Samsung Tizen launch in Russia hits a snag


Samsung has again delayed the release of their Tizen-based Samsung Z smartphone at the last minute. The company is still committed to implementing the Tizen open source, standards-based operating system in Russia, but for now it is on hold. 

The operating system was developed by Samsung, who seems eager to jump into the OS world and competing with Google's Android, which most of Samsung's mobile devices are run on. The Tizen project was supposed to be unvelied in Moscow, but problems persist for Samsung's development of the OS.

Plans are reportedly on hold until the company can offer a wider range of products and services, as one report suggests. The company has been building up the hype for the Tizen for years and had planned to wow customers in Russia with its Samsung Z smart phone this year, but the project has been put on ice twice so far. 

The first time was in March, when the device was expected to come to Japan but never did. A network in Japan reportedly changed its mind about the deal, stating that there simply wasn't more room in the market there for yet another operating system. 

Tizen is currently in use for some of Samsung's products already. Those include the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo Smartwatches. Google Android already powers their popular Galaxy tablet devices and a wide range of smartphones. 

The problem for Samsung appears to be in their ability to offer customers apps. Google and Apple have a dominant worldwide position in their application offerings for mobile users. This will likely be a difficult situation for Samsung. Other manufacturers have also tried to market mobile applications specific to their own operating systems prior to the smartphone and tablet revolution, but they were quickly made irrelevant by the major players in the game. 

Samsung, based in South Korea, has tried to make concessions for developers in order to get the project moving with some forward momentum. They have reportedly tried to hold developer contests, even. 

Some are skeptical that a Tizen device will even make it to market, considering the level of cooperation that must be had with developers to make such an endeavor possible in a consolidated but highly competitive mobile market. 

The Samsung Z device does have impressive features and maintains Samsung's cool, trendy vibe. The features include a couple GB of RAM, 2.3 GHz quad-core processor, 16GB of internal storage capacity (which can be expanded via microSD), an 8MP/2MP front and rear-facing cameras, heart sensor and fingerprint scanner. 

Others say the device is a replica of Android anyway and has no real solid support so far. Samsung maintains that it will keep trying, but only time will tell if they can succeed with this project. 

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