Nintendo Is Censoring 13-Year-Old 'Xenoblade Chronicles X' Character Over Racy Costume


Games from the Land of the Rising Sun are better in the Land of the Rising Sun — if you're from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Cultural differences, especially in terms of the appropriate levels of sexuality at certain ages, between East and West are affecting the localized port of Nintendo's Xenoblade Chronicles X for the West. What may be found acceptable in Japanese society might be pushing it too far for Westerners.

According to a few tweets from a user going by the handle @_teikage, the 13-year-old character named Lin in Xenoblade Chronicles X will be fitted, well, with a better-fitting costume.

Compared to the Eastern version of the game where Lin is barely dressed in nothing more than what looks like a bulging bikini top, a revealing bikini bottom, and laced gladiator shoes fit for an Amazon warrior princess (remember: this is a 13-year-old girl), the localized EU release has aged Lin an extra two years and added just as many extra layers to her costume.

The Europeanized Lin is equipped with what looks like a bullet-proof vest, militarized utility belt, cargo shorts, mid-thigh stockings covered by knee-high padded shin protectors, and boots. At most, the only skin the more Western-appealing Lin bares is on her midriff, collarbone, shoulders, and upper arms. Otherwise, she's appropriately ready to roll for combat.

The few remaining qualities that both the Eastern and Western version of Lin share are her facial features and hairstyle. That's it. If we compare other characters in Japan's Xenoblade Chronicles X to each other, we'll find that another character by the name of Elma is sparsely clothed with the costume options as Lin. The difference between Elma and Lin? Elma is reportedly 29 years old. Big difference.

Seasoned gamers are all too familiar with the Western censorship of the games coming to their shores from the East. Most recently, Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water was heavily censored despite its already 17+ rating. In the case of Xenoblade Chronicles X, however, it seems more than reasonable enough to tone down Lin's sexuality to a level more appropriate for her age.

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