Google Announces The Best Apps For Project Tango


Google launched a contest earlier this year to see what types of apps developers could create for Project Tango, the prototype Android device that tracks 3D motion and maps the world around it. Now, the results are in, as the company announced the the overall winner as well as three category winners chosen by the Project Tango community.

There were 190 original proposal submissions, 36 prototypes and 10 finalists as part of the Project Tango App Contest, with three of the four highlighted apps being mobile games.

The overall winner went to WeR Cubed, a puzzle game developed by HeroicArcade that has the user moving and flipping over cubes using motion to complete levels that are presented in 3D.

The award for the best game or entertainment app when to Ghostly Mansion, which is yet another 3D puzzle game; however, it's quite different from the previous winner. In Ghostly Mansion, the player is a ghost that is a prisoner in a mansion. By using Tango, you have the ability to walk around the mansion in search of clues to your death to put you at peace.

The final game that was recognized, in the augmented or virtual reality app category, went to InnAR Wars. Developed by FLARB, InnAR Wars is a real-time multiplayer game set in space, where the players walk around a room that is filled with planets and asteroid fields. The gamer must find opponents' bases to attack ships and occupy planets, using a mining laser to collect NRG for attacks and upgrades.

The only app that was recognized that is not a game is DotProduct's Phi3D for Tango that took the top spot in the "utility" category. The app lets users capture 3D models in real-time, so you are able to walk around a room and the app will provide a 3D model of your environment with precise measurements.

HeroicArcade will be rewarded with $8,192 for winning the best overall app, with the category winners taking home $4,096.

These apps give us a glimpse of what we can expect to see with the use of Project Tango. To further encourage development, Google is offering a discount of its development kit for half its price for the first 400 people who sign up.

Via: Engadget

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