If you could imagine it, chances are it could be brought to life with a 3D printer.

Local Motors knows all about that. After holding a contest to construct a road-ready car using a 3D printer, the company is putting the winning vehicle on the sales block. Engadget is reporting that the LM3D Swim sports coupe will be available for $53,000 next year, with pre-sales of the vehicle beginning as soon as the spring and retail sales to follow later in 2016.

Obviously, that's a substantial amount to spend on an untested auto manufacturing technique like 3D printing, from which most of this car's construction is derived. However, Local Motors is going to try anyway, with sales set to launch via Indiegogo next year.

Local Motors says it has built cars quickly in the past, adding that it already has the LM3D prototype and that the Swim design was selected by the company this past July and completely built just past mid-September.

Last month, a Local Motors blog post described the vehicle: "The swanky LM3D Swim accelerates like a sports car, is quiet like a luxury vehicle, and comfortably seats four people. 3D-printing technology allows nearly everything from the outer panels to the interior setup to be configured to the specific tastes and imaginations of future owners. It's only fitting that the infotainment system and dash display also provide drivers customization options, along with the comfort of security."

Engadget reports that the company is slated to build nearly 2,400 vehicles per year, pending demand.

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