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Sorry, you won't be able to buy Apple iWatch before 2015

Apple's smart watch is unlikely to hit the shelves before early next year, sources say. Still, it is expected to be announced on Sept. 9 when the company also unveils its next-generation iPhone 6.

Wearable Tech September 1, 2014

Instagram wants Hyperlapse app to revolutionize how we take videos

Instagram is launching a new app called Hyperlapse that allows users to create time-lapse videos. The new app has already jumped to the top of the apps market.

Apps/Software September 1, 2014

Microsoft defies court order to hand over overseas emails to Feds: 'We will appeal'

Microsoft continues to refuse to hand over emails stored at its Ireland data center. This comes despite a ruling from a U.S. judge that lifted the suspension on the hold of the warrant, but Microsoft will appeal.

Business Tech September 1, 2014

Searching for old posts on Facebook app just got simpler

Facebook is pushing forward on making searching posts and one's timeline much easier. The announcement builds on previous search options and should streamline and increase functionality.

Internet August 31, 2014

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech biometric smart shirt latest in wearable tech

Ralph Lauren is debuting its first biometric smart shirt at this year's U.S. Open tennis championships. The shirt aims to revolutionize the wearable tech sector.

Wearable Tech August 30, 2014

Uber juggling uber challenges in ride-share market battle

Ride-sharing service Uber is facing a number of global challenges. But the company aims to head some off by dropping prices in London and launching a new service in Korea, despite government angst over the app.

Apps/Software August 29, 2014

Apple will head to court again to overturn Samsung patent ruling

Apple aims to head back into court again to to ban Samsung devices that Apple claims infringe on iPhone technology. A federal judge ruled against Apple the first time.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 29, 2014

T-Mobile preps Uncarrier 7.0 event, intends to 'upend' the wireless industry

T-Mobile is preparing for its Uncarrier 7 event to take place in San Francisco on Sept. 10. That is one day after Apple's expected launch of its new iPhone 6.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 29, 2014

Latest iPhone 6 rumor: Pay by touch on the go

The iPhone 6 rumors are in full swing two weeks from the expected official announcement. Analysts are excited about a potential mobile wallet feature for the new smartphone.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 29, 2014

Apple debuting 4 iWatches? Move into wearables predicted to be big

Apple could be debuting a number of iWatches along with the iPhone 6 on Sept. 9. Rumors abound over what those wearable devices might be, and it has observers excited about a new device from the company.

Wearable Tech August 29, 2014

Apple won't 'suffer irreparable harm' if Samsung sells older phones with patent-infringing components: Judge

A U.S. judge has refused to grant Apple a ban on all nine of the Samsung phones that stole iPhone technology. The judge argued that Apple had not proven that the infringement affected sales.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 28, 2014

iPhone 6 rumors: Expect NFC radio. Or not?

Evidence is pointing to Apple's new iPhone 6 employing NFC technology for a mobile wallet service. That could be a huge boost for users who have been moving to the mobile pay option in recent years.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 28, 2014

What caused Time Warner Cable nationwide outage? Probe underway

Time Warner Cable is investigating why its entire Internet network crashed this week. The result has led to much speculation over how 12 million customers lost service.

Internet August 28, 2014

Twitch latest victim of Lizard Squad hack attack? You bet

Lizard Squad continues to wreak havoc on the video gaming world with their latest hack of Twitch and its streaming service. This attack follows previous ones against Microsoft and Sony.

Video Games August 28, 2014

Samsung Gear S and LG G Watch R ready to take on Apple iWatch

Samsung and LG are expected to give Apple stiff competition in the smart watch sector this fall. With Apple rumored to be announcing its new iWatch the same day as the iPhone 6, that move could hurt Samsung and LG.

Wearable Tech August 28, 2014

Toyota Land Cruiser hits the big 30, re-release set for Japan

After a 10-year absence and to commemorate 30 years of Land Cruiser, Toyota will bring the vehicle back to Japan for one year. The move aims to get the Land Cruiser 70 back on the market as demand grows.

FUTURE TECH August 27, 2014

HP yanks 6 million laptop power cords, citing potential fire hazard

Hewlett-Packard has announced a recall of a line of power cords after reports of problems arose. The company is to replace all cords sold during a two-year time frame after minor burns and charring were reported.

Computers August 27, 2014

Hackers may have hit Google in its sweet spot, car crash photo dominates image search

Google Images may have been hit by hackers on Aug. 26. The result saw many users' searches return with only images of a Russian car crash.

Internet August 27, 2014

Orbitz loses a big airline as American cuts ties with Internet travel site

American Airlines is removing its fares from the Internet travel website Orbitz. The move, 'effective immediately,' will be a big hit for the online booking site as other airlines might follow suit.

Internet August 27, 2014

Time Warner Cable nationwide outage draws state scrutiny given merger move

Millions of Time Warner Cable subscribers saw Internet service go out early Wednesday. For hours, users were unable to get online or use the On Demand service from the company before it was resolved.

Internet August 27, 2014

Huawei Ascend P7 smartphone will boast sapphire display

Huawei has confirmed its flagship Ascend P7 smartphone will be equipped with a sapphire display. A picture of the new device was posted by a top official on the Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 27, 2014

Ford taps Kentucky plant for Lincoln MKC production

Ford is looking to Louisville, Kentucky to help boost Lincoln MKC production. The company says it will hire 300 new employees and make a $129 million investment in its quest to bring back the Lincoln.

FUTURE TECH August 26, 2014

AT&T gets DOJ approval to merge with DirecTV

AT&T has reportedly been given the go-ahead by the Department of Justice on a proposed merger with DirecTV. Now the company is waiting on the FCC for final approval of the $49 billion deal.

Deals August 26, 2014

VMware heads to the cloud to deliver mobile, hybrid services

VMware is continuing to promote the rebranding of its flagship hybrid cloud service to vCloud Air. The move is seen as being able to deliver better quality cloud-based service while improving functionality and ease of use.

Apps/Software August 26, 2014

Time to trade in that old iPhone as iPhone 6 arrival looms

It may be time to trade in that old iPhone as preparations for the iPhone 6's arrival are being made. As the launch approaches, the value of older iPhones will see some marked decreases.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 26, 2014

Sony perfume bottle-shaped selfie camera surfaces on Weibo: Girls will love it, but is it for real?

Rumors are hitting the tech world that Sony has developed a new make-up like device aimed at assisting users take selfies. The Xperia C3 device has sparked much attention over its unique look and is rumored that it's being tested in China.

Gadgets August 26, 2014

Charter Internet outage under investigation

Charter Communications says it is investigating a number of Internet outages across its coverage areas. The company is facing frustrated users who say it did not respond promptly to complaints.

Internet August 25, 2014

LG 4K OLED big screen TV comes with a stiff price: $11K

LG is launching the first market-ready 4K OLED ultrahigh-definition television. But don't expect it to be affordable -- the price tag is more than $11K for the 65-inch model.

Gadgets August 25, 2014

Apple offers replacement for bad iPhone 5 battery

After seeing a number of complaints, Apple is offering to replace poor batteries in the iPhone 5. The move comes as the new iPhone 6 device could be hitting the market as soon as next month.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 25, 2014

Backdoor malware hitting retail sector hard, few companies aware of security flaw

Homeland Security has urged businesses to assess their cybersecurity situation. The call comes as new information indicates the Backoff malware could be a major threat to retailers and the personal information of users they store.

Internet August 25, 2014

Back to school bargain: Microsoft Surface 2 now about $100 cheaper

Microsoft has reduced the price of its Surface 2 tablets by around $100. The move comes as parents look for the best devices for their children as the fall semester gets under way.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 25, 2014

Less sunscreen and popularity of indoor tanning beds up melanoma risk among teens, report warns

It appears young kids aren't getting the memo on sunscreen. The decrease in the number of teens using sunscreen has led to a new report that warns about the increase in melanoma risk in American teens.

LIFE August 24, 2014

Discovery of excessive neural synapses in autism patients holds promise for future treatment

New research published this week shows that there is hope for those who suffer from autism. The research suggests a hyper-connected brain segment where we process social engagement and communication for those with autism.

LIFE August 24, 2014

DeLorean: Microsoft's biggest weapon yet in cloud gaming

Microsoft Research has published a report that signals the company's goal of creating something akin to Netflix for gamers. DeLorean, as it is dubbed, would bring together gaming and the cloud for instant gaming needs.

August 24, 2014

Amazon Sponsored Links may be Google's worst enemy

Amazon is looking to enter Google's domain with the launch of its own Internet advertising platform. The move, which is expected to be tested later this year, could threaten Google's market dominance in online advertising.

Internet August 24, 2014

Google search app now multilingual and easier than ever

Google is updating its Google Search app to be more multilingual. The move will allow users to search for things in a language of their choosing without having to switch any settings.

Apps/Software August 22, 2014

Google driverless cars must boast steering wheel in road tests, at least in California

A new set of rules from California's DMV says self-driving cars from Google must have a steering wheel for human use. The search giant says it will comply with the regulations as it develops new prototypes.

FUTURE TECH August 22, 2014

Apps for the college bound, and those who just love quirky software

It's the time of year when youths head to college. With technology and apps going in a number of directions, Tech Times delivers some solid app choices to download ahead of hitting campus.

Apps/Software August 22, 2014

eBay mulls switching out PayPal as electronic payment vendor

E-commerce company eBay is debating whether to leave PayPal and move in a different direction for payments. The discussion has led to much speculation over which way eBay plans to go for payments on its site.

Internet August 22, 2014

Honda kit turns hybrid CR-Z into a supercharged hot rod wannabe

Honda is offering a supercharger kit for its hybrid CR-Z that delivers additional power and performance. The company hopes the boost will help entice more customers to think hybrid.

FUTURE TECH August 22, 2014

Ride-share market competitor Hailo follows Uber API move

Hailo is following Uber in offering an API to developers. The goal is to foster apps that deliver Hailo rideshare service to a bigger rider base.

Apps/Software August 21, 2014

AT&T GigaPower moving into the valley, Silicon Valley to be specific

Cupertino is getting AT&T's fastest Internet service available. AT&T GigaPower will deliver up to one gigabit per second of uploading and downloading speed.

Internet August 21, 2014

Opera Mini tapped as default browser for Microsoft feature phones

Microsoft and Norwegian software developer Opera are partnering to develop a default browser for Microsoft's feature smartphones. The move comes as the Windows Phone continues to decline.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 21, 2014

VMware debuts rebranded Vcloud Air, provides greater flexibility in hybrid cloud

The world's leader in cloud services, VMware, is looking to expand its network and rebrand its flagship service. The move comes as competition in the sector continues to increase.

Apps/Software August 21, 2014

Google Glass update makes reaching out to contacts a bit easier

Google is updating Google Glass to deliver better connectivity with family and friends. The new release also gives Explorers the ability to find local restaurants and other hot spots through the headgear.

Wearable Tech August 21, 2014

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