Developer Psyonix is about to drop a game-changer, literally, for Rocket League. The company is doing so without charging it community a cent. Rocket League's Mutator update will give players the option to toy with game-changing elements such as gravity, boost and ball size.

The free Mutator update will arrive in November and will give players the ability to personalize games with a host of custom settings.

Rocket League is steeped in the thick heritage of its Unreal Tournament modes, reasons Pysonix. So the developer is giving players the option to experience the battle-car ball games with settings that will allow matchmakers to emulate classic game modes:

"Want to play low-gravity 'Moonball' with extra boost? It's possible," says Pysonix. "Want to relive classic Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars game modes like 'Cubic' and 'Time Warp?' You can!"

The update will bring new "ball" types that will include cubes, bombs, volleyballs and more. Players will also have the option to scale the size of the "balls." They also have options to adjust ball bounciness, max ball speed and ball weight. Players can tweak boost amount, boost strength, gravity, match length, max score, pinball, respawn time, slow motion and warp time.

While Pysonix hasn't committed to a date for releasing the Mutator update, the developer says fans can expect it to arrive in "a few short weeks." There's also a free ice hockey update that's scheduled to arrive in December.

"Once they arrive, you'll be able to create new Custom Matches with the rules and settings made especially from your tastes, while our sweet 'Mutator Mashup' playlist allows you to enjoy pre-determined weirdo matches in public games like you've never seen them before," Pysonix says.

Rocket League, an aptly titled game, involves cars warring over a ball, or a hockey puck when the December Mutator update arrives. It's loosely based on sports like soccer and hockey, with teams seeking to put a ball into a net for a score.

Check out the trailer for the November Mutator update below.

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