More Than Half Of World's Primates Threatened With Extinction

About 60 percent of primate species face possible extinction and 75 percent suffer from declining numbers. What are the factors that pose threats to primate populations?

Animals January 19, 2017

Live Long And Prosper: Restricting Calories Helps Rhesus Monkeys Live Longer, Healthier Lives

A joint study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison and NIA found that rhesus monkeys on planned nutritious diets with restricted calories lived longer and healthier. However, efficacy in curbing diseases and prolonging age was also linked to other factors.

Animals January 19, 2017

81 False Killer Whales Dead In The Largest Recorded Stranding Of The Species in Florida

More than 80 false killer whales have been found dead after a mass stranding along the remote coast of Southwest Florida in Everglades, the NOAA has reported.

Animals January 18, 2017

New Species Of Moth With Yellowish-White Scales On Head Named After Donald Trump

A new species of moth found throughout Southern California and across the Mexico-U.S. border in Baja California, Mexico was named after Donald Trump. The yellowish-white scales on Neopalpa donaldtrumpi’s head resembles the hair of the U.S. President-elect.

Animals January 17, 2017

‘Baby Talk’ In Marmoset Monkeys Highlight Role Of Parents In Developing Vocalizations, Says Study

New research conducted on marmoset monkeys suggests that feedback from parents has a crucial role in the way babies develop vocalizations and acquire linguistic capacities.

Animals January 21, 2017

Female Zebra Shark Separated From Mate Turns Asexual, Develops Ability To Have Babies On Her Own

A rare case of a zebra shark giving birth to pups without a male partner has been reported in Australia. Removed from a male partner and living in isolation for many, the shark surprised all by producing three offsprings.

Animals January 18, 2017

Chemical Commonly Used On Crops Leaves Bees Susceptible To Deadly Viruses

A new study has found that an adjuvant used for increasing the toxins in pesticides of crops has been harming honey bee larvae - making it vulnerable to pathogen attacks and increasing its mortality rate. The agrochemical, however, is officially classified as inert.

Animals January 17, 2017

Cold And Darkness After Asteroid Impact Killed The Dinosaurs

A dark and cold period followed after the Chicxulub asteroid hit Earth 66 million years ago. How did this contribute to the mass extinction of the dinosaurs?

Animals January 16, 2017

Light Activates ‘Kill Switch’ In Mice, Turns Them Into Predators

In a new experiment, laser activation has turned on hunting instincts in mice and led them to pounce on potential prey and display a range of predatory acts.

Animals January 13, 2017

Rare Ruby Seadragon Spotted In The Wild [Video]

Researchers from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography recorded the first-ever sighting of the third species of seadragon, dubbed the Ruby seadragon, in Western Australia. Apart from Ruby, two other species of seadragon can be found in the wild.

Animals January 13, 2017

Killer Whale Study Sheds Light On Why Orcas Undergo Menopause

Why do killer whales go through menopause? New study reveals this may have something to do with the family structure of killer whales, competition for food, and survival chances of calves.

Animals January 13, 2017

Do Adult Dogs, Puppies Respond Equally To Dog-Directed Speech?

New research showed that, while baby dogs answer better to dog-directed speech, their mature counterparts record no difference depending on the tone of voice. The research added evidence to studies trying to explain human-dog communication.

Animals January 13, 2017

Vampire Bats In Brazil Now Start To Feed On Human Blood At Night

The hairy-legged vampire bats in Brazil known to exclusively feed on bird blood have started to feed on human blood. Why are these bats starting to eat something outside of their set menu?

Animals January 12, 2017

Baboon Vowel Sounds Point To 25-Million-Year-Old Roots Of Human Speech

Human speech may have its beginnings at least 25 million years ago, according to a new study. Researchers postulate that if baboons can make such varied vowel sounds, certainly the building blocks of human speech must extend to the last common ancestor of baboons and humans.

Animals January 12, 2017

Skywalker Hoolock Gibbon: New Ape Species Named After Star Wars Jedi Character

A Jedi name for a gibbon? Scientists named a newly recognized species of hoolock gibbon after Luke Skywalker of 'Star Wars.' Fewer than 200 of these primates live in China.

Animals January 12, 2017

Tarantula Spotted Eating Snake In The Wild For The First Time

A rare case of a Tarantula spider eating up a snake in the wild has been reported from Brazil. This was surprising despite certain species of spiders are known for eating snakes.

Animals January 12, 2017

Rendezvous Between Monkey And Deer Renders Interspecies Sex Possible: Study

Researchers cite mate deprivation as the most likely reason for the unusual site of a male snow monkey attempting to have intercourse with female sika deer on Yukushima Island in Japan.

Animals January 11, 2017

Passive Climate Change Action May Drive Polar Bears To Extinction

Passive climate change action may cause the extinction of polar bears. Although a "recovery" plan was presented, it was focused on short-term survival that still does not address the long-term fate of the species.

Animals January 11, 2017

First Time In The US: Bumblebee Species Enters Endangered Species List

For the first time in American history, a bumblebee species, namely the rusty patched bumblebee, has been added to the endangered species list with an astonishing decline over the years.

Animals January 11, 2017

Genetic Study Proves Urgent Need To Protect Humpback Whales In The Arabian Sea

The number of humpback whales in the Arabian Sea still reveals a smaller population compared to those in other regions. The widest genetic study on the marine mammal seeks to provide better understanding to help in formulating marine conservation laws.

Animals January 11, 2017

'Blackfish' Star, Famous SeaWorld Killer Whale Tilikum Dies

SeaWorld’s famous killer whale Tilikum passed away on Jan. 6 after a long illness. The whale’s death has triggered sorrow with many recalling the turbulent life the whale represented in its 36 years of life.

Animals January 10, 2017

Line Up The Shots: Tequila Helps Revive Embattled Bat Species

Lesser long-nosed bats are proposed to be removed from the edangered species list - and improved agave harvest and cultivation practices in the Mexican tequila industry are deemed key in this development.

Animals January 8, 2017

Polar Bears Are Threatened By Toxic Chemicals Called Persistent Organic Pollutants

Polar bears have become vulnerable to the threat of extinction in recent years due mostly to climate change, but there is another danger these mammals face. Find out how pollution is threatening polar bears in the Arctic.

Animals January 6, 2017

First Tuna Sold In Tsukiji Fish Market New Year Auction Fetches Over $600,000

The New Year tuna auction on Jan. 5 at Japan’s Tsukiji market has fetched an astounding price of 74.2 million yen ($642,310). The winner of the bid was Tuna king, Kiyoshi Kimura, for the sixth consecutive year. He runs the Sushi Zanmai restaurant chain of Japan.

Animals January 5, 2017

Fossilized Shark Skull Reveals How Mysterious Ghost Sharks Evolved

Micro CT scan of a fossilized skull of an ancient fish revealed ghost sharks are descended from prehistoric sharks called symmoriiforms. Scientists now have an idea where to place the chimaera in the evolutionary tree of life.

Animals January 5, 2017

US Navy Dolphins To Help Save Endangered Vaquita Porpoises From Extinction

Trained bottlenose dolphins will use their natural sonar to locate the elusive vaquita porpoises in the Gulf of California. How can the cetaceans help save the endangered species from possible extinction?

Animals January 4, 2017

Trouble In Paradise: Songbirds Divorce, Fail To Reproduce In Face Of Suburban Development

Expanding development in suburban areas is forcing out songbirds from their shelter. In the process, they lose mates, and relocation imposes hardship in breeding and hampers successful reproduction.

Animals January 5, 2017

Oldest Known Orca J2 Granny Considered Dead

J2 Granny, one of the oldest known killer whales in the world, was last seen in October 2016 and is now presumed dead. How old was she?

Animals January 3, 2017

Dino Eggs Took Six Or More Months To Hatch: Is This A Factor In Their Extinction?

New research finds that dinosaur eggs took considerably longer to hatch: a critical factor that likely hurt the creatures' survival in a post-exinction event marked by competitiveness and meager resources.

Animals January 3, 2017

10 Stranded Dolphins Rescued From Massachusetts Harbor On New Year's Day

The International Fund for Animal Welfare rescued 10 stranded dolphins in a local harbor in Massachusetts on New Year's Day. The group believes the animals may have been looking for prey when they got stuck in the harbor.

Animals January 4, 2017

Beached Whale Carcass Forces Shoreline Closure In Maui

A dead humpback whale was washed ashore at a nature reserve in Maui, Hawaii. Authorities have closed access to the shoreline and placed warning signs about possible sharks in the waters.

Animals January 1, 2017

Hope For African Elephants: China To Ban Domestic Ivory Trade By 2017

China announced that it will ban domestic ivory trade starting next year. The move may help save the population of elephants in Africa that are threatened by possible extinction because of poaching.

Animals December 31, 2016

Slime Mold Doesn’t Have A Brain But Researchers Say It Can Learn And Teach

Slime mold, a unicellular organism living in forest litter, offers a curious case of learning without a brain. This blob-like creeping organism learns from experience and imparts the knowledge to peers.

Animals January 1, 2017

Climate Change Causing Birds To Migrate Early

The rising global temperature is causing birds to migrate earlier. How does the wrong timing in migration affect birds?

Animals December 29, 2016

3 Endangered Hawaiian Crows Found Dead Weeks After Release Into Wild

Animal conservationists in Hawaii are investigating the death of three Hawaiian crows recently released into the wild as part of a breeding program. The birds have been extinct in the wilderness of Hawaii since 2002.

Animals December 29, 2016

China Makes Its Largest Seizure Of Pangolin Scales In Shanghai

The struggle to save the pangolin, the only scaly mammal, has just reached a new level. Chinese authorities have recently seized 3 tons of pangolin scales, the biggest such transport ever detected in this country.

Animals December 29, 2016

San Diego Zoo Discovers Bullet Fragment Inside Rhino From South Africa

Animal caretakers at the San Diego Zoo have finally solved the mystery behind a wound on a rhinoceros that didn't seem to heal. They discovered that the lesion was caused by a bullet fragment lodged in the animal's flesh.

Animals December 28, 2016

Bats Have Language They Use To Talk To Each Other: Study

An analysis of sounds produced by Egyptian fruit bats revealed the nocturnal creatures produce noise with a range of information. What do the flying mammals communicate with their 'language?'

Animals December 28, 2016

Family Of Bears Found Dead In Parking Lot After Eating Poisonous Plant

Pennsylvania wildlife officials point to a common shrub as the one that poisoned four bears at a parking lot earlier in December. The plant is known as the English Yew, which is fatal to humans and animals alike.

Animals December 28, 2016

Researchers Uncover What Goes Into Firefly ‘Wedding Gifts’

How do male fireflies attract mates? They present 'wedding gifts,' the contents of which have been analyzed for the first time by researchers from Tufts Univeristy and MIT.

Animals December 28, 2016

Only 7,100 Cheetahs Left In The Wild: Extinction Looming For World's Fastest Mammal

Cheetah experts call for the IUCN to re-categorize the world's fastest mammal from vulnerable to endangered. Only 7,100 of these species are left in the wild.

Animals December 28, 2016

Dinosaur That Lost Teeth As An Adult May Explain Why Birds Have Toothless Beak

The dinosaur Limusaurus inextricabilis was born with teeth but became toothless when it became an adult. Its dental transformation may shed light on the evolution of the bird's beak.

Animals December 26, 2016

Scientists Track Spread Of White-Nose Syndrome In Bats Using Fungus-Infecting Virus

Researchers have discovered a virus that they can use to track the spread of the fungal disease known as white-nose syndrome in bats. The disease has already killed an estimated 6 million bats in North America since 2006.

Animals December 27, 2016

9 New Species Of Desert Bees Identified, One ‘Ant-like’ In Appearance

Some nine species of desert bees have been discovered by researchers from the Utah State University. Belonging to the vast genus Perdita, the new bees are part of the desert bees of United States, in which the researchers found ant-like males as a peculiarity.

Animals December 27, 2016

Bipedal Dinosaur Born With Teeth Became Toothless By Adulthood

The bipedal dinosaur Limusaurus inextricabilis was born with teeth but they became toothless as they got older. How did this phenomenon known as ontogenetic edentulism benefit the prehistoric bird-like creature?

Animals December 23, 2016

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