The driving and graphical showcase that is Gran Tursimo is finally coming to the PlayStation 4. Developer Polyphony Digital offered some details about what Gran Turismo Sport will offer when the long-standing PlayStation exclusive arrives next year.

Polyphony Digital, a Sony studio, announced the new Gran Turismo game during Sony's Paris Games Week press conference.

"That Gran Turismo Sport will feature highly evolved graphics and sound quality, not to mention a totally revamped physics engine, should come as no surprise," says Polyphony Digital. "The true beauty of Gran Turismo Sport goes much deeper, as it will forever change the way driving games are seen. It will redefine the very definition of 'gaming' and 'motorsports.'"

Beyond the pretty graphics and simulation-style racing, Gran Turismo Sport will offer tie-ins to real world FIA Gran Turismo Championship. The game will feature two FIA (Federation Internationale de l'Automobile) online championships, which players can watch as spectators or join in the special events as drivers.

"In the Nations Cup series, players can either drive for their home country or stay on the sidelines and root their countrymen on, while the Manufacturers Cup allows them to drive or support their favorite car maker," Polyphony Digital says. "In both cases, the gamer is provided with the complete motorsports experience."

The FIA will coronet each of the online winners in the same fashion in which it crowns champions offline. The association will host awards ceremonies to reward the champion Gran Turismo Sport drivers.

"This will mark a historic moment in video gaming as Gran Turismo will officially be recognized as a motorsport," says Polyphony Digital.

Along with the real-world FIA tie-in, Gran Turismo Sport will also support Sony's upcoming virtual reality headset: the PlayStation VR. It's a natural fit and should come as no surprise to any fan of Sony and its iconic racing series.

Gran Turismo Sport still doesn't have a public release date, but a beta is planned for the game early next year.

Check out the Gran Turismo Sport trailer and its awesome score in the video below:

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