There's no doubt, it's been an action-packed week for OnePlus. The Chinese startup has released its very own easy-to-use photo app called Reflexion, allowing users to get creative by using the smartphone's front and rear shooters to generate a single unique image.

What makes the Reflexion distinct when compared to a slew of other similar apps is the process that generates the resulting image.

"Simply open the app, snap a photo with your front camera, then a photo of your surroundings with the back camera, and our app does the rest," explains the company.

Post-capture, an X forms due to the contrasting colors between the two photos, each of which is reflected twice in the opposite sides of the screen. Users can then move the X around the canvas to choose which part of the two photos should appear in the finished product. The result is a unique display of the two images stitched together in one, which OnePlus describes as a completely different perspective.

"Reflexion is about exploring contrasts and harmony in everyday moments. Capture your world, express your unique personality and share it with those you care about," says OnePlus in a post it shared on its website. 

The app is likewise packed with a social sharing option, enabling users to easily share their creations over social media. What's more, OnePlus also wants its users to be featured on its Instagram account (@reflexionapp) by posting their photos generated through the app and tagging #reflexion. 

Interestingly, folks from OnePlus want to make certain that everyone can join the fun by offering Reflexion to users of both iOS and Android devices. At the moment, the app is obtainable via Google Play and iTunes App Store, free of charge, of course, even without an invite.

In the past, the company impressed a big chunk of smartphone users after its OnePlus One and One Plus 2 hit the market. It seems that OnePlus is widening its horizons even further as it lately launched its third smartphone, the hotly anticipated OnePlus X, which rocks impressive specs and stunning features and comes with a very attractive price $249. The OnePlus X shoots for the midrange segment of the market.

Previously, the company also ventured into building its own software, billed the OxygenOS.

In the meantime, OnePlus has uploaded a video on YouTube which shows off what the app has in store for Android and iOS users.

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