Starting Nov. 1 until Nov. 5, YouTube is offering to stream the documentary "CODEGIRL" for free.

"CODEGIRL" is an extension of Google's Made with Code project. An initiative aimed at inspiring millions of girls to code or to show them that coding can be a means to pursue their dream careers.

The thrilling, heartfelt film features high school girls from all over the world, in an effort to transform their communities through technology and collaboration.

"From rural Moldova to urban Brazil to suburban Massachusetts, "CODEGIRL" follows teams who dream of holding their own in the world's fastest-growing industry," reads the description of the film on its official website.

The background for the film lies in the statistics of male and female developers. In two years' time, a value of over $75 billion will be placed on the app market. While over 80 percent of the industry's developers are male, a Technovation Challenge aims to empower and equip girls to develop apps for an international competition.

"CODEGIRL" is the story of 5,000 girls from 60 different countries participate in the challenge to come up with an app that address a problem in their respective communities. The team who wins, gets $10,000, which eventually leads them to be able to complete and release their app.

"I was making a short film in 2013 when I stumbled upon a contest that sounded rather unusual. I thought The Technovation Challenge was one of the coolest ideas I'd ever heard," director Lesley Chilcott shared.

Chilcott is an award-winning filmmaker, documentarian and producer. Her notable films include "An Inconvenient Truth," "It Might Get Loud," "A Mother's Promise," "Waiting for Superman" and "A Small Section of the World." Her short film "CODESTARS" was YouTube's No. 1 video for 2 days, receiving over 20 million views.

Special screenings can also be arranged for "CODEGIRL." Options for such include membership screenings, educational screenings and community/public screenings.

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