Elephant Bird Bones Suggest Early Human Activity In Madagascar 6,000 Years Earlier Than Believed

New findings suggest that humans coexisted with Madagascar elephant birds for thousands of years. Does this mean that they are not to blame for the massive birds' extinction?

Ancient September 14, 2018

One Specific Gene Mutation Helped Turn Humans Into Excellent Long-Distance Runners

A gene mutation that took place millions of years ago had changed the way modern human ancestors lived. The same broken gene made mice run faster and for a longer period of time in a new experiment.

Ancient September 13, 2018

Fishermen Stumble Upon Historic Catch: Ancient Giant Elk Skull With Massive Antlers

Fishermen stumbled upon an ancient skull with massive antlers while out fishing in Northern Ireland. The almost fully intact fossil belonged to the Irish Elk, which has been extinct for more than 10,000 years.

Ancient September 10, 2018

Researchers Find 7,200-Year-Old Cheese In Ancient Pottery From Dalmatian Coast

Researchers found the earliest evidence of milk production in the Mediterranean. From pottery, they analyzed fatty residue dating back to 7,200 years ago or 4,000 years earlier than previously believed.

Ancient September 7, 2018

Cold Climate Played Part In Driving Neanderthals To Extinction

Scientists believe that they have found the answer to the mystery of the sudden extinction of Neanderthals 40,000 years ago. Stalagmite layers revealed that Europe experienced cold and dry climate that might have wiped off Neanderthal populations.

Ancient September 1, 2018

Ancient Parasitic Wasps Found Inside Fly Fossils, Named Xenomorphia After 'Alien' Movies

A team of researchers discovered four new species of ancient parasitic wasps while examining fly pupae fossils. The insects were named after the terrifying creatures in the 'Aliens' movies because they also burst out of their hosts.

Ancient August 29, 2018

Ancient Fossil Had Mixed Parentage: Neanderthal Mom And Denisovan Dad

A fossil found in Russia proved that Neanderthals and Denisovans had intermingled and interbred tens of thousands of years ago before they went extinct. Neanderthals and Denisovans are the closest relatives of modern humans.

Ancient August 23, 2018

'Cursed' Cheese Found In Egyptian Tomb Might Be The World's Oldest

Researchers reveal that the strange mass they found in an Egyptian tomb was likely a 3,000-year-old cheese. It is, however, 'cursed' with a harmful bacteria infestation.

Ancient August 17, 2018

Citizen Scientist Finds Ancient Mega Shark Teeth At Australia Beach

A citizen scientist's find in an Australia beach is not just rare but significant as well. While other shark teeth fossil finds are of just one shark tooth, this one pulled over 40 teeth from a boulder.

Ancient August 10, 2018

Who Built The Stonehenge? Cremated Bones Hint At Creators Of Prehistoric Monument

People were more interested in how and why the Stonehenge was build but less concerned about the builders. Now, analysis of cremated bones at the Stonehenge offered lead to the possible identities of the people who built the monument.

Ancient August 3, 2018

Ancient Library That May Have Contained Up To 20,000 Scrolls Discovered In Germany

Last year in Cologne, Germany, archeologists unearthed the remains of what they thought was a public assembly hall. However, it turned out that the structure might actually be the oldest known public library in the country.

Ancient August 1, 2018

Paleontologists Bake Synthetic Fossils That Look Like The Real Thing

Using sediment-encased maturation method, paleontologists baked synthetic fossils in the laboratory that look and act like the real thing. How were they able to cram the fossilization process in just 24 hours?

Ancient July 26, 2018

Egypt Opens Mysterious Giant Sarcophagus: Here’s What’s Inside

Three skeletons and stinky sewage water. This was what experts discovered inside the massive black sarcophagus unearthed in Alexandria, Egypt earlier this month after opening it amid warnings of an ancient curse.

Ancient July 20, 2018

Neanderthals Could Make Fire Using Prehistoric Stone Tools

The Neanderthals were able to produce their own fire. Researchers found microscopic wear on prehistoric stone tools that are produced by a type of rock-striking to produce sparks.

Ancient July 21, 2018

New Armored Dinosaur Species Discovered In Utah Named 'Thorny Head'

A new armored dinosaur species discovered in Utah has been named Akainacephalus johnsoni, with its first name meaning 'thorny head.' The ankylosaurid further confirms that there were at least two immigration events that happened in the late Cretaceous period.

Ancient July 20, 2018

Scientists Discover Oldest Baby Snake Fossil In Amber: Here's Why It's So Important

A baby snake fossil has been found preserved in amber from the Kachin region of Myanmar. The discovery is important because it revealed that snakes may have moved to forests from coastal regions earlier than previously thought, among other things.

Ancient July 19, 2018

Dry Spell Causes 5,000-Year-Old Mysterious Massive Henge To Appear From Out Of Nowhere In Ireland

A dry spell, a drone, and a bit of luck. That is what photographer Anthony Murphy used to discover a massive henge-type monument dating back to the late Neolithic period in northeastern Ireland.

Ancient July 18, 2018

DNA Tests Confirm Romanovs’ Remains 100 Years After Brutal Assassination

Russian investigators announced that the remains of the last of the Romanovs have been authenticated by DNA tests. The latest results came on the 100th anniversary of the brutal killing of the imperial family.

Ancient July 17, 2018

Ancient Stone Toolmakers Came To North America Far Earlier Than Clovis People

Who were the first humans to arrive in North America thousands of years ago? Certainly not the Clovis people, as new research sheds light on stone toolmakers that lived in Texas 16,000 years ago.

Ancient July 17, 2018

Scientists Debunk Blood Of Jesus Found On The Shroud Of Turin

A new study suggested the bloodstains on the Shroud of Turin were faked. Through a technique used in forensic, the researchers behind the study simulated the actual body position from where the bloodstains could have trickled down onto the fabric.

Ancient July 16, 2018

Archaeologists Find 2,500-Year-Old Workshop For Making Mummies In Egypt

Experts found a mummification workshop where ancient Egyptians used to mummify the dead. They also uncovered a rare silver mask inlayed with gemstones fully preserved from the seventh century BC.

Ancient July 16, 2018

Ancient Iceman Otzi's Last Meal Includes Toxic Fern Bracken

Otzi the Iceman's last meal include wild fat and meat, as well as whole wheat seeds. Researchers also found toxic fern called bracken in his stomach. Why did the ancient hunter ingest the plant?

Ancient July 15, 2018

A Farmer Unearthed A Rare Fossil Of Elephant Ancestor But Hid It From the Public

When a farmer found the fossil of an ancient elephant species near the Pyrenees mountains, he kept it to himself over fear of amateur fossil hunters invading his privacy. Years later, he finally hands it over to experts.

Ancient July 15, 2018

Earthquake Destroys Pyramid, Then Unveils Ancient Temple For Aztec Rain God

A deadly earthquake in September destroyed a pyramid in the Mexican state of Morelos. The unfortunate event nevertheless revealed another wonder that was hidden from the rest of the world after about the 1200AD.

Ancient July 13, 2018

Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’ Etched Into Ancient Clay Tablet Unearthed In Olympia

The Greek culture ministry announced that archaeologists have found an ancient clay tablet containing 13 lines from Homer’s ‘The Odyssey.’ This is the oldest known fragment of the epic poem found in its homeland.

Ancient July 12, 2018

World’s Oldest Color Discovered In Rocks Deep Beneath Sahara Desert

A team of international scientists led by researchers from Australia found the oldest color in Earth’s geological record. The ancient pigment found in rocks beneath the Sahara desert could be ten times older than the T-rex.

Ancient July 9, 2018

Ancient DNA Reveals Southeast Asians Are Direct Descendants Of At Least Four Prehistoric Populations

Modern-day Southeast Asians came from at least four ancient ancestors, according to a new study. Ancient DNA analysis showed ancestral diversity in this region is far greater than that of Europe.

Ancient July 9, 2018

Ancient Human Babies Had Special Toes For Holding On To Mothers And Climbing Trees

The foot of Selam, a 3.3-million-year-old fossil of a toddler unearthed in Ethiopia, revealed that ancient human babies had special toes. Their big toes were curved, allowing them to hold on their mothers' bodies and to climb trees.

Ancient July 5, 2018

2 Ancient Houses Unearthed Next To Pyramids Of Giza

Researchers found two ancient residences dating back to the reign of Pharaoh Menkaure. The structures served as houses for two officials overseeing food production for an ancient Egyptian paramilitary.

Ancient July 5, 2018

Archaeologists Trace ‘Stone Highway’ Used To Transport Stonehenge Megaliths

Researchers followed the path, which the ancient megaliths used to build the Stonehenge. Their journey took them down a ‘stone highway’ made of rivers and roads where the giant stones were transported.

Ancient July 3, 2018

Researchers Discover That Ancient Egyptians Were 100 Times Less Likely To Get Cancer Than People Today

Scientists discovered the types of cancer that some ancient Egyptians had. People in ancient Egypt were less likely to get cancer than people living in modern times.

Ancient June 26, 2018

3D Reconstruction Of Julius Caesar’s Face Shows Roman Dictator Looked Less Heroic Than Imagined

Julius Caesar had a ‘crazy bulge’ in his head, according to a 3D reconstruction of the Roman general’s face. Archaeologists at the National Museum of Antiquities created the new likeness, which is currently on display until August.

Ancient June 26, 2018

Historians Use Modern X-Ray Technology To Recover Missing Images From The 19th Century

Scientists recovered images from a lost daguerreotype plate which dates back from the 19th century. Daguerreotypes, considered to be the oldest form of photography, use silver-coated copper plates to take images.

Ancient June 26, 2018

Stonehenge Builders Used Pythagoras' Theorem Way Before The Philosopher’s Birth: Giants, Aliens, Other Theories On Its Origin

Several theories attempted to explain how the Stonehenge was formed. One of the most popular is the notion that aliens built the massive stone monument, while other accounts looked into giants helping humans.

Ancient June 22, 2018

Rack Of Skulls Larger Than A Basketball Court Reveals Aztecs Took Human Sacrifice To The Extreme

Researchers found a giant rack of skulls in Mexico City built during the Aztec period. The discovery includes the skulls of thousands of sacrificial victims offered for the Aztec gods to feed on.

Ancient June 22, 2018

Stonehenge Builders Used Pythagoras' Theorem 2,000 Years Before He Was Born

A new book claims that the Stonehenge builders followed Pythagoras' theorem when they built it around 2500 B.C. in the United Kingdom. Greek mathematician Pythagoras was not born until 570 B.C.

Ancient June 21, 2018

Scientists Discover That Ötzi The Iceman Sharpened His Tools 33 Hours Before He Was Killed

A new study revealed the events that likely led up to the death of Ötzi the Iceman. Scientists also examined the tools that Ötzi the Iceman had on him during his death.

Ancient June 21, 2018

Scientists Probe Mystery Of Neanderthal Brain By Growing A Miniature Version Of It

Scientists built a mini version of the Neanderthal brain. By using CRISPR gene editing, stem cells, and ancient DNA, geneticists were able to build a little brain, which resembles that of human’s extinct close cousin.

Ancient June 22, 2018

Iron Age Swedes Brewed Beer For Large-Scale Mass Production

Researchers discovered new evidence that the Swedish had been making beer for large-scale productions since the Iron Age. The findings were made in Uppakra, an important economic, political, and religious center at the time.

Ancient June 21, 2018

Child Remains In Montana Clovis Burial Site Offer New Insights About Early Humans

A study confirmed that child bones found in Montana Clovis burial site were of the same age with other remains unearthed on the location. The place was said to be the only known burial site of the Clovis people.

Ancient June 20, 2018

Remains Of Men With Chopped Legs And Smashed Heads Buried In Garbage Dump Show Romans Were Brutal

Archaeologists unearthed the remains of two men believed to have suffered a horrific fate at the hands of the Romans. The skeletons were found in England, at the site of a future highway.

Ancient June 21, 2018

Oldest Human Fossil In Europe Is 1 Million Years Old

The homo antecessor, the oldest known human fossil in Europe, lived 1 million years ago. The species is the last known common ancestor of modern men and the Neanderthals.

Ancient June 20, 2018

Ancient Sea Creature Named After President Obama: Here's The Simple Reason Why

A team of researchers was able to discover two new ancient sea creatures that were among the first animals to live on Earth. One of the creatures was named Obamus coronatus, after former U.S. President Barack Obama.

Ancient June 20, 2018

Scientists Have No Idea What These Ornately Carved Baseball-Sized Neolithic Stone Balls Are For

Archaeologists found fine works of art some 200 years ago. However, they’re still stumped as to what purpose these intricately carved stone balls from the Neolithic period served for their makers.

Ancient June 19, 2018

Rare 1,000-Year-Old Amulet Is Glimpse Into Day-To-Day Life During Golden Age Of Islam

The Israel Antiquities Authority announced that it had discovered a rare, 1,000-year-old Islamic amulet inscribed with a plea for protection from Allah. The object dates back to the Abbasid Caliphate, also known to be the Golden Age of Islam.

Ancient June 21, 2018

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