Prehistoric Frogs Preserved In Amber For 99 Million Years

Prehistoric frogs that have been trapped in amber for 99 million years provide a glimpse into how the ancient world looked like. The ancient frogs came from Myanmar, in the same amber deposits where many other fossils have been found.

Ancient June 15, 2018

2,000-Year-Old Forgotten City Of Bassania Unearthed In Albania

Archaeologists found the lost city of Bassania in Albania. The 2,000-year-old city was a fortress city surrounded by thick stone walls and spanning 20 hectares.

Ancient June 12, 2018

Archaeologists Dig Up Mass Grave Of Soldiers Crushed By Napoleon's Troops

Archaeologists discovered a mass grave of soldiers who died at the hands of Napoleon Bonaparte. The remains of the 200-year-old army were found in modern-day Deutsch-Wagram.

Ancient June 12, 2018

How 3,800-Year-Old Skeletons In Russia Changes The Timeline Of The Bubonic Plague By 800 Years

The 3,800-year-old skeletons of a woman and man buried together were discovered in Russia. Researchers say their teeth contain the bacteria that caused the Black Death.

Ancient June 10, 2018

3,000-Year-Old Sculpted Head Found In Ancient Israel City Depicts Biblical King

A sculpture found in an ancient city in Israel could be depicting King Hazael of Aram-Damascus, King Ahab of Israel, or King Ethbaal of Tyre although there are other candidates. What hinted scholars the figurine represents royalty?

Ancient June 10, 2018

Over 800 Ancient Skulls Proved That Inca Doctors In Peru Were Better Than Civil War Doctors

A new study revealed that doctors in the ancient Inca civilization performed skull surgeries better than Civil War doctors. Researchers studied hundreds of ancient skulls to find this conclusion.

Ancient June 9, 2018

Scientists Discover Fossils Of 250-Million-Year-Old Prehistoric Saber-Toothed Predators In Russia

Scientists found two new prehistoric species in Russia that date back over 250 million years ago. The discovery will help explain a mass extinction that occurred during the mid-Permian period.

Ancient June 8, 2018

Researchers Trace Genome Structure Of Dinosaurs, Thanks To Their Living Relatives

Researchers were able to create the genome structure of dinosaurs, including the tyrannosaurs and velociraptor. The key was in studying the chromosomes of their closest relatives, birds and turtles.

Ancient June 7, 2018

245 Million-Year-Old Sea Reptile Is World’s Oldest Case Of Tuberculosis

Researchers found the remains of a marine reptile from the Triassic period showing evidence of tuberculosis. At 250 million years old, the sea animal is the world’s earliest known case of this disease.

Ancient June 7, 2018

Oldest Footprint Discovered On Ancient Seafloor Reveals What Creature Is First To Have Feet

Scientists discovered the oldest footprint known so far in an ancient seafloor in China. It is uncertain if the organism belongs to the arthropod family, although the researchers believe it could be a bilaterian with paired feet.

Ancient June 7, 2018

Archaeologists Find Rare Remains Of Man Who Died On A Cross

Archaeologists unearthed the skeleton of a man who died on a wooden cross. This is only the world’s second piece of evidence of the brutal form of execution called crucifixion.

Ancient June 6, 2018

Ancient Giant Ground Drawings Of Killer Whale And Dancing Woman Seen Over Peru

Archaeologists discovered 25 new geoglyphs, including a killer whale and a dancing woman, in Peru. The new drawings predate their more popular neighbor, the Nazca Lines.

Ancient June 5, 2018

Unusual 150-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Skeleton Sold For Over $2 Million At Paris Auction

A skeleton of an unknown dinosaur species was auctioned off at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The unidentified buyer purchased the 150-million-year-old dinosaur specimen for over $2 million.

Ancient June 4, 2018

Scientists Say They Discovered A 300-Year-Old Mystery About The Hats On The Easter Island Statues

New research suggests that the hats on the Easter Island statues were likely rolled up a ramp and then tipped on top of them. Photogrammetry and high-tech 3D imaging were used to determine this.

Ancient June 4, 2018

North Americans Have Similar DNA Ancestry With Indigenous Canadians, Genetic Study Reveals

A sweeping genetic study of the North American lineage revealed that there were two separated ancient populations that reconverged to give rise to the first Americans. The analysis was based on ancient genetic samples acquired from Ontario and California.

Ancient June 4, 2018

Egyptian ‘Hawk Mummy’ Turns Out To Be A Baby With Severely Malformed Skull

Micro-CT scans of a relic labeled as ‘mummified hawk’ in a museum revealed that a baby was inside after all. The boy suffered anencephaly, a condition where the brain and part of the skull failed to develop properly.

Ancient June 1, 2018

Study Traces Genetic Ancestry Of Inca Emperors, Sheds Light On Origin Legends

Where did the Inca empire's royals really come from? There are two legends that relate to their origin, and a new study may have confirmed both.

Ancient June 1, 2018

Tiny Green Mummified Baby Hand Unearthed In Medieval Cemetery Reveals Sad Story About Its Burial

Researchers found a mummified green baby hand in a village in southern Hungary. They uncovered an unusual mummification process and a sad story that comes with it.

Ancient June 1, 2018

Stolen Sumerian Tablets Reveal Mysterious 4,000-Year-Old Lost City Of Irisagrig

Some 450 cuneiform tablets unearthed in modern-day Iraq reveal clues about day-to-day life in the ancient lost city of Irisagrig. The tablets were looted and smuggled into the United States and confiscated from an antiques collector.

Ancient May 31, 2018

Ancient Humans May Have Traveled To North America From Asia Through This 17,000-year-old Coastal Route

New evidence suggested that early humans migrated to America through a 17,000-year-old coastal route found along Alaska’s Pacific Border. This current conclusion clashed with previous theory stating that early humans passed through Siberia to the Americas.

Ancient June 1, 2018

Life Returned To Dinosaur-Killer Asteroid Crater In Just Years

Scientists discovered that it only took several years for life to return to the crater left behind by the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. The researchers found signs of life in sediment cores extracted from the Chicxulub crater.

Ancient May 31, 2018

World's Oldest Lizard Fossil Found In The Italian Alps

A fossil may make scientists rethink the way that lizards evolved over time. A 240 million-year-old fossil of a lizard was found in the Italian Alps.

Ancient June 1, 2018

Ancient Wars And Clan Structure Decimated Y Chromosome Genetic Diversity 7,000 Years Ago

Between 7,000 and 5,000 years ago, there was a bottleneck of the Y chromosome in society. Researchers discovered this by running different computer simulations.

Ancient May 30, 2018

Skeleton Of 'Unluckiest Man In History' Found In Pompeii

The Pompeii Archeological Park announced the discovery of the first victim of the Mount Vesuvius eruption found from the unexplored archeological site called Regio V. The bones were found under a large rock shaped like a doorjamb.

Ancient May 30, 2018

Fossilized Skull Of Half Mammal, Half Reptile May Rewrite History

Scientists found a fossilized skull of a reptile-like mammal underneath the foot of a dinosaur fossil in Utah. The discovery may rewrite ancient history, due to its implications on theories surrounding the supercontinent Pangaea.

Ancient May 30, 2018

99-Million-Year-Old Unlucky Tick Bound In Spider Silk, Immortalized In Amber

Researchers have found an extremely rare fossil of a 99-million-year-old tick wrapped in spider silk and encased in tree resin. The discovery reveals the ancient interaction of an unlucky tick and an uncompromising spider.

Ancient May 29, 2018

Scientists Find Incredibly Well-Preserved 1,000-Year-Old Mummy In Peru

Researchers have discovered a 1,000-year-old mummy completely intact in its funerary bundle. The mummy was unearthed in the archaeological site of Pachacama, a pilgrimage site in what is known to be ancient Peru.

Ancient May 28, 2018

Scientists Discover 125-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Dandruff In China

In 2012, scientists discovered 125-million-year-old dinosaur dandruff in China. They also said the dandruff is proof that feathered dinosaurs lacked sufficient flying skills.

Ancient May 25, 2018

Asteroid That Killed The Dinosaurs Caused Global Warming For The Next 100,000 Years

The asteroid that led to a mass extinction event that killed the dinosaurs also had consequences on Earth's climate. For 100,000 years following the impact, temperatures rose dramatically.

Ancient May 25, 2018

Asteroid That Killed Dinosaurs Affected The Evolution Of Birds By Eliminating Trees

The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs had immense an immense biological impact on the species all across the world. By eliminating trees, this reduced the types of bird that survived the collision.

Ancient May 25, 2018

Scientists Figure Out How Human Brains Became 6 Times Larger Than Expected

Humans have larger brains than other animals but scientists have always struggled to learn why that is. Scientists now say that they have figured out how and why human brains became so large.

Ancient May 24, 2018

How A Robot Discovered The 300-Year-Old 'Holy Grail Of Shipwrecks' With $17B In Treasure

An autonomous underwater vehicle called Remus 6000 found the San Jose, known as the 'Holy Grail of shipwrecks.' The 300-year-old ship holds treasure valued up to $17 billion.

Ancient May 23, 2018

Discovery Of Ancient Human Bones In Denmark Suggests A ‘Barbarian-on-barbarian’ War Took Place In Northern Europe

A team of archeologists found ancient human bones in a wetland in Denmark. The finding suggested that barbarian tribes fought among each other in a yet recorded battle that took place in the first century A.D.

Ancient May 22, 2018

How Did Dinosaurs Hatch Their Eggs Without Crushing Them? Carefully, Researchers Say

Researchers believe that they have figured out how dinosaurs hatched their eggs without crushing them, beyond the answer of 'carefully.' Scientists were able to understand the incubating behavior of oviraptorosaurs by studying 40 fossils of their nests.

Ancient May 16, 2018

Autistic Trait In Early Humans Linked To Ice Age Art Revolution

Experts concluded that early humans with autistic trait led an art revolution during the Ice Age. Their ability to focus on detail, an aptitude attributed to people with autism, also helped them create complex hunting tools for their survival.

Ancient May 16, 2018

Homo Naledi Skull Reveals Hominin Had Human-Like Brain

New findings emerged that the relatively small brain of Homo naledi had a complex organization. This challenges the theory of ancient human evolution placing Homo sapiens as the ancestor of modern humans.

Ancient May 15, 2018

Lead Pollution Found In Greenland Ice Core Shows Lead Emissions From Ancient Greeks And Romans

Lead pollution trapped in ice cores taken from Greenland shows mining operations from the Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman empires. This shows the economic vitality of the empires by how much lead is found in the ice.

Ancient May 14, 2018

Geneticists Are Growing Miniature Brains From Human Stem Cells Engineered With Neanderthal DNA

A team of geneticists from the Max Planck Institute in Germany genetically altered human stem cells by combining them with Neanderthal DNA. The team hoped to grow miniature brains from these engineered human stem cells.

Ancient May 14, 2018

New Study Suggests Leprosy Began To Spread From Europe To The World

Scientists have turned to ancient DNA to retrace the history and origins of leprosy. In the biggest study to date, they found that both humans and squirrels may have played a role in the transmission of the disease in Europe.

Ancient May 11, 2018

Tourists In Utah Throw Dinosaur Tracks Into Lake Thinking That They're Regular Rocks

Tourists in a park in Utah threw what they thought were regular rocks into a lake but those rocks turned out to be ancient dinosaur tracks. The tracks were already damaged before they threw them into the lake.

Ancient May 10, 2018

Nefertiti Tomb Mystery Remains With New Research Saying Tutankhamun ‘Secret Chamber’ Is Nonexistent

A new study presented at the fourth Tutankhamun International Conference disproved the previous hypothesis that Queen Nefertiti’s tomb is found in hidden chambers within Tutankhamun’s tomb. The study was presented by Francesco Porcelli of the Polytechnic University of Turin.

Ancient May 7, 2018

Utah Family Discovers Nearly 16,000-Year-Old Horse Skeleton In Backyard

A family in Utah was in shock to find a horse skeleton buried in their backyard. According to paleontologists, the horse skeleton could be 14,000 to 16,000 years old.

Ancient May 3, 2018

11-Year-Old Tennessee Girl Discovers 475-Million-Year-Old Fossil Of A Trilobite Near A Lake

A young girl discovered the fossil of a 475-million-year-old trilobite near a lake in Tennessee. A professor from the University of Tennessee confirmed the discovery.

Ancient May 3, 2018

How The Bones Of An Ancient Rhino Placed Humans In The Philippines 700000 Years Ago

Scientists recently discovered the fossilized skeleton of a rhinoceros in the Philippines from 700,000 years ago. It is likely that early humans were on the island at that time.

Ancient May 2, 2018

Largest Child Sacrifice In History Found In Ancient Mass Grave In Peru

A group of archaeologists, supported by grants from the National Geographic Society, found what they believed could be the largest child sacrifice site in history. The ancient mass grave they found also included skeletal remains of baby llamas.

Ancient April 28, 2018

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