When it comes to holidays, different developers celebrate in different ways. One studio may offer fans a few cosmetic items, while others may debut a new game type ... and some do nothing at all.

Bungie, on the other hand, went all-out for Halloween this year — if you've ever wanted to go trick-or-treating inside Destiny, your wish has been granted.

The Festival of the Lost, which launched today and will last until Nov. 9, is basically a giant Halloween party in the Tower. They've even got decorations: paper Engram lamps hang from the doorways, purple lights color the Tower and cries of terror echo through the halls. Upon logging in, players will be prompted to visit Eva Levante, in Tower North — once you talk to her, she'll give you a bag of candy. It's time to go trick-or-treating.

Once you've grabbed candy (and a box of raisins ... thanks, Eris) from the major vendors on the Tower, you'll be asked to return to Eva. In exchange for a full bag of candy, Eva will give you the "Treasures of the Lost," a random assortment of paper masks and consumable candies. For a lot of other developers, this is where the festivities would end — but for Destiny, this is just the beginning.

Once players have their mask (you can find a list of them here), Eva will give out another empty sack — as long as you're wearing the mask, enemies (both in PvE and the Crucible) will drop candy, which can then be exchanged for more masks and consumables. It doesn't take much to fill the bag up again, and you'll want to repeat the process more than once — after all, you can't beat any of the special quests without specific masks.

That's right: Bungie has added in a brand new set of quests as part of the Festival. To be fair, most of them boil down to killing a specific number of enemies while wearing a specific masks, but at least you can turn them in for a chance at more masks.

There is a catch, however: masks are only permanently unlocked if they're upgraded to their Legendary versions. It's possible to unlock Legendary masks right away, but most of what you'll find are Rare masks. To upgrade, you'll need the new upgrade materials, which can be found by trading in bags of candy or dismantling duplicate masks.

Surprisingly, that's not all: anyone familiar with a particularly popular Michael Jackson video will appreciate the new emotes, and a new Crucible map called the Cathedral of Dusk has been added to the rotation. Finally, if you ever wanted your Guardians to wear a Jack-O-Lantern on their head ... well, you're in luck.

All things considered, it's a pretty sizable update: sure, there's a bit of running back and forth involved, but considering everything that Bungie has added into the game (for free), unlocking a few masks and looking for candy is definitely worth it.

The Festival of the Lost is currently live and will run until Nov. 9; for more on the event, check out Bungie's official FAQ. Now, go get that candy!

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