There's no denying that Star Wars hype levels are at an all-time high. With just a few months left before the movie finally hits theaters, fans are trying to pass the time any way they know how.

For most, that means watching the film's trailers on repeat until December ... but there are plenty of fans who have gotten a bit more creative while trying to survive the wait. YouTuber Sam Goodey is one such fan.

Destiny isn't necessarily a franchise that many would associate with Star Wars. Sure, both take place in space and feature plenty of magic, but once you get past the surface, the two stories are vastly different. Not that these differences stopped Goodey — by combining footage from Destiny's various trailers and the audio from the final Episode VII teaser, Goodey has made one of the best mash-up trailers in recent memory.

Truth be told, fan-made mash-up trailers are nothing new on the Internet — we've covered several in the past. However, few are as well-edited as Goodey's: this isn't just a few gameplay clips with Star Wars music playing in the background, that's for sure. While a shot-for-shot remake would be impossible, the fact that Goodey was able to get so close with what he had is still pretty remarkable:

Alright, on second thought ... maybe Star Wars and Destiny are perfect for each other.

It's the little touches that make the video so good: not only does it manage to match much of the original trailer's pacing, but the small nods to Destiny's lore (such as Oryx talking about his son) are what really seal the deal. It makes the whole thing feel like it could be an actual Destiny trailer — and that on its own is pretty impressive.

Also ... is it too late to get John Williams working on Destiny?

For more of Goodey's work, head on over to his YouTube channel.

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