Paris Motor Show 2016: At This Year's Biggest Auto Show, Ford, Volvo, Rolls Royce And Others Will Be A No-Show

By Fritz Gleyo | Sep 29, 2016 02:05 AM EDT

Some of the most notable names in the auto industry won't make an appearance at the upcoming Paris Motor Show 2016.

The list includes Ford, Mazda and Volvo as well as luxury brands Rolls Royce and Aston Martin. Bentley and Lamborghini, both Volkswagen-subsidiaries, will also opt out together.

The biennial event, which is held for 16 days in October, is regarded as one of the most important shows in the motor industry where new concepts and production models are unveiled. In 2014, more than 1.2 million people attended the Paris Motor Show, making it the most visited auto show at the time.

Salon de l'Automobile, as it was originally known, has had an illustrious history, which started with its first event in 1918. Since then, it has become a stage for carmakers to showcase their brands and upcoming offerings.

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For Paris Motor Show 2016, which will commence on Oct. 1, a number of industry big names will be absent.

The Cost Of Putting On A Show

Those elevated and spinning platforms certainly don't come cheap. Car companies spend millions to participate in prestigious auto shows, especially with competing brands seeking to best them left and right.

The competition extends to who can grab the most attention-grabbing headlines. This prompts companies to host special events for the media at key places within Paris, instead of just holding the conventional press conference.

Volkswagen's decision to pull the Bentley and Lamborghini out of Paris Motor Show 2016 came earlier this month. The German car manufacturer is not in a good financial position in the aftermath of the emissions scandal. The company needed to set aside $18 billion to either repurchase or fix the affected vehicles.

Jobs were lost as a result of VW's effort to reduce spending, and the Paris Motor Show was definitely an expense it could do without.

Marketing through Other Channels

While the Paris Motor Show is indeed prestigious, there are still other alternative channels through which the latest and greatest automobiles can be showcased.

And as the line between the auto and consumer tech industries are blurred, newer vehicles are finding their way into tech and electronics events. Earlier this month, for instance, Toyota presented its new Prius model at Disrupt SF 16, a gathering of tech startups hosted by Tech Crunch.

Ford may also be looking to break away from the marketing hype of the Paris Motor Show. It may be drumming up support for its brand in a motor show of its own, according to the BBC. Ford will host its own event to launch a new model in November at its Cologne HQ.

The American car manufacturer is focusing more on its driverless car technology, and redefining itself as an innovator.

Volvo, which has also opted out of the car show, will mount its own media events to market its newer lineup.

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