- and long-time intervals, demonstrating an episodic-like memory.

Animals November 25, 2016

Coconut Crab Claw Pinch The Strongest In Crustaceans, Stronger Than Bites Of Many Terrestrial Animals

According to a new study, Coconut Crab can pinch with a super force of 750 pounds, which is surpassed only by alligators and a few others. The study of Okinawa Churashima Foundation in Japan measured the pinching prowess of 29 Coconut Crabs.

Animals November 25, 2016

This Is How Daylight Saving Time Can Save Dwindling Population Of Koalas

Daylight saving time may help reduce the number of vehicular accidents that kill koalas. How can DST help protect the koala and other nocturnal animals?

Animals November 23, 2016

These Fijian Ants Have Been Farming Long Before Humans Were: Study

A species of ants in the Fiji Islands have been growing and nurturing fruit plants for millions of years, long before ancient humans discovered farming. Researchers point to a profound relationship between these ants and the plants they nurture.

Animals November 25, 2016

Taste Receptor Discovered In Animals Found 50 Times More Efficient At Capturing Light Than Human Eye

Researchers have discovered a new photoreceptor that is 50 times more efficient than the photoreceptors in human eyes. The amazing receptor LITE-1 was discovered in a group of eyeless roundworms known as nematodes.

Animals November 19, 2016

Cat Declawing May Soon Be Banned In New Jersey

A bill has passed the assembly committee in New Jersey, targeting the criminalization of cat declawing. While the proposition is controversial, most of the specialists in the field advise against it.

Animals November 17, 2016

Yellowstone Grizzly Bears To Be Removed From Endangered List After Conservation Strategy Approval

The 'Endangered Species' tag bestowed on grizzly bears living at Yellowstone National Park may be lifted. This follows a pitch by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that their numbers had stabilized as conservation efforts succeeded.

Animals November 17, 2016

Pessimist Or Optimist? For Pigs, It Depends On Their Moods And Personalities

New research has found the cognitive biases in pigs. The animals' natural proactive or reactive personality would determine their attitude in different situations, depending on how influenced they are by their environment.

Animals November 16, 2016

Nice To Meet You: Personality May Help Boost Reproduction Rates In Fish

Senegalese sole fish were found to have steady personality traits. According to the research, the data could be used in order to encourage reproduction in captivity.

Animals November 15, 2016

Evidence Of Female Florida Panther Collected North Of Caloosahatchee River Is The First In Decades

Authorities have detected a female panther to the north of Caloosahatchee River after 40 years. The discovery raises expectations that a new boom in panther population is in the offing.

Animals November 15, 2016

Dogs Trained To Sniff Out Invasive Species Of Mussels In Montana

Montana is trying a new strategy to deal with zebra and quagga mussels. The state has trained dogs to detect the presence of these invasive species.

Animals November 13, 2016

Dinosaur Rise More Gradual Than Previously Thought, Fossils Show

There was no sudden surge in the evolution of dinosaurs. Rather it was a slow process as evidenced by the discovery of fossils found in Brazil where two small dinosaurs were spotted together with a lagerpetid, which is the precursor of dinosaurs.

Animals November 11, 2016

Mud Dragon: Bird-Like Dinosaur With Toothless Beak And Feathers Found In China

A new species of bird-like dinosaur was discovered in Southern China. The mud dragon was in an odd position when it was found, suggesting it died trying to free itself after getting stuck in the mud.

Animals November 11, 2016

Sibling Rivalry: Birds Begging For Food Found To Be Less Honest When Competing With Siblings

New research has revealed that sibling rivalry is a big factor in the food hunting habits of birds and chicks. The latter showed more dishonesty when they faced competition from siblings.

Animals November 11, 2016

Seabirds Eat Plastic Because Of Its 'Attractive' Smell

If it smells like food, it must be delicious, right? Not always, as a new study in California proved where researchers found that seabirds often mistake plastic for the typical meals they feast upon, and so they fill their bellies with plastic trash.

Animals November 10, 2016

Paralyzed Monkeys Regain Leg Movement With Wireless Brain Implant

A brain implant developed by Swiss scientists helped several partially paralyzed monkeys regain leg movement, a new study revealed. Experts hope the device can be used in rehabilitation of spinal injury patients.

Animals November 9, 2016

Illegal Ivory Trade: Carbon Dating Suggests Illegal Ivory Taken From Elephants Killed In Past 3 Years

Most of the seized ivory tusks in Africa are derived from recently killed elephants, not from antique tusks, comprehensive forensics analysis revealed. The finding indicates that the rising ivory trade is taking a toll on existing elephant populations.

Animals November 8, 2016

Meet Charlotte, A Massive Huntsman Spider In Australia Freaking Out The Internet

A Facebook post about a spider rescued and released to farm in 2015 has been re-posted by a news agency and it went viral. Terrifying the online audience, the huge spider’s post was shared more than 26,000 times in eight hours.

Animals November 6, 2016

Alaskan Ice Monster: Is It The Loch Ness Monster Or Something Else?

The video of a mysterious creature swimming in the Chena River in Alaska has set tongues wagging of an Alaskan monster on the prowl. The Facebook post set off wild speculations with many saying Loch Ness monster is back.

Animals November 3, 2016

Clam Fossils Reveal Unintended Carbon Cycling Consequences At Colorado River

Clam fossils in America’s Colorado River delta are telling the tale of endangered carbon cycle and devastation of the river’s downstream delta. The dead land’s plight was well revealed in a research conducted by scientists at Cornell University.

Animals November 2, 2016

How Do Sharks Keep Themselves From Drying Out In Salty Seawater?

Spiny dogfish sharks have the capacity to transform ammonia to keep them from drying out. As they live in salty waters, this capacity is an evolutionary means to survive.

Animals October 30, 2016

No Thanks, Humans: Global Vertebrate Population On Course To Drop Two Thirds By 2020

Habitat loss abetted by rising human activity, including food production and depletion of water resources have led to the decline of 58 percent of wildlife between 1970 and 2012, according to a new report by the World Wildlife Fund.

Animals October 29, 2016

Chimps, Bonobos Swapped Genes In The Past: Ancient Gene Mixing Discovered In Humans’ Closest Relatives

A new study has established that inbreeding and consequent gene mixing between chimpanzees and bonobos did happen in the ancient past. The study with its largest analysis of chimpanzee genomes also gave indicators for conserving apes based on their country of origin.

Animals October 29, 2016

Nonstop Flight: Common Swifts Can Stay Airborne For 10 Straight Months

Researchers have discovered that common swifts can stay in flight for 10 months straight without needing to land. They believe this may have something to do with the animals' diet and method of avoiding predators and parasites on the ground.

Animals October 28, 2016

Fossilized Dinosaur Brain Discovered For First Time: Similar To Crocodiles And Birds

A small clump of fossilized brain tissue from a dinosaur has been found near a watery area in England. The fossil shares similarities with the brains of modern-day birds and crocodiles and may have been from a species related to the Iguanodon.

Animals October 29, 2016

Parrot Exposes Affair: Pet Bird Repeats Flirty Chats Between Husband And Maid

A man in Kuwait narrowly escaped punishment for adultery because of the family's pet bird. The parrot repeated his flirty conversations with the housemaid in front of the wife.

Animals October 27, 2016

Prehistoric Humans May Have Driven Cave Lions To Extinction: Cave Lion Pelt Used As Home Decor

The extinction of cave lions might have been due to the hunting spree of Upper Paleolithic humans, who used the animals' pelt as home decor and for ritualistic purposes, according to a new study.

Animals October 27, 2016

Hoary Bats Caught Napping: First Evidence Of Hibernation In Migratory Bat Species

Researchers with the U.S. Forest Service's Pacific Southwest Research Station have documented the rare hibernation habits of hoary bats. The study is significant as it shows some species can both migrate and hibernate.

Animals October 27, 2016

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