Massive Spider Carries A Mouse In Australia: How Big Can These Huntsman Spiders Get?

A video featuring a huntsman spider carrying a dead mouse recently went viral on Facebook. It was certainly a big spider to be able to carry off a mouse, but just how big do huntsman spiders get?

Animals October 26, 2016

Bearded Seals 1, Oil Companies 0: Animal Species Can Be Listed As Threatened Based On Climate Change Models

One of the United States’ appeals courts declared that federal authorities may list species as 'threatened' based on projections from climate change models. The court’s decision would help protect bearded seals and other species, experts said.

Animals October 27, 2016

New Millipede Species Found In California Cave Has 414 Legs And 4 Penises

A new species of millipede featuring 414 legs and four penises were discovered in the Lange Cave in California. Only one specimen of this species has been found so far.

Animals October 25, 2016

Stuff Of Nightmares: Watch Oversized Huntsman Spider Drag A Mouse In Australia [Video]

The video of a huntsman spider carrying a mouse has amazed the internet in no more than a few hours since it was posted. The occurrence took place in Australia.

Animals October 24, 2016

Your Dog Is Likely Dreaming About You, Says Harvard Psychologist

Sleeping allows for rearranging information processed throughout the day in a less logical manner. Following this thinking, it is entirely possible for dogs to dream of their owners.

Animals October 22, 2016

Snow Leopard Population Quickly Declining Due To Human Threat But All Is Not Lost

A report has expressed concern over the rapid decline of snow leopards because of rampant poaching in many Asian countries. According to the report from wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC, there are only 4,000 left of the animal in the world.

Animals October 22, 2016

Farmers Hunt Endangered Snow Leopards In Revenge For Attacking Livestock

Humans continue to kill snow leopards despite the endangered animal's declining number. The attacks are often perpetrated in retaliation for the big cats preying on farmers' livestock.

Animals October 22, 2016

New Species Of Long-Necked Sauropod Dinosaur Spans About Half The Length Of A Basketball Court

The newly described species of titanosaur dubbed Savannasaurus elliottorum weighed the equivalent of three African elephants when it lived in the late Cretaceous. The dinosaur measured 40 feet long, or about half the length of a basketball court.

Animals October 21, 2016

Capuchin Monkeys Make Stone Tools Believed To Be Unique To Humans

Capuchin monkeys in Brazil produce sharp stone flakes, a behavior believed to be unique to humans and their ancestors. The primates, however, do not see a purpose in these stone tools.

Animals October 19, 2016

Tasmanian Devil Milk Could Help Global Fight Against Drug-Resistant Superbugs

Compounds found in the milk of Australia's Tasmanian devil were found effective at killing disease-causing pathogens such as the drug-resistant bacteria MRSA. Findings could pave way for development of arsenal against superbugs.

Animals October 19, 2016

Eggs From Skin Cells May Allow Infertile Women To Have Children

Mature eggs created in the lab using mouse skin cells were successfully used to produce healthy pups. The breakthrough could pave way for new treatments that may herald the end of infertility.

Animals October 17, 2016

Jumping Spiders Can Hear At A Distance Even Without Ears: Study

Disproving the conventional knowledge that spiders can only detect nearby sounds, a Cornell University study has found spiders as capable of hearing sounds at a distance despite not having ears.

Animals October 15, 2016

Could Dinosaurs Sing? Oldest Bird Voice Box Offers Clues

The voice box of an ancient bird believed to be a relative of ducks and geese hint that the syrinx of birds developed later in their evolution. What does this tell about the sound produced by dinosaurs?

Animals October 14, 2016

How One Virus Stole Deadly Black Widow Spider DNA That Codes For Venom

What could it possibly mean when a bacteria crosses borders and infects a virus that is only found within the arthropod kingdom? A pair of scientists discovered this unusual phenomenon and is continuously studying the results.

Animals October 15, 2016

Iranian Coastal Waters Now Home To Rare Venomous Snake

Gunther's sea snakes were found in the Iranian coastal waters, being the 10th species of sea snakes in the area, according to a new paper providing an updated checklist of the sampling of sea snakes.

Animals October 11, 2016

Mice Sing Love Songs At Unique High Frequency Only Observed In Supersonic Jet Engines

A study co-authored at the University of Cambridge has dismissed two main hypotheses on mice communication. Instead, findings showed that rodents use ultrasound to communicate, although the underlying mechanisms are still unknown.

Animals October 11, 2016

‘Safe’ Pesticides Not So Safe After All: Honeybee Deaths Linked To Compounds Previously Thought ‘Bee-Safe’

A new study found that pesticides are responsible for many bee colony deaths. From fungicides to insecticides, these substances, thought of as safe for bees and their habitat, end up killing entire colonies.

Animals October 11, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Update: Radar Images Show Migrating Birds Seeking Refuge In Eye Of Hurricane Matthew

Radar detected what appears as birds taking refuge in the eye of Hurricane Matthew. How do birds like seagulls get inside the eye of the storm?

Animals October 8, 2016

Here’s Why Cat Whiskers Are The Bee’s Knees

Whiskers look purely cosmetic but they are an important part of a cat’s body. How do whiskers affect furry felines? More than you think, probably.

Animals October 8, 2016

Austroposeidon Magnificus: Brazil’s Biggest Dinosaur Announced

Austroposeidon magnificus has been proclaimed as Brazil's biggest dinosaur and its remains went for public viewing for the first time in more than 60 years. The fossils were under wraps for six decades because of the lack of staff and funding for the Museum of Earth Sciences in Rio de Janeiro.

Animals October 7, 2016

Not Your Average Fish: Tuna Shares ‘Super Predator’ Genes With Great White Sharks

Despite independent evolution for 400 million years, sharks and tunas still share common genetic traits such as higher metabolism, higher body temperature and fast swimming skills.

Animals October 8, 2016

Can Apes Read Minds? Apes Understand False Beliefs Of Others Just Like Humans

Humans are thought to be the only one being capable of understanding the mental states and perspective of others. New research, however, showed great apes also have understanding of what others think.

Animals October 6, 2016

Yawning And Intelligence: Longer Yawns Mean Bigger Brains

A new research that involved 29 mammals suggests a link between yawning and brain size. Animals with bigger brain were found to yawn longer.

Animals October 6, 2016

Training The Trainer: Scientists Discover Bumblebees Can Be Trained, Pass On Learned Ability To The Colony

Bees are complex little creatures. In a recent study, scientists saw that it’s possible to train bees and they have the ability to pass on what they’ve learned to the benefit of their colonies.

Animals October 5, 2016

Native California Frog Once On The Brink Of Extinction Making A Comeback In Yosemite National Park

The Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog is making a comeback! After hovering on the brink of extinction, the native California frog is enjoying a resurgence in numbers over the past couple of decades.

Animals October 4, 2016

Bees Among 49 Plant And Animal Species In Hawaii Added To Endangered Species List

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service designated 49 species of animals and plants to endangered status. Of these, 48 are endemic to Hawaii including the seven species of yellow-faced bees.

Animals October 4, 2016

New Extinct Species Of Giant Shark Related To Megalodon

The now extinct giant shark Megalolamna paradoxodon is related to the ancient marine predator Megalodon. Teeth fossils of this newly described species suggest it preyed on medium-sized fishes.

Animals October 3, 2016

Man Vs. Bear: Montana Man Recounts, Documents Surviving Two Grizzly Bear Attacks

Todd Orr, a 50-year-old man was attacked terribly not just once but twice by a grizzly bear when he was hiking in the Madison Valley. The bear attacked the poor man about 10 minutes apart in two different locations.

Animals October 4, 2016

Good Food Puts Bees In Good Mood

New research suggested that dopamine-induced sucrose doses fed to bumblebees can improve their behavior and create a state comparable to humans' positive emotions, suggesting similar basic cognitive wirings.

Animals October 4, 2016

Sauropod Footprint Found In Mongolian Desert Is Largest Dinosaur Footprint Ever Found

A giant footprint left by a sauropod 70 to 90 million years ago was found in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. At over 42 inches long, it is the largest dinosaur footprint scientists have found.

Animals October 3, 2016

Rare Tree Frog Species Likely Extinct After Last Known Living Member Dies At Atlanta Botanical Garden

The last known living member of the Rabbs' fringe-limbed tree frog died at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Scientists warned that up to half of all the world's amphibians are also at risk of extinction.

Animals October 3, 2016

Hawaii Yellow-Faced Bees To Receive Protection Under Endangered Species Act

Seven species of yellow-faced bee that are native to Hawaii received federal protection under the Endangered Species Act. The listing is the first for any bee in the U.S.

Animals September 30, 2016

Meerkats Are The Most Murderous Mammal, Study Of Violent Behavior Reveals

Despite living in social groups, meerkats have been named the most murderous mammal known to science. Nearly 20 percent of all meerkat deaths were caused by murder of their own kind.

Animals September 29, 2016

World’s Most Trafficked Mammal Gets Trade Protection: Pangolin Trade Officially Banned In 183 Countries

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora has stepped in with protective laws for pangolins. As a result, the trade of the scaly mammal is now banned in 183 countries.

Animals September 30, 2016

Unlucky Australian Man Bitten On Penis By Spider For The Second Time This Year

One man has earned the unsavory title of 'unluckiest man in Australia' after he was bitten on the penis by a spider for the second time in a single year.

Animals September 29, 2016

Ornamented Skulls Tied To Rapid Growth, Big Bodies Of Theropod Dinosaurs

The large body and rapid growth of theropods may have something to do with their ornamented heads. Researchers found that dinosaurs with horns, knobs and crests in their head tend to grow faster.

Animals September 28, 2016

Are Baby Lobsters In Trouble? Warming Waters, Ocean Acidification Threaten Lobster Industry

A new study warned that lobster industry is awaiting the worst crisis as rising ocean warming and acidifications are threatening baby lobsters with a special reference to the Gulf of Maine.

Animals September 27, 2016

Oh, The Irony: Report Suggests Trophy Hunting Lions Can Actually Conserve The Species

Many oppose hunting lions, which was evident in the uproar that followed the killing of Cecil the lion. However, researchers are saying that trophy hunting can actually be good for the lions and their habitat.

Animals September 27, 2016

Rusty-Patched Bumblebees May Soon Join List Of Endangered Species

Wildlife officials in the United States have proposed to place the rusty-patched bumblebee under the protection of the Endangered Species Act. If it happens, the bumblebee will be the first bee species to achieve this status.

Animals September 26, 2016

Worst Status In 25 Years: African Elephants Suffer Major Decline In Population

A new report confirms a grim outlook for the population of African elephants: the species has suffered a major decline in the last 10 years. Experts are seeking out proposals to strengthen the conservation of the species.

Animals September 25, 2016

Fish Sing Choruses In The Sea At Dawn Just Like Birds

Fishes may seem like silent creatures but in the sea, these marine animals actually produce choruses when their song overlaps those of the others. What role does sound play in fish behaviors?

Animals September 25, 2016

Cats Sailed With Vikings During Sea Voyages, Ancient Feline DNA Reveals

Cats spread in two waves, analyses of ancient feline DNA show. The second wave involved seafaring people, which included Vikings, who may have brought the animals during long voyages at sea.

Animals September 24, 2016

Extinct Reptile Triopticus Primus Shows Dinosaurs Copied Body, Skull And Shapes Of Distant Relatives

An extinct reptile found in Texas showed that the skull and body shapes of dinosaurs are not completely original. The Triopticus primus provides example of the phenomenon called evolutionary convergence.

Animals September 23, 2016

This Fish Sings Only At Night Due To Melatonin, Body Clock

Male species of the midshipman fish often 'sing' to woo females during breeding season, but scientists have long wondered why these aquatic animals only sing late at night. A new study may provide an explanation.

Animals September 22, 2016

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