Level Up! Silver Iodide-Laden Drone Brings Cloud Seeding Higher

Unmanned aircrafts find its new use in pulling out water from sky. Flying unmanned and at an altitude of 400 feet above icy mountains and dangerous terrains, it eliminates the risk of manned aircraft in conducting cloud seeding operation.

Robotics February 28, 2017

Bots Stealing Human Jobs, Bill Gates Says 'Tax The Robots'

As fears of robots replacing human labor grow, Bill Gates has expressed that like their human counterparts, bots should also be liable to pay income tax. Gates believes that companies should be ready to face repercussions of such moves.

Robotics February 18, 2017

Mt. Erebus Ice Caves Stand In For Frozen Alien Worlds To Help NASA JPL Test Tools

It's no Europa but Mt. Erebus’s ice caves do good work simulating the frozen environments that could be present in alien worlds in the outer solar system, providing NASA with suitable conditions to test its tools in.

Robotics February 15, 2017

Robot Sent To Clean Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Dies Because Of Excessive Radiation

The first entry into the Fukushima nuclear reactor was aborted after a robot sent to clear grime expired because of severe radiation. It endured 650 sieverts of radiation for two hours, a level that could kill humans in seconds.

Robotics February 13, 2017

Paralyzed People Can Control Robotic Arms With Power Of Mind And Improved Brain-Machine Interfaces, Says Study

A new study on the role of the brain in the improvement of motor learning has said appropriate improvements in brain-machine interfaces can help paralyzed patients to control robotic arms using their mind power.

Robotics February 11, 2017

London's Science Museum Showcases Half A Century Of Robotics

London's Science Museum exhibits 500 years’ worth of human ingenuity in the field of robotics. Learn about the evolution of robots, from simple mechanical contraptions to humanoid androids.

Robotics February 11, 2017

Planning Algorithms Add Human Intuition, Get Performance Boost

Planning algorithms are on a level all their own when it comes to solving problems but MIT researchers have discovered that there’s still room for improvement when human intuition is added to the equation.

Robotics February 9, 2017

This Robot Drone Can Mimic How Bats Fly

Bats have sophisticated flight mechanisms that are difficult to incorporate into robotics. In a new study, however, researchers create a robot design that can mimic how these mammals fly.

Robotics February 6, 2017

This Invisible, Water-Powered Robot Snatches Unsuspecting Fish With A Claw [Video]

MIT scientists have developed an invisible robot that can swim and snatch fish effectively. It is made of interlocking hydrogel cubes that can inflate themselves when pumped up with water.

Robotics February 2, 2017

Alphabet's Boston Dynamics Showcases Wheeled Robot 'Handle,' AKA The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Boston Dynamics has just showcased a wheel-legged robot named Handle. On the stage at Abundance360, company CEO Marc Raibert introduced it as a 'nightmare-inducing robot.'

Robotics February 2, 2017

Cyborgs: Elon Musk Predicts A Future When The Human Brain Is Linked To A Computer

Elon Musk sees potential in neural nets growing inside the human brain in the future. What does this mean for human and artificial intelligence development?

Robotics January 28, 2017

Can Robots Learn Like Human Babies? Researchers Trying To Make It Happen

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are trying to help robots acquire learning skills easily. They are using a novel method whereby bots are taught using adversarial learning techniques, similar to human babies.

Robotics January 27, 2017

Artificial Intelligence Beating World’s Best Professional Poker Players

Liberatus, the AI developed by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University is beating the world's best poker players. The AI has already accumulated winnings of nearly $800,000.

Robotics January 25, 2017

Kristen Stewart Co-Authored A Paper On Artificial Intelligence

Kristen Stewart has co-authored an AI scientific paper documenting the machine learning technique employed by her and her two collaborators in the first short film she directed.

Robotics January 20, 2017

Proposal Seeks Giving Robots Legal Status As Electronic Persons With Rights And Obligations

The European Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs voted in favor of a draft report that proposes to give robots legal status. The report calls for giving the machines rights, obligations, and kill switches to prevent dangerous damages.

Robotics January 13, 2017

Inspired By A Caterpillar, This Soft Robot Crawls To Get Around

Researchers take inspiration from caterpillars to help develop better control over their soft robot's body movement. Their invention can inch and crawl on various surfaces by deforming each of its four body sections using sensors and motors.

Robotics January 7, 2017

South Korea Has A 13-Foot Robot To Make All Your Manned Mech Dreams Come True

A South Korean robotics company revealed a 13-foot robot which was created in collaboration with Vitaly Bulgarov. The robot already benefits from a tremendous popularity, as well as interest from a wide array of industries.

Robotics December 29, 2016

DARPA's LUKE Robotic Arm Will Attach Itself First To War Veterans Before Going Commercial

A robotic arm named after Luke Skywalker will find its way to war veterans before becoming available to the general public. LUKE is DARPA's latest invention, and it is expected to change the way robotic arms are designed.

Robotics December 26, 2016

No Implants Required: EEG-Based Technology Makes It Possible To Control Robotic Arm With Just Thoughts

Paralyzed or stroke-afflicted people have good news from the researchers of the University of Minnesota. They have come up with a breakthrough technology that allows people to control a robotic arm using their thoughts.

Robotics December 16, 2016

Soft Touch Of Robot Hand Comparable To That Of Human

A soft robot hand known as "Gentle Bot" can touch fragile items and make sense of their shape and texture. According to the Cornell University researchers, they developed it to help ensure future robots achieve a human touch.

Robotics December 13, 2016

Lemur-Like African Primate Galago Inspires Design Of Fast Leaping Robot

The galago, a lemur-like primate found in Africa, inspired the designs of the new robot named SALTO. What are the abilities and potential applications of this new robot?

Robotics December 7, 2016

Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Can Now Chase You Down Even On Rough Grounds But You Don't Have To Worry

Researchers at IHMC have provided Boston Dynamics' Atlas humanoid robot with an algorithm that allowed it to walk on surfaces that are riddled with cinder blocks, successfully navigating partial footholds with grace and without toppling over.

Robotics December 4, 2016

NASA Develops Sense Of Smell In Rovers To ‘Sniff Out’ Life On Mars

NASA specialists have been working on a new instrument which will be used in looking for bio-signatures in the attempt to find life on Mars. Possibly, the technique will also be employed in observing other planets in our solar system.

Robotics November 2, 2016

How To Build A Raspberry Pi-Powered Wi-Fi Drone Disabler

Drones with high-quality video recording features, sold at an affordable price, have been the cause of alarm for some people because of the possibility to invade privacy. But disabling these drones is now possible through a Raspberry Pi disabling system.

Robotics November 5, 2016

Nanobionic Spinach Plants Engineered To Detect Buried Explosives

MIT engineers embedded the leaves of the spinach plant with carbon nanotubes to detect explosives that are hidden in the soil. How does plant nanobionics work?

Robotics October 31, 2016

Humanoid Robot Kengoro ‘Sweats’ To Cool Down, Power Through Push-Ups

To address the heating problem faced by robots and affects their efficiency and performance, Japanese researchers have offered a solution that allows sweating as a cooling mechanism. Kengoro, the humanoid robot can sweat to cool down.

Robotics October 15, 2016

MIT Researchers Develop Shock-Absorbent 3D-Printed Robots With Soft Skins [VIDEO]

By programming soft materials according to design specifications, MIT CSAIL researchers have managed to create a shock-absorbent 3D-printed robot with soft skins. The technology may be used in a range of applications, from commercial to military.

Robotics October 4, 2016

Meet Toyota's Kirobo Mini: This $400 Baby-Like Robot Can Respond To Human Emotions

Toyota is planning to release the Kirobo Mini, a baby-like humanoid robot, into the market early next year. The $400 robot is said to be capable of responding to human emotions, while animatedly engaging in conversations.

Robotics October 3, 2016

Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Tries To Balance On One Foot [Video]

Boston Dynamics showcased a video of its Atlas robot keeping its balance on a narrow piece of wood. The company’s research into human-like robots could bring us closer to seeing replicants, but the path is long and windy.

Robotics September 12, 2016

Researchers Study How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Urban Life By 2030

Stanford University has released the first part of its One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence (AI100), which focuses on the impacts of artificial intelligence. The report is designed to allay fears over the potential of AI programs to get out of hand.

Robotics September 5, 2016

Could Robots Ultimately Replace Restaurant Workers In The Future?

With workers protesting for an increase in minimum wage to $15, and companies unwilling to play nice, we could see a world where fast food restaurants have been taken over by robot employees instead of human.

Robotics August 30, 2016

Harvard's Soft-Bodied Robot Octobot Runs On Hydrogen Peroxide And Can Revolutionize Robotics

Harvard researchers have created a soft robot whose design is inspired by the octopus. Octobot uses hydrogen peroxide as source of power and can potentially change the course of robotics.

Robotics August 27, 2016

Researchers Building Robots To Exterminate Lionfish Population

The lionfish is an invasive species in the Caribbean, Bermuda and Florida. Researchers are currently testing a robot that can exterminate the species in order to protect the marine ecosystem in these waters.

Robotics August 27, 2016

New Breed Of Robots Compete For Space At The Operating Table

Robots are finding increasing use in cancer treatments, urology, gynecology and gastroenterology ops, as they all vie for space at the operating table.

Robotics July 28, 2016

World's Fastest Consumer Drone Teal Can Reach Speeds Of 85 Mph, And It's Modular

The modular Teal drone is a powerful machine, featuring speeds of 85 miles per hour and an integrated NVIDIA TX1 supercomputer. Even more astonishing is the fact that the man behind its development is just 18 years old.

Robotics July 21, 2016

Man Arrested In California For Flying Drone Over Wildfire: Why This Is A Serious Offense

A hobbyist drone operator was arrested and charged with one count of misdemeanor after flying his drone over a wildfire in California. This is a serious offense, and here's the reason why.

Robotics July 18, 2016

US Government Taps Drones To Deliver Peanut Butter M&M Vaccines, Save Endangered Ferrets

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is looking to use drones to help the endangered black-footed ferret. The drones will be used to dispense vaccines for prairie dogs, the main food source of the ferrets, against the sylvatic plague.

Robotics July 15, 2016

The Mind-Controlled Bionic Arm Named After Luke Skywalker Will Finally Launch This Year

The mind-controlled LUKE bionic arm will be rolled out by the end of the year. Wearers can control the prosthetic limb, which presents a drastic upgrade to current basic offerings, by tensing or flexing their arm.

Robotics July 12, 2016

Anki's AI-Powered Robot Cozmo Will Come With Substantial SDK And Easy-To-Understand Lines Of Code

Anki aims to revolutionize the way we look at robotics by bringing it to the masses’ fingertips. To make AI coding much easier, a purported novice-friendly SDK will ship with Cozmo once the cutesy robotic companion launches this coming October.

Robotics July 12, 2016

Engineers Working On Cyborg Locusts That Can Sniff Out Explosives

Researchers from the Washington University in St. Louis are working on a project to create cyborg locusts. The bugs will be able to perform better in bomb detection compared with robots due to their powerful sense of smell.

Robotics July 6, 2016

Anki's AI-Powered Cozmo Robot Is A Pixar Character In Real Life

Cozmo is a tiny robotic companion animated by machine learning, computer vision and artificial intelligence. The little robot is so powerful, its makers claim it can process more data than all of the Mars Rovers combined.

Robotics June 30, 2016

Flirtey Drone Delivers Drugs From Ship To Shore

Medical supplies and samples were carried to and from a ship for the first time, as that vessel was docked off the New Jersey shore. What makes this flight so important?

Robotics June 24, 2016

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