With only two weeks to go before Fallout 4's big release date, the Vault has released the complete list of the game's trophies which are earned by completing tasks and achievements during game play. While some seem pretty straightforward, earn a trophy for watching the prologue of the game or going through the first walk-through upon launching the game, other listed trophies may offer some interesting insights to what players can expect upon first setting their sights on the Wasteland.

With 50 trophies in total (51 if you include the trophy you earn for getting all 50 trophies) to collect, here are some educated guesses on what the story of Fallout 4 – which Bethesda has managed to keep tightly under wraps even with all the hype surrounding the game – may entail.

Most of the trophies revealed for the PlayStation 4 version of the game, and according to reports will most likely be the same for Xbox One and PC versions as well, seem pretty much straightforward.

Earn “War Never Changes,” the first trophy, after you complete the prologue sequence of the game and step foot in the wasteland of Boston for the first time.

A “Masshole” trophy is earned when you reach 300 kills. Interestingly, this real life slang word was added to the Oxford English Dictionary earlier this year and is defined as “A term of contempt for: a native or inhabitant of the state of Massachusetts.”

The “When Freedom Calls” trophy seems to be one to achieve after meeting or rescuing the new Fallout 4 character, Preston Garvey. The trophy's icon shows a cartoon version of Garvey whom we first got to meet in the mobile game Fallout Shelter.

Homerun” and “Touchdown” trophies indicate the game might involve some sort of sporting event or competition to engage in. Perhaps a round of good old baseball in the ruins of Boston's very own Fenway Park?

These next bunch of trophies have the most spoiler potential so read on if you don't mind some theories about what will unfold in Fallout 4.

The icon for the “Reunions” trophy shows Vault Boy chasing after a baby in a tram. Some are speculating that this baby could be the one seen in the trailer for Fallout 4.

Ad Victoriam” is Latin for Victory and the trophy's icon show what just might be the foot of a gigantic robot. We think it might just have something to do with Liberty Prime MK2.

A quest from Fallout 3 gives us a clue as to what the “Powering Up” trophy could point to. The icon shows two shadowy figures in the background, which seem to allude to the sentient androids manufactured by The Institute to look like humans.

Tradecraft” trophy includes the caption: Join the Railroad. Leading many to believe even more links to The Institute from the game's previous installment. The Railroad in Fallout 3 was an underground organization meant to thwart the Institute and help both Androids and humans escape from their lives of slavery.

Another trophy to earn from joining one of the game's factions is “The First Step” which is rewarded when you join The Minutemen.

One of the best explosive moments from Fallout 3 also seems like it will be rekindled in the fourth installment. “The Nuclear Option” looks like a hard choice will have to be made – and this trophy will be earned by choosing a big boom for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Great Dome as seen in the icon.

And finally, “Prepared For the Future” with its ominous caption of: Decide the Fate of the Commonwealth could indicate that the game will sport multiple endings which can either lead you down a path of good or evil.

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