Good news for fourth-gen Apple TV owners: the popular Plex app is now finally available for the device.

The Plex app has already been introduced for Google and Roku. It now makes its official debut for the Apple set-top box. The arrival of the App Store in the Apple TV software makes the introduction possible.

Plex is essentially a personal library and media server for music, TV shows and movies. It organizes a user's media collection and also enables music and videos to be streamed seamlessly not only on TV but also on other gadgets. The streaming can be done both remotely and locally.

"Plex organizes all of your video, music, TV, and photo collections, and streams them to all of your screens," notes the app's description.

With the Plex app for iOS, deploying the Plex Media Server software will allow users to stream content from their PC to their Apple TV.

The Plex app lets users see all their media content in one glimpse. It provides information such as the synopsis of a film or TV show; cast details (actor, director, etc.); and the rating of the show or movie on Rotten Tomatoes. One can view the snippets to get expert opinion on the content or even check the duration of the show or movie; resolution; closed caption options; genre; and year of release. The app also adds artwork from the music, TV shows and movies on offer.

Music lovers need not fret as they too will also be able to check the genre of a particular album and its description. The shuffle controls will let users bypass a track, album or artist completely.

For those who upgrade to Plex Pass, they can access Vevo's music video library, check out new film trailers before a movie begins, and monitor accounts so that the content access can be restricted if required. This option is handy for families who wish to keep certain content at bay from children.

The Plex app for the fourth-gen Apple TV is free and available for download. In-app purchases cost $4.99 and will give access to premium features.

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