OnePlus has unwrapped its newest smartphone, the OnePlus X, putting an end to the rumors surrounding the third OnePlus device. Alongside the special announcement of its brand new phone, it has also introduced a new accessory for its devices, the OnePlus Icons headphones.

Obtainable in two color options, silver and gold, these headphones tout to offer high-end sound for only $49.99.

Blind Test

In its aim to highlight the sound quality of the OnePlus Icons, the company has put the earphones to the test. A blind test was carried out with a slew of artists, musicians and music-related students at the Helsinki Music Center.

The headphones were compared with a pair of earphones worth €100 (brand not specified), or around $110, plus another pair which costs €300, or about $330 (again, OnePlus did not identify the second brand).

The video OnePlus uploaded on YouTube shows off the testers are not impressed with the sound quality of the two more expensive brands. However, upon trying out the OnePlus Icons, the testers clearly appear stunned at the sound quality the Icons headphones offer.

Making their guesses on the price of the headphones, the testers say the Icons cost anywhere from €200 ($219) to €500 ($548), based on the quality of the sound. Eventually, they learn that the Icons cost much lower compared to the other two headphones. 

OnePlus has yet to reveal the exact release date of these headphones.

"The OnePlus Icons are only sold after undergoing a series of robust testing – 21 rounds of quality tests to be exact. We only offer those which pass these tests with flying colors, without flaws in design or performance," reads the product description of OnePlus Icons.

About OnePlus X

Just a quick reminder to the eager fans who wish to grab the OnePlus X device: this phone has impressive for its price. Housed in a smaller body as compared with the company's earlier devices, this phone boasts a 3 GB RAM and a Snapdragon 801 processor.  

In Europe, it will be available through OnePlus' invitation system on Nov. 5. Meanwhile, the phone is slated to be available to consumers in the U.S. beginning Nov. 19 for $249. 

Check out the video below to see the OnePlus Icons put to the test. 

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