More than 20 years after the first Tekken game was ported to the PlayStation and after almost four years since Tekken Tag Tournament 2 debuted on the PS3, Tekken 7, the ninth installment of the Tekken game franchise, has finally been announced.

During Sony's media briefing at the Paris Games Week, a video game trade fair that started Oct. 28 and will conclude on Nov. 1, the trailer for Tekken 7 was released along with the announcement that it will come to the PlayStation 4 in 2016.

Tekken 7 had a limited arcade release in Japan in February 2015. A month later, the unfinished game was re-released while still in its beta phase.

"We literally drooled over the Arcade version, and now it's coming to your home," wrote Gaëtan Gireme, Bandai Namco Community manager, in a blog post on the PlayStation's portal.

Bandai Namco Entertainment is a game developer based in Japan and responsible for creating the Tekken that we all enjoy. Under the company's banner Katsuhiro Harada, a game director and chief producer, who has the main hand in developing the Tekken game series since its first release.

A lot of people have praised Tekken 7's graphics, which are mostly attributed to its usage of Unreal Engine 4. The same game engine that a lot of upcoming virtual reality titles are using, which makes Tekken 7 compatible with the PlayStation VR. This is the first time Tekken will use this specific game engine, which is promised to deliver a true new-gen experience.

"In addition to the great graphics, as demonstrated in this awesome announcement trailer, many new characters will join the fight," Gireme added.

One of the new additions is Kazumi Mishima, who is allegedly the killed wife of Heichachi Mishima and Kazuya's mother. Gireme went on to say that Kazumi's powers will be necessary to understand the conflict between Heichachi, his son Kazuya and Jin Kazama, his grandson.

Moreover, the Mishima clan saga is said to have its conclusion within the next Installment. Gireme notes that it will be "dark". Nonetheless, it is promised to be enjoyable for the fans since the mysteries within the game, such as the those surrounding Devil Gene's origins will be revealed.

Below is the freshly-released Tekken 7 game trailer. Enjoy.

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