Toyoda Gosei will present its futuristic car technology at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, which will start on Oct. 28 and end on Nov. 8

Even if the company is part of the Toyota conglomerate, its scope and technology forwardness set it apart. Google, Nissan, Honda and Toyota among others have as objectives the release of an auto-driving vehicle in the next five years. While most car companies set targets for 2020, Toyoda Gosei develops technologies that are ahead of the times.

Flesby is the name of the latest conceptual car by Toyoda Gosei, which will showcase the mini vehicle at the Tokyo Car Show. The Japanese manufacturer which is renowned for its plastics, car safety and LED technology wants to see Flesby roaming the streets as soon as 2030.

Flesby is an ultra-small mobility car that attracts a lot of attention. Firstly, its size is unfathomably small, making it a super economic option for city traffic and beyond. Secondly, the mini car is padded with external airbags, programmed to deploy in the unfortunate case when an unavoidable collision takes place.

A stack of safety technologies and security features will be presented at the auto show. Signal Cockpit Link is a LED based system that gathers data from the lighting and view from outside the car to create an internal panorama. A group of different sensors focus on the driver's posture and micro-gestures, reading his mood and focused state. Depending on whether the driver is sleepy, angry or impatient, the system can modify the ambiance of the cockpit, its music and lighting levels.

A hands-on experience is in store for visitors of the Tokyo Auto Show: Toyoda Gosei allows its potential clients to see and feel how the safety and illumination features work, and even throws in a head-on collision simulator. The company offers the multi-G-forced experience to increase awareness about the perils of hazardous traffic.

The exhibit will feature a myriad of other tech novelties, such as capless fuel fillers, LED dome lamps and LED grille illumination.

For the more visually inclined, a wireframe mockup of the Flesby is displayed, presenting the advanced technologies that the tiny car is packed with in an easy-to-understand manner.

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