Jeremy Clarkson now stars in a new advertisement for the Amazon Fire TV Stick, where he takes jabs at the BBC in a subtle but entertaining fashion.

If you've been wondering what Jeremy Clarkson has been up to ever since he was fired from the BBC over an assault on one of the Top Gear producers, well, there's no need to wonder anymore. The man may not have been very busy recently, but he's finally active again on the screen.

In the new video advertisement, Clarkson can be seen roaming around his house on a Segway while talking about himself for a bit before quickly moving to the Fire TV Stick. He took a seat on his couch where he began to play around with the Stick, showing off the amount of video services users can take advantage of.

As many already know by now, the Amazon media stick allows users to stream content from Amazon Prime, Netflix and many others. Clarkson was showing off these services, but the most amusing part of the video was when he reached the BBC iPlayer app.

He was scrolling through the menu and naming all the apps that came up, apparently interested in them. When he reached the BBC iPlayer app, Clarkson simply said "that," in a funny way, then skipped ahead, uninterested.

Jeremy Clarkson making ads for the Amazon Fire TV Stick is quite interesting because he and his old Top Gear team are currently working on a new show about cars for Amazon Prime. No information is currently available regarding the name of the show, but it will most likely be something catchy considering that these guys are in charge.

The new show with Jeremy Clarkson at the helm is expected to debut in 2016 on Amazon Prime.

As for the Amazon Fire Stick, it is Amazon's feature-rich device that aims to compete with the Google Chromecast and the many other similar media sticks on the market. Watch Amazon's new Jeremy Clarkson Fire TV Stick commercial in the video below.

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