Canadian Fisherman Killed By Whale Moments After Freeing It From Net

A fisherman in Canada was killed by a North Atlantic right whale that he had just helped rescue from entanglement. The man's fellow rescuers said he was struck just as the creature was about to swim away from them.

Animals July 13, 2017

How Are Fire Ants Able To Build Amazing Towers For Escape?

A new study sheds insight on how ant towers are built: fire ants form Eiffel-like structures without a leader or coordinated efforts. The findings hold potential applications in robotics technology, such as in search-and-rescue operations.

Animals July 12, 2017

This Spider Looks Like Something Out Of Our Nightmares And It Pumps Blood Via Its Guts

Sea spiders are strange creatures, but the way they circulate blood is even stranger. It turns out that they do so via guts in their legs.

Animals July 11, 2017

Study Shows That Tomatoes Can Turn Herbivores Into Cannibals

A new study has found that tomatoes and other plants can induce cannibalism in insects. When the food is bad enough, some creatures, such as caterpillars, will eat their own.

Animals July 11, 2017

Photo Of Louisville Zoo Visitor Sharing Videos With Gorilla Has Gone Viral

A photo of a woman seemingly showing videos to a gorilla at a zoo has become viral on the internet. Jelani, a gorilla at the Louisville Zoo, has become popular for his apparent love for watching videos on visitors' phones.

Animals July 6, 2017

This Prehistoric Giant Crocodile Had T-Rex-Sized Teeth

Scientists have discovered the remains of a massive crocodile-like creature with T-rex-sized teeth in Madagascar. The new discovery may help uncover the mystery behind the 74-million-year-long gap in the evolutionary history of crocodiles.

Animals July 5, 2017

Asteroid Extinction Event That Wiped Out Dinosaurs Cleared Way For Diversification Of Frogs

The mass extinction event that killed the dinosaurs helped the frogs to explosively evolve new species. How did the K–Pg extinction event caused by an asteroid impact benefited the amphibians?

Animals July 5, 2017

Orca Low Pregnancy Rates Largely Blamed On Scarce Food: What Can Be Done To Save The Endangered Killer Whales?

A recent study found that a major reason for orca pregnancy failure is food shortage. What are the other things that contribute to the dwindling orca population?

Animals July 1, 2017

Woolly Mammoth Resurrection Project: Paypal Founder Peter Thiel Funds Effort To Bring Back Extinct Ice Age Animal

Paypal founder Peter Thiel gave a fund of $100,000 to a Harvard genomic professor who is working to resurrect the extinct woolly mammoth. Why do some scientists want to bring back the Ice Age animal?

Animals June 30, 2017

Popular Pesticide More Harmful To Bees In Some Places But Not In Others: Study

A three-country study showed opposing effects of neonicotinoid pesticides in bee colonies. The more positive results in the German bee colonies could have been caused by the diversity of the bees’ food sources.

Animals June 30, 2017

Controversial Pesticide Linked To Decline In Honeybee Health: Study

Neonicotinoid exposure near corn fields shows detrimental effects on honeybee colonies. Realistic lasting exposures to the pesticide show a higher mortality rate and increased queenlessness.

Animals June 29, 2017

Orca Failed Pregnancies Linked To Scarce Food Due To Salmon Shortage

Food shortage has been linked to the high rate of failed pregnancies in killer whales. The findings highlight the importance of restoring the population of the Chinook salmon to save the endangered orcas.

Animals June 29, 2017

Biologists Probe 'Unprecedented' Loss, Mysterious Death Of Endangered Right Whales

Six dead right whales appeared in the waters of Canada. No reason for the deaths or any apparent clue has been provided, and biologists deemed them a huge loss for the endangered species.

Animals June 29, 2017

SeaWorld Probed Over Statements Made Regarding The Impacts Of 'Blackfish'

SeaWorld filing reveals that it is being subpoenaed by two federal government offices regarding certain statements that it made. The company’s struggles began after the documentary ‘Blackfish.’

Animals June 25, 2017

Bird's Wings May Determine The Shape Of Eggs

The flight ability of a bird and the size of its wings both determine the shape of the eggs hatched, a new study revealed. Researchers measured thousands of bird eggs from different species and created a model to identify them.

Animals June 23, 2017

Feds Remove Endangered Species Protection For Yellowstone Grizzly Bears

After four decades of protection, Yellowstone grizzly bears will no longer be listed under endangered species in the United States, the federal government announced. Several wildlife advocates spoke out against the decision.

Animals June 22, 2017

Jelly-Like Tropical Sea Creatures Invade Pacific Coastal Waters

Pyrosomes, also known as sea pickles, are commonly found in tropical waters, but swarms of them started to show up off the Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada. What’s behind the population explosion of these strange-looking creatures?

Animals June 29, 2017

DNA Samples From Graves And Mummies Reveal Ancient Cats Had Striped Coats

DNA evidence suggests that ancient cats tend to sport striped coats. Illustrations in ancient Egyptian murals also depict striped cats. When did the blotched markings in these felines become common?

Animals June 20, 2017

From Ancient Egypt To Your Bedroom, New Research Sheds Light On The Domestic Cat

Cats now occupy nearly every corner of the globe, but where did they come from? A new study lends insight into the origins of the domestic cat.

Animals June 19, 2017

Peanut Worm, Faceless Fish, And More: Strange Sea Creatures Surprise Australian Scientists

A team from Museums Victoria in Australia has just come back from its month-long deep sea expedition. Its surprise to the public: a range of strange underwater creatures that include the peanut worm, blob fish, and many more.

Animals June 19, 2017

Michael Phelps vs Shark Is All Hype Because Here's How Fast A Great White Shark Is

As part of Discovery Channel’s 'Shark Week' series, Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps is set to race against a great white shark. Early signs, however, suggest Phelps is destined to lose.

Animals June 17, 2017

Maine Jogger Kills Rabid Raccoon With Bare Hands After It Attacked Her

A Maine woman who was out jogging near her home was bitten and attacked by a rabid raccoon, but she fought back in a struggle. Here is how the entire thing ensued.

Animals June 16, 2017

After Being Hunted For A Century, America's Gray Seals Are Making A Comeback

After being hunted to the brink of extinction, New England's seal population is making a comeback. Current estimates put the population in the tens of thousands.

Animals June 15, 2017

World's First Two-Headed Porpoise Found Off The Coast Of Netherlands

A two-headed porpoise has been discovered off the coast of the Netherlands. This represents the world's first discovery of such a specimen.

Animals June 14, 2017

Dog Flu Case On The Rise: Here's How To Keep Your Pet Healthy

Dog flu cases were confirmed in eight southern states in the United States. Here’s a look at what dog owners can do to ensure that their canine friends are safeguarded against the highly contagious disease.

Animals June 10, 2017

Ravens Remember If A Human Treated Them Unfairly: Study

Do not break a raven’s trust. A new study revealed that ravens remember even a single transgression against them and learn when they get tricked.

Animals June 10, 2017

Doctors For Humans Help Deliver 5-Pound Baby Gorilla At Philadelphia Zoo

A baby western lowland gorilla birthed on Friday, June 2, at Philadelphia Zoo needed the help of not only veterinarians, but also professionals in the human medical field to be born. The team successfully performed an assisted vaginal delivery on the mother.

Animals June 7, 2017

Faceless Fish, Other Strange Sea Creatures Found In Abyss Off Australia's Coast: See Photos Of These Strange Species

The Australian Marine Biodiversity Hub is on a monthlong journey to search and discover Australia’s deep-sea biodiversity. Aside from the Faceless Cusk, here are some of the other deep-sea creatures that the team found.

Animals June 1, 2017

Tree-Climbing Goats Help Disperse Argan Seeds In Morocco By Spitting Them Out

Tree-climbing goats in Morocco appear to have a different way of helping propagate the valuable Argan trees. The animals spit out the nuts that they eat, which helps disperse the seeds.

Animals May 31, 2017

Here's Why Brachycephalic Dogs Such As Pugs And Bulldogs Have Flat Face

Brachycephalic dogs such as bulldogs and pugs are the result of selective breeding processes. DNA analysis now reveals the genetic mutation responsible for the flat face of these dogs.

Animals May 30, 2017

Endangered Blue Whale Dies After Colliding With A Ship: Carcass Washes Ashore On A Northern California Beach

A 79-foot blue whale carcass washed ashore on Northern California's Agate Beach on May 26. Scientists and experts stated that the whale died because it collided with a ship.

Animals May 29, 2017

Survey Offers Hope For Declining Honeybee Population: What More Can Be Done To Save The Bees

The United States only saw a 30 percent decline in the bee population in 2016 but Americans can do better with helping save bee colonies. Here are ways to rescue the hardworking pollinators.

Animals May 28, 2017

Number 1 Enemy Of Bees: This Parasite Transmits Viruses That Kill Honeybee Colonies

Mites that are about the size of deer ticks transmit viruses and diseases to honeybees and kill colonies. Here's how beekeepers try to save the bees from this parasite.

Animals May 28, 2017

Cuban Boas Hunt In Packs!

A new study reports of coordinated hunting behavior among Cuban boas. This recorded observation shows a possibly more social behavior among reptiles than previously thought.

Animals May 26, 2017

US Honey Bee Colony Loss Improves: Beekeepers Lost Only 33 Percent Bees In A Year

A new survey revealed that honey bee colony losses are at the lowest in more than 10 years. The annual loss rate of honey bee colonies reduced from 40.5 percent in 2015-2016 to 33 percent in 2016-2017.

Animals May 26, 2017

This Is Why Flamingos Sleep Standing On 1 Leg

The flamingos’ signature pose has long been a mystery for everyone, but researchers finally have a plausible answer. The bird’s one-legged stance saves more energy.

Animals May 26, 2017

Veteran South African Hunter Crushed To Death As Elephant Gets Gunned Down And Collapses On Him

Renowned big game hunting expert Theunis Botha died Friday, My 19, from being crushed by an elephant while on a hunt in Zimbabwe. Know the details of the unfortunate incident that occurred near Hwange National Park.

Animals May 23, 2017

Young Whale Stranded In California Harbor Finds Way Out

A 30-foot-long humpback whale got stranded in Ventura Harbor in California this weekend. The good news is it was able to make its way out without dying our incurring any apparent injury, according to authorities.

Animals May 22, 2017

Biological Origami: How Ladybugs Fold Their Wings Could Produce Better Umbrellas And Other Designs

Ladybugs have long kept their origami-like wing-folding secrets behind their spotted wing cases. Now researchers have discovered how they do it and it could help in future engineering designs.

Animals May 21, 2017

Dummy Caterpillars Glued On Plants Reveal Global Predation Patterns: Where Are They Most Likely To Be Eaten?

A dummy caterpillar experiment revealed a clear pattern in predation risk across the globe. Results show a higher risk for insect prey closer to the equator and at lower elevations.

Animals May 19, 2017

Rare Snail Jeremy Left Defeated In Love Triangle: How The Poor Snail’s Potential Suitors Ended Up Mating With Each Other

Accidentally friendzoned. This is the story of Jeremy, a genetically rare, one in a million snail, and his lovers’ tryst that ended not quite as expected.

Animals May 18, 2017

Orangutan Moms Are Breastfeeding Champs That Nurse Kids For Up To 9 Years

Orangutans nurse longer than any other mammal, sometimes into the ninth year of life. Find out what drives this long breastfeeding in orangutans and how the food supply affects weaning in these primates.

Animals May 18, 2017

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