Waymo To Test Self-Driving Trucks In Atlanta, Transporting Cargo To Google Data Center

Waymo, the self-driving car unit of Google parent company Alphabet, has announced plans to put self-driving trucks on the streets of Atlanta. The trucks will carry cargo bound for Google's data center.

Tech March 10, 2018

YouTube Studio Aims To Make Creators' Lives Easier With New Metrics, Improved Insights, And More

Google added a redesigned dashboard along with new metrics and other features. The YouTube Studio update is scheduled to launch within the next few weeks and is reportedly optional for content creators.

Tech March 11, 2018

Study Says Android Users Are More Loyal Than iOS Users

A research conducted by the CIRP determined that more Android users stay loyal to the platform longer. It showed that Apple users switch to Google's ecosystem more frequently.

Tech March 10, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review Roundup: Should You Just Get An S8?

The critic reviews are in: The Galaxy S9 is an excellent Android phone with an amazing camera, but is it that much better than the Galaxy S8?

Tech March 9, 2018

Google Working On Giving Users The Ability To Export Chrome Passwords

Google will soon give users the ability to export passwords stored in its internet browser, Google Chrome. All passwords will be exported into one text profile.

Tech March 9, 2018

Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P And The Google Pixel C Tablet Won't Get Android P

Google rolled out an update for its older devices to Android 8.1 Oreo, but it's the last OS update for some. The Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Google Pixel tablet, all from 2015, won't get a taste of Android P.

Tech March 8, 2018

Samsung's 2018 QLED TVs Can Become 'Invisible' When Not In Use

Samsung showcased its 2018 QLED TV catalog that introduces a new feature to make it invisible when idle. The feature is apparently called Ambient Mode.

Tech March 8, 2018

How To Export Motion Photos As GIFs On Google Pixel 2

Google has updated its Photos app on Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, bringing the option to export Motion Photos as GIFs. Beware, though: they come with pretty large file sizes.

Tech March 8, 2018

Google Duo Now Lets You Leave Video Messages And Voicemail: Here’s How

Google Duo has just been updated on both iOS and Android. It now lets users leave voice or video messages when the recipient isn’t available.

Tech March 8, 2018

Netflix Is Adding Snapchat-Like Vertical Video Previews For Shows And Movies

Video previews will soon move into your Netflix app’s home screen. Coming this April, they are 30-second samples of original and licensed shows, helping you decide what to watch next.

Tech March 8, 2018

Alexa Randomly Laughs, And It's Freaking Out Amazon Echo Owners

A weird glitch has been causing Alexa to randomly laugh, and it is freaking out Amazon Echo owners. Amazon proposed a solution, but it is unclear if the fix will really solve the problem.

Tech March 8, 2018

Baby In China Locks iPhone For 47 Years After Pressing Wrong Passcode Repeatedly

A toddler in China locked an iPhone for 47 years after pressing the wrong passcode repeatedly. The mother is up for a long waiting game.

Tech March 8, 2018

Cheap Amazon Prime Memberships Now Available For Medicaid Recipients

Amazon Prime is now more than half off for Medicaid recipients. Instead of the regular $12.99 per month, the low-cost version for those on Medicaid costs just $5.99 per month and offers all benefits of the regular subscription.

Tech March 8, 2018

Galaxy S9 Preorder Prices, Discounts, Promos At Samsung, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, And T-Mobile

The latest Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are now up for preorder at all major U.S. carriers as well as at Samsung itself and Best Buy. Here are the prices and deals currently in store.

Tech March 8, 2018

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Revealed: Top-Right Corner Notch, ARCore Support, And More

New information about the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S recently emerged. Firmware files included details about its camera placement, augmented reality support, and more.

Tech March 8, 2018

Gboard For Android Gets Better With Support For Chinese, Korean, And More Languages

The Android version of Gboard gets updated with support for new languages. It now includes Chinese, Korean, and 20 other languages.

Tech March 8, 2018

Meet Loomo, Segway's Mini Transporter And Robotic Sidekick That Captures Photos And Video

Meet Loomo, a mini-transporter and robotic sidekick that aims to take on the traditional Segway. Loomo auto-follows, captures video, and shoots photos. Here's everything you need to know about the new robot by Segway Robotics.

Tech March 8, 2018

Mercedes Maybach S-Class To Debut Digital Light Technology: Here's What The Smart Headlights Can Do

Daimler is set to debut the Digital Light technology on the Mercedes Maybach S-Class in the first half of this year. The smart headlights will create ideal lighting conditions but will do more than just illuminate the road for drivers.

Tech March 7, 2018

Microsoft's Surface Pro With LTE Is Now Up For Preorder

Microsoft finally opted to make the Surface Pro with LTE available for all consumers. Preorders are now available, with the units expected to arrive this May.

Tech March 7, 2018

Google Lens Makes Its Way To Google Photos For Android

Google finally released Google Lens for Android smartphones other than its Pixel lineup. Users will be able to use the app via Google Photos with Google Assistant integration in a future update.

Tech March 7, 2018

Apple Will Stop Accepting iTunes LP Album Formats: What Are They Again?

Apple is going to phase out iTunes LP, its format for interactive content that comes bundled with albums. Exactly why Apple has chosen to go this route remains unclear.

Tech March 7, 2018

Deezer Announces Voice Activation With Amazon Alexa

Deezer, the music streaming service for iOS and Android, has announced a new partnership with Amazon's Alexa. Tech Times had the opportunity to chat with Riad Hawa, VP of Hardware Partnerships at Deezer, about their latest integration with Alexa.

Tech March 13, 2018

Humans Attacked Robot Cars In Two Of Six Crashes Reported This Year

Robots are taking over society slowly. Humans are trying to resist the change. In two of six crashes involving robot cars, humans attacked the vehicles.

Tech March 6, 2018

You Can Now Visit 11 Disney Parks On Google Maps Street View

Users are now allowed to view several Disney Parks on Google Maps Street View. A virtual tour of each park can help people plan for the actual trip in the future.

Tech March 7, 2018

Say Hello To Flippy, A Burger-Flipping Robot That May Soon Take Jobs From Humans

Caliburger just demonstrated its first automated grill chef named Flippy. According to the company, it is not meant to take away jobs from human workers.

Tech March 7, 2018

Apple’s Rumored Headphones To Feature Noise Canceling, Likely To Launch Later This Year

Apple’s currently-in-development over-ear headphones will reportedly feature noise canceling. Pricing and other details remain scarce, but it’s supposedly launching before the end of the year.

Tech March 7, 2018

LG's OLED TVs Are More Affordable Than Ever In 2018 With A $3,000 Starting Price

In the market for an OLED TV? If so, then you should know that LG has announced a $3,000 starting price for its premium offerings, complete with the a9 processor and other features.

Tech March 6, 2018

Facebook Fights Fake News By Extending ‘Breaking News’ Label To More Publishers

Facebook’s experimental Breaking News label appears to be working quite well. The company just announced that it’s extending the tag to 50 more publishers in a variety of territories.

Tech March 6, 2018

Waze Receives Update That Allows Riders To Select Who They Want To Carpool With

Waze just got updated with loads of new customization features. From now on, riders may now be able to select who they want to carpool with, and more.

Tech March 6, 2018

Google Search Arrives On iMessage To Help Users Get Things Done

Google has updated its Search app to help users get things done.The latest update adds support for iMessage extension - making it easier to browse the web, GIFs, and search restaurants.

Tech March 12, 2018

MoviePass App Is Always Tracking Your Location

The MoviePass app is always tracking your location, whether you go to the movies or not. Mitch Lowe, the CEO of MoviePass, bragged about collecting data from its subscribers. Here's everything you need to know.

Tech March 7, 2018

Netflix Adds Pin Protection That Lets Parents Block Specific Titles

Netflix allows parents to create PINS to block R-rated content. Now, the streaming service is taking it a step further by allowing them to create PINS for specific movies and TV series, such as '13 Reasons Why'. The new feature is coming soon.

Tech March 6, 2018

Spotify Premium Hack In The Crosshairs: Violators May Get Their Account Terminated

Spotify has started cracking down on the modified apps that give free users access to some of the benefits of a Premium account. The music streaming service has disabled some accounts, and warned of possible terminations.

Tech March 6, 2018

Xiaomi Hopes To Start Selling Smartphones In The US Before The Year Ends: This Sounds Familiar

Chinese brand Xiaomi is looking to start selling its smartphones in the United States before the end of the year. The question, however, is whether the company will be pushed away by U.S. carriers, like what happened to Huawei.

Tech March 6, 2018

Apps That Were So Bad, They Were Banned

Apps can be useful tools for smartphones. However, some developers don't always think this through. Some apps are downright useless and end up getting banned from app stores. Here are some of them.

Tech March 8, 2018

Facebook Inadvertently Asks Users If Men May Solicit Sexual Images From Young Girls

Facebook apologized for running a controversial survey on Sunday, March 4, where it asked users on the network via survey if it was appropriate for adult men to request young girls for sexual images online.

Tech March 5, 2018

Smartphone Apps Are Selling Your Location Data: Can You Do Anything To Protect Your Privacy?

Smartphone owners are allowing their apps to track them and sell their location data. However, with some of the world's most popular apps needing to track locations to function properly, is there really a way to protect user privacy?

Tech March 5, 2018

Nokia 8 Pro, Nokia 9 Could Fix The Nokia 8 Sirocco's Shortcoming In The Flagship Scene

Nokia may have disappointed some users with its new flagship the Nokia 8 Sirocco, but it could make things right with the Nokia 8 Pro and Nokia 9. That's just based on a rumor, though.

Tech March 4, 2018

HTC U12 Specs Leaked: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, 6 GB RAM, Dual Cameras, And More

Like everything nowadays, the specs for HTC’s upcoming flagship has just leaked. The U12 will come packed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip, feature up to 6 GB of RAM, include Edge Sense 2.0, and will launch this April.

Tech March 5, 2018

Android P Developer Preview Rumored To Roll Out Mid-March: Will It Be On Pi(e) Day?

Reliable leaked Evan Blass claimed that Google will roll out the first Android P developer preview in mid-March. Speculations on the operating system's official name may also hint on the specific date of the developer preview launch.

Tech March 5, 2018

Snap Spectacles New Models In The Works: One Will Be Water-Resistant, The Other Will Have 2 Cameras

Snap is reportedly working on two new Spectacles models despite weak sales for the social media smart glasses. The second model is expected to be released this year while the third model is planned for 2019 launch.

Tech March 4, 2018

Apple Rumored To Launch Cheaper MacBook Air In The Second Quarter

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple is planning to launch a cheaper MacBook Air, It is unclear what upgrades the new laptop will offer, but it is expected to launch in the second quarter.

Tech March 4, 2018

Want To Drive An Uber? New Study Reveals You Will Not Earn Much And Can Actually Lose Money

A new study published by MIT revealed the earning potential of ride-hailing services. Uber and Lyft drivers are earning less than minimum wage.

Tech March 5, 2018

Amazon To Stop Selling Nest Products As Feud With Google Escalates

Amazon reportedly informed Google-owned Nest that it would not be selling its newer products, saying that the decision came from higher-ups. In response, Nest decided to pull its products from Amazon altogether.

Tech March 3, 2018

Sprint Flex Lease Offer: Get The Apple iPhone X For 50 Percent Off, But With A Major Catch

Customers can now get the iPhone X from Sprint at a whopping 50 percent off via its Flex lease program. Is it really 50 percent less, though?

Tech March 4, 2018

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