Bedbugs Have Been Bugging Humans For Thousands Of Years, Study Finds

A cave in Oregon has been detected with fossils of common bed bug’s ancestors. According to a study, the specimens dug up at Paisley represent the oldest insects from the Cimex genus and are older by 5,100 to 11,000 years.

Animals April 5, 2017

Europe's First Cave Fish Found By Spelunker In Germany

Spelunker Joachim Kreiselmaier accidentally found Europe's first known cave fish while exploring the Danube-Aach cave system in Germany. What are the characteristics of the newly discovered species?

Animals April 5, 2017

Rescuers Trying To Find Gray Whale Entangled In Metal Frame Off Southern California Coast

Rescuers are on the lookout for a gray whale in Southern California. The whale has been spotted entangled in some sort of metal frame, which is estimated to be a part of some fishing gear.

Animals April 4, 2017

April The Giraffe Still Very Much Pregnant, Fans Remain On Anxious ‘Watch And Wait’

The impending labor of a giraffe at Animal Adventure Park in New York has become a matter of global excitement and suspense. Millions of people are waiting to see the climactic moments of the giraffe’s labor that has missed predicted days.

Animals April 4, 2017

Tasmanian Tiger May Still Exist: Here Are Some Supposedly Extinct Animals Found Alive

If scientists find evidence that the supposedly extinct Tasmanian tiger still thrives in Australia, it is not the first time that species thought to be extinct are found alive. Here are some of them.

Animals April 3, 2017

Next Blockbuster Painkiller Could Be Inspired By Opioid-Like Venom Of Aquarium Fish

The tropical aquarium fish called fang blenny injects predators with opioid peptides that act like heroine or morphine. What makes this venom ideal for the development of new painkillers?

Animals April 3, 2017

Badger Filmed Burying Entire 50-Pound Cow Carcass [Video]

A badger was accidentally caught on film burying an entire cow carcass, showing that size does not matter when this scavenger cache its food stores. Watch the video.

Animals March 31, 2017

6-Foot Mammoth Tusk Found On Beach During Unusually Low Tide

Amateur archaeologists on a field walk during an unusually low tide found a mammoth tusk protruding out of the sand of a British coastline. The ivory was not lifted out and remained where it was found. Here's why.

Animals March 31, 2017

Tropical Fish Injects Heroin-Like Venom To Disable Predators

A new study has revealed tiny tropical fish fang blennies as having a unique way of repulsing predators by injecting them with heroin-like venom. The study said the big fangs that deliver venom could have evolved earlier.

Animals March 31, 2017

Manatees Downlisted From Endangered To Threatened, Conservationists Cry Foul

Manatees were on the list of endangered species for decades. However, these creatures have now been reclassified as threatened, which could hamper conservation efforts, according to environmental groups.

Animals April 2, 2017

Eyeballs Grafted On Tails: Blind Tadpoles Get The Most Unusual Eye Transplant

What do blind tadpoles and migraine drugs have in common? Both were part of a creative experimental transplant that proved eyes can fully function when grafted on tails, by connecting directly to the central nervous system.

Animals March 31, 2017

Newly Named Tyrannosaur Species' Facial Reconstruction Gives A Closer Look At A T-Rex's Face

A newly named tyrannosaur species, the Daspletosaurus horneri, has its face reconstructed with the help of a finely preserved 75-million-year-old fossil. Its crocodilian features show the closes possible look at a T-rex’s face.

Animals April 1, 2017

'Sixth Sense' May Have Helped Tyrannosaur Dinosaurs To Hunt Their Prey

The T-rex and other tyrannosaur dinosaurs may have hunted their prey using a "sixth sense." These prehistoric animals have hypersensitive snout that can detect slight changes in the environment.

Animals March 30, 2017

Sex-Shifting Parasitic Fish Chooses Gender Depending On Growth Rate, Study Says

A new study found sea lampreys become male or female depending on how nutrient-rich their environment is. Researchers believe this information can help keep in check this parasitic predatory fish, a threat to the North American Great Lakes.

Animals March 30, 2017

Tasmanian Tiger Sightings Prompt Scientists To Search For Extinct Marsupial In Australia

The Tasmanian tiger, or the thylacine, is believed to be extinct but recent plausible sightings of the carnivorous marsupial prompts scientists to conduct a survey. How do eyewitnesses describe the creature in potential sightings?

Animals March 29, 2017

Missing Indonesian Man Found Inside A 20-Foot Reticulated Python

A young Indonesian farmer who had gone missing a day before fell victim to a reticulated python. West Sulawesi locals retrieved the man’s lifeless body from inside the enormous snake, discovered nearby his palm plantation.

Animals March 29, 2017

Spiders Could Eat Every Person On Earth In Under A Year And Still Crave More

Since spiders were documented to munch on up to 800 million tons of prey each year, the entire human population on Earth, weighed at 300 million tons, would only be a snack for the hungry arachnids.

Animals March 29, 2017

Cats Love Human Company More Than Food: Here Are Signs Your Feline Pet Likes You

Cats may not be that antisocial at all. A study found that these felines prefer to be with humans than chowing down on food, but how do you know your pet kitten loves you?

Animals March 29, 2017

Not That Grumpy After All: Cats Love Your Company More Than You Know, Study Finds

A new study that tested cats’ sociability showed they prefer human social interactions even more than food. The research revealed our furry companions are seriously misunderstood and are in fact fonder of people than previously imagined.

Animals March 28, 2017

Fruit-Filled Diet Responsible For Bigger Brain In Primates: Study

A new study has found that fruit consuming primates have bigger brains than other species. However, previous studies asserted that not only the diet, but complex social structures also helped create bigger brains in the primates.

Animals March 28, 2017

Mice Infested Hunter-Gatherer Settlements Before Dawn Of Agriculture, Ancient Teeth Suggest

Mice have been living alongside hunter-gatherers 3,000 years before humans learned how to farm. What attracted the rodents to go to human settlements?

Animals March 28, 2017

Loss Of Arctic Sea Ice Endangers Entire Ecosystem, Up To The Great Beluga Whale

Belugas depend on fish that feed primarily on zooplankton, which in turn relies on sea ice algae to thrive. The dwindling arctic ice means a shortage of phytoplankton, and thus a lack of food for the beluga, among other creatures.

Animals March 27, 2017

Livestock Grazing May Boost Declining Sage Grouse Population

A study says the effect of livestock grazing on the sage grouse population is determined by the amount of grazing and when it occurs. The findings could be a tool for land managers in assessing the impact of grazing.

Animals March 27, 2017

Giant Polar Bear Skull Found In Alaska Could Be Ancestor Of 'King Bear'

A skull of a giant bear that walked in the ancient lands of Alaska 1,300 years ago was discovered in 2014. What does the cranium tell about the creature?

Animals March 26, 2017

Orcas Spew An Array Of Bacteria When They Exhale, And Human Waste May Be To Blame

New research has found that orcas or killer whales breath out good bacteria, pathogenic ones such as salmonella, and fungi when they exhale. Human waste contaminating the environment may be to blame.

Animals March 25, 2017

Couple Donates $12 Million Insect Collection For University Research, A Transformative Gift For The Research Facility

Entomologist couple donates their collection of over 1 million weevils and planthoppers to Arizona State University. The generous donation that could help research efforts is said to be worth $12 million.

Animals March 26, 2017

Deadly Fungus Discovered In Texas Exposes Bat Populations To White-Nose Syndrome

A deadly fungus was found on three species of hibernating bats in six different Texas counties. Although biologists confirm none of the animals have contracted the white-nose syndrome thus far, all efforts are made to minimize the threat.

Animals March 25, 2017

Here’s How Growing Almonds Spells Trouble For Honey Bees

Fungicides commonly used in almond orchards can harm honey bees, the tree nut’s very own key pollinator. Learn how the fungicide iprodione is wreaking havoc on this bee population.

Animals March 23, 2017

New Zealand Kea Parrot Has ‘Infectious Laugh’ That Puts Other Keas In A Playful Mood

A new study has claimed that New Zealand’s kea parrots express a sound that put other birds in a funny and playful mood. This is the first time a non-mammal has been found that ability akin to human laughter.

Animals March 21, 2017

April The Giraffe: All You Need To Know About The Animal

April the giraffe has been in the news because of the livestream that showed off her every move prior to the delivery of her fourth calf. Pregnancy and delivery are very different in the giraffe world than it is for humans.

Animals March 21, 2017

Internet-Recommended Treatments For Jellyfish Sting Increase Pain: What Remedy Works Best?

Stung by jellyfish? Research says remedies such as pouring saltwater, scraping of tentacles, and applying ice on affected area do not alleviate but only increase the pain.

Animals March 21, 2017

Blue Buffalo Recalls Canned Dog Food Over Potential Health Risk

Blue Buffalo has recalled one of its canned dog foods, as it reportedly has dangerous levels of beef thyroid hormone. The company also advised consumers to seek medical help if their pet was fed the product in question.

Animals March 20, 2017

Do Lazy Ants Make A Colony More Productive? Study Says Yes

Ants have been the perfect representation of hard workers everywhere but a recent study reveals that colonies actually support worker inactivity in order to increase productivity.

Animals March 19, 2017

First Fluorescent Frog Discovered In Amazon Basin: Why Some Organisms Glow In Ultraviolet Light

The South American polka dotted tree frog is the first fluorescent amphibian that scientists have found. How does biofluoresence benefit organisms that can glow in UV light?

Animals March 18, 2017

Proteins Protecting Water Bears From Dehydration May Hold Key To Drought-Tolerant Plants

Researchers have found how water bears can survive desiccation. Proteins that produce the bioglass protecting water bears from dehydration may lead to the development of crops that can withstand drought.

Animals March 18, 2017

Vaquita Porpoise Facing Survival Risk: Activists Call For Boycott Of Mexican Shrimp In The US

Conservationists have called for the boycott of Mexican shrimp in the United States to pressure Mexico to save the endangered vaquita porpoises. These animals often get entangled and die in gillnets used to catch shrimp for the U.S. market.

Animals March 18, 2017

Hungry Spiders Eating 800 Million Tons Of Insects Per Year Are Nature's Free Pest Control

The spiders, which consume around 800 million tons of insects per year, are nature's free pest control. They are not alone, however. Many other beneficial insects also exist to prevent the overpopulation of harmful insects in the environment.

Animals March 17, 2017

Here’s The Astounding Way Water Bears Survive Dehydration

Water bears can endure being dried up for up to a decade or even longer. A new study finds that they maintain special genes encoding for disordered proteins to help them survive extreme desiccation or near 100 percent water loss.

Animals March 16, 2017

Czech Zoo Set To Dehorn 18 Rhinos After Paris Poaching Attack

The Dvur Kralove zoo in the Czech Republic has announced plans to dehorn some rhinos to ensure their safety from poachers. But can dehorning really stop poachers?

Animals March 17, 2017

Intriguing Behavior: Humpbacks Form Enigmatic 'Whale Wave' On BC Coast

Humpback whales were seen moving in a mysterious wave pattern near the Kitimat fjord. Researchers believe this unusual behavior has a lot to do with their social interactions.

Animals March 16, 2017

Humpback Whales Gathering In Groups: Researchers Try To Find Why

Scientists have been perplexed by the strange behavior which has been witnessed among humpback whales. Researchers are trying to determine why large groups of these whales have been gathering near the South African coast to feed.

Animals March 17, 2017

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